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Author: Neil C. Hughes

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Fed up with tech hype and buzzwords? Looking for a tech podcast where you can learn and be inspired by real-world examples of how technology is transforming businesses and reshaping industries?

Keep informed of the latest business and tech trends by listening to stories of other people in your field and how they are overcoming challenges with emerging technologies. Learn from the guest's actionable tips, and lessons learned to obtain greater clarity and how you can leverage technology.

In this daily tech podcast, Neil interviews tech leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, futurists, technologists, thought leaders, celebrities. I have also teamed up with Citrix and its Citrix Ready partners to reveal how they are solving problems together while building the future of work.

We discuss how tech trends such as AI, machine learning, 5G, IoT, AR, VR blockchain, crypto, and digital transformation strategies are already reshaping our world.

Guests from every industry educate listeners through sharing their road to success, startup stories, and how technology transformed their business and life. Join me for a daily dose of optimism and motivation as I prove that technology really does work best when it brings people together.
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Dynata is the world's largest first-party data and insight platform. With a reach that encompasses 62 million consumers and business professionals globally and an extensive library of individual profile attributes collected through surveys, Dynata is the cornerstone for precise, trustworthy quality data. The company has built innovative data services and solutions around its robust first-party data offering to bring the voice of the customer to the entire marketing continuum – from strategy to innovation, to branding, advertising, measurement, and optimization. Dynata serves nearly 6,000 market research, media and advertising agencies, publishers, consulting and investment firms and corporate customers in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. The company also has a reach that encompasses 60+ million people globally and an extensive library of individual profile attributes collected through surveys. I invited Jackie Lorch, VP, Global Knowledge Management of Dynata onto the Tech Talks Daily Podcast to talk about the global research around data privacy. The mistrust between consumers and companies is at an all-time high, according to new data by Dynata. The Data Privacy & Trust report surveyed consumers in nine countries, including the US, to get their perspectives on data transparency by companies, the value exchange, familiarity and privacy. Topline findings include the facts that 70 percent of consumers agree that companies have been dishonest about how personal data is used. 80 percent of consumers would be more willing to share data if brands were more transparent about their plans for that data. But only 27 percent would feel more comfortable sharing data if “valuable benefits” were offered in exchange. We further discuss this research and implications to brands, why we need to fundamentally change how we think and talk about transparency and “the value exchange.” We also explore and where we’re at in our evolution around data ownership and privacy.    
Vuzix is a leading supplier of Smart-Glasses and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies and products for the consumer and enterprise markets. The company wowed crowds in Las Vegas, where the upcoming Vuzix Labs Smart Swim product received two CES 2020 Innovation Awards in recognition of its outstanding design and engineering. Imagine watching Netflix while swimming. Smart Swim, an innovative smart glasses accessory for swimmers, is the first smart glasses product born out of Vuzix Labs, a newly created rapid development product and engineering division of Vuzix. Earlier this month, Vuzix also unveiled its newest AR Smart Glasses - the M4000. The M4000 utilizes Vuzix's latest see-through waveguide optics and is built with Qualcomm's Snapdragon XR1 processor for smooth and high functioning operations. Paul Travers is the founder of Vuzix and has served as President and Chief Executive Officer since 1997 and as a member of the board of directors since November 1997. Before the formation of Vuzix, founded both e-Tek Labs, Inc. and Forte Technologies Inc. The driving force behind the development of Vuzix products. With more than 30 years' experience in the consumer electronics field, and 25 years' experience in the virtual reality and virtual display fields, is a nationally recognized industry expert. We discuss the recent developments at Vuzix as well as the AR industry as a whole.
In a featured partner series of Citrix Ready podcasts, I explore the technology integrations that Citrix has with its partners. In this series, I invite guests from Citrix and their partners to spend some time with me to share how they are solving real-world problems for businesses. Not on their own but by working together. In this episode of the Citrix Ready Podcast series, I explore how Citrix and Apps2Digital are working together to solve real-world problems for businesses. I hear how customers are leveraging Apps2Digital to provide insights to admins on the key utilization of the apps and the tasks users perform within. I explore how Apps2Digital helps customers with their applications in Citrix environments. App performance, rationalization, packaging, and deployment are just a few topics we discuss. From a Citrix standpoint, I also learn more about how this works with micro apps and saas apps, where users can only perform tasks of that app specific to their role. Nigel Woods is a Technical Evangelist specializing in all aspects of End User Computing, Desktop Virtualisation, Cloud Computing, Desktop Transformation, and Application Delivery. With over 20 years of EUC experience and involved in start-up to sale of the first Citrix based DAAS in Europe and then starting up EMEA for FSLogix to completion with the acquisition by Microsoft, Nigel now heads up Business Development for Apps2Digital for EMEA. Nitin Sharma is a leader in product and solutions marketing strategy at Citrix. He is responsible for designing and executing global, companywide go-to-market strategies for digital workspace solutions. With a passion for solving business problems with technology solutions, he has held various solutions sales and marketing roles—targeting audiences at all levels: executive, line of business, and IT.
40% of the jobs that exist today will not exist in 10 years’ time. Fuelled by technology, change is coming at a rate that exceeds our ability to adapt. What got past generations here, won’t get the next to where they want to be. Rapid technological change means we must all keep learning. Our ability to adapt can be measured by our adaptability quotient (AQ) which is becoming a big talking point for those serious about their future career success. In today's episode of Tech Talks Daily, I want to learn more about AQ, or adaptability quotient which is the first-ever holistic metric of adaptability in the workplace. At Adaptai, their aim is to not only quantify and provide insight into AQ but also to help individuals and organizations to improve their ability to adapt in the fastest period of change in human history via their future coaching and digital training programs. They measure adaptability across three core dimensions (ACE): Ability (your adaptability skills), your Character (the innate aspects of Self that determine the ways in which you may approach adapting), and Environment (how your environment can help or hinder your adaption). Together with twelve sub-dimensions, such as Grit, Resilience, Mindset, and Learning Drive, they can give an accurate picture of where you are in terms of your AQ journey. AQai are working collaboratively with experts, universities, professors, leaders in psychology, people analytics, and human behaviour to build a robust and accurate measure of human adaptability in the workplace. Ross Thornley, co-founder of Adaptai joins me to talk about they are making a difference. I learn why people are moving from EQ to AQ and why it’s the key to the future of work.
GetApp is an online resource for businesses exploring software products. Its comparison shopping platform and free interactive tools help buyers compare software products side-by-side and navigate the world of software purchasing. GetApp features software research, insights, trends, and validated user reviews, giving buyers the tools they need to make informed decisions for their organization. GetApp is also a Gartner company. But it was their State of Analytics in HR report that caught my eye. GetApp recommends that employers can set their teams up for success in 2020 by auditing HR processes and then using analytics to improve these processes and reviewing embedded analytics features to see what tools are already at the team’s disposal. Employers can also use data analytics to improve staff retention. For example, some employers may find that there is a correlation between longer commute times and the likelihood to quit. To prevent staff from leaving, employers can have proactive conversations with employees and offer more flexible working options. Using analytics to spot these trends could be very beneficial for companies, as employee turnover can cost a 100-person business up to $2.6 million per year. Lauren Maffeo, an associate principal analyst at GetApp, joins me on the Tech Talks Daily Podcast to talk about all this and much more. Lauren covers the impact of emerging tech like AI and blockchain on small and midsize business owners. She has also been cited by sources such as Information Management, TechTarget, CIO Online, DevOps Digest, The Atlantