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Author: Chris Bates and Tyler Marolf

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The Teacher Zone with Chris and Tyler is a podcast just for Performing Arts Schools and Teachers. If you are wanting to grow your Performing Arts Lesson business, our show is here to help. We feature some of the best and brightest minds in Performing Arts Education and Business. Chris and Tyler are not only fellow Performing Arts (Music School) owners, they have also created the only whole system for our industry called
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Chris and Tyler have their special guest and owner of, Daniel Patterson, on the show to discuss the 6 drivers of studio growth every business owner should know and live.
We're all working on something to make our business's better but are we ignoring anything important?
Find out how to create the business culture that you've always dreamed of with your staff and customers.
Chris and Tyler Go deep on the the fear we all get when its time to implement change so our business's can grow again! Tune in for the solutions we all need to hear including some real life current issues we're tackling now at our own music school.
Chris and Tyler discuss the different strategies the lesson business space utilizes. Tune in for some solid solutions!
Tim Topham drops in to TeacherZone headquarters to talk about creativity in our lesson business's and inside the lessons themselves!
Special Guest and owner of Rockdale Music in PA joins Tyler to discuss how new systems at his lesson business have changed everything!
Live at Winter NAMM 2019 Chris and Tyler were asked to speak at NAMM University on How to Start a Podcast! If you've been waiting start one here you go!
In this episode we have special guest Roger Chow who is a career public educator and administrator (former Curriculum Director for Tacoma Schools, Literacy Director for Denver Schools, Executive Director of Secondary Education in Pueblo). In this episode Roger talks about the best way to promote learning and bring joy back to the process. He talks about some of the bright spots that we can utilize in our lesson programs including asking questions 80% of the time. You don't want to miss these insights and more from someone who is very passionate about helping students grow.
A very special guest and episode dedicated to all of our teachers and school owners out there. Current Exercise Physiologist, Mentor, Teacher, Entrepreneur and former Navy SEAL, Jeff Nichols, shares his experience with purpose, love, mentorship, drive and more on todays episode. Jeff sheds an amazing light on his experience and we get the real deal break down of all these important attributes applied to our lesson business's in Episode 22!



Special guest Danny Thomspson joins us again for a talk on different ways to approach pricing in our lesson business's.
No More Excuses

No More Excuses


Chris and Tyler along with special guest, Danny Thompson from MLBA talk about solutions and action instead of excuses and paralysis within your business.
Chris and Tyler review 2018 stats at Los Rios Rock School and discuss Big Hairy Audacious Goals for 2019!
Chris and Tyler discuss how they create powerful moments and trust within their lesson business.
In this podcast Chris and Tyler interview employment law expert Holly Stamm on best practices in our lesson businesses. Have you been wondering if you should hire employees or independent contractors? This episode will help you decide.
Chris and Tyler go big on the topic of teaching vs mentoring. An episode you dont want to miss!
The Big Why at Los Rios Rock School (An in depth look into a premier performance program)At Los Rios Rock School we have built our renown Live program over the last nine years step by step. Now we help hundreds of students play 250+ songs at over dozen professional venues per year. For more information please visit: or see live performances on our YouTube. FIRST AND FOREMOST – Our Mission, Vision and Values as a culture and school are adamant upon selecting who we will enroll at our school. WIthout the right student/families the extraordinary results will not happen.No price on websitePhone call with ownerOwner led tour designed for the studentStudent Sent home to think about it and see if this is TRULY for them and are ready to truly invest into who they are and who we are as a school.Private Mentorship is the core foundation1 hour a week lesson private lesson program/ High Trust MentorshipTuition, Communication, Learning and Practice through TeacherZoneAccess to live rooms during privates with multi instrumentalist instructor – working on actually playing and experiencing what they learn across from their teacher.Learning to speak the language of music with another acceleratesLearn to count in – song structure – Good tone – good rhythmMentorship on how to interact with other musiciansMentorship on how to lead or be led in jamming environmentsUltimate Gear etiquette knowledge – keeping gear in tip top shape and sounding its bestInstructors help students prepare and execute required audition video for the desired level of performance group Jam 100 (for beginners if needed)1 hour every saturday with RSVP available to all new students (rsvp ensures the right amount and types of instruments to work togetherNo live show – So no stress for the nervous studentsStudents already understand how to play together due to their private instruction with their teacher and live room experienceCurriculum/Songs are the audition material to get into our Jam 101 Live Performance Group1 to 2 LRRS directors with help of advanced Jr Counselor lead the youngsters through the sections of the songs together in one of our live rehearsal rooms or stage.Kids get to meet other kids in the same boat and level and start to form friendships Player Audition and Selection Process – Program Director Audition Videos to be turned into Program and Curriculum director 30 days before the next show if you’re new or you want to move to a more advanced groupVIdeos Reviewed and and results sent to the family via teacherzoneIf kids do not make it their instructor is informed and starts the mission to find out why and keep moving forward to prepare for next audition.150 students are placed into their groups. Many stay in the same groups and some move around for different reasons. TEACHERZONE groups are created by our ops manager and the CHAT is initiated before the big meeting to get the kids ideas flowing for the next production The BIG MEETING (1st 45 minutes) Players and their families gather in our Lobby/Performance Venue (around 100 or so make it on average out of the 150)Owners and Staff all on stage with a microphone welcoming everyone!We have the Rookies come on stage with all the LRRS staff and owners and they introduce themselves to the owners. Their name, age, school, music teacher, and a fun fact (sometimes up to 20 rookies)Then we have the veterans take the microphone and give the rookies advice. The under 12’s first and then the over 12’sThen we review the last show season (quality, attendance, flow, etc)Then we talk about the theme for improvement or change for the new semester. How can we be better? SONG SELECTION (next 60 minutes) PLAYERS THEN BREAK OFF into their groups and start the song selection meeting with their directorsThey put their songs in the mix and the director adds them to a Spotify playlistThey go through each song choices played through the PA speakers and start to vote on songsThe final verdict is a 5 song jam 101 list or a 11 song 102/advanced set listQC check on the set for vocal range, music skill level, inappropriate content etc SMARTSHEET Band Directors log all players into smartsheet by Song Name, Student Name, and instrument. They may be on a few different songs and a few different instruments. Maybe even a few different groups. (such as horn sections that travel to each group)Once complete the directors give the green light to the program director.In all private lessons the instructor searches smartsheet by that students name and EVERY project he or she was assigned to will come up with options for notes and direct line item project updates from band director to private instructor and vice versa.Charts and music are gathered or made by private instructors and assigned in TEACHERZONEStudents practice all required material through teacherzone at home and with their instructor in the live rooms or private officesJam 101, 102, Advanced, Classic Album SeriesJam 101 –List Audition examples——-> 7 to 10 students per group (guitar/bass/keys/drums/vocals/back up vocals)1 hour rehearsal with a Director and Jr Counselor every Saturday (CLOSED 1st SATURDAY)They pick their own 3 to 5 songs with their directors helpEach player plays on at least 2 of the songs especially the one they choseDirector QC’s the song list (no swearing, or inappropriate content, and especially making sure the players are within the songs skill level to succeed.Average about 9 to 11 rehearsalsPerform at the BIG SHOW! Pro show Real Venue Friday or Saturday nightsJam 102List audition examples 15 to 20 students11 songs chosen by the group2 hour rehearsals Saturdays (closed 1st Saturday)Two band Directors9 to 11 rehearsalsQC set listPerform the Big Show Advanced Groups List audition examples 15 to 20 students11 songs chosen by the group2 hour rehearsals Saturdays (closed 1st Saturday)Two band Directors9 to 11 rehearsalsQC set listPerform the Big Show
Chris and Tyler Podcast on site at Summer NAMM 2018! They jump into the topic of identifying and creating relationships with the leaders in your community to help your business thrive even more than before! Special guest Warren Huart from Produce like a pro and special mention of Chris Bates interview with the President of NAMM and Canadian Music Lesson Power House Cosmo Music!
Chris and Tyler dig into some of the different threats within our industry and talk about how to eliminate them!
Chris Bates and Tyler Marolf go deep into culture strategies that improve rentention within our business's. Learn new ways to hold on to your students and staff longer!
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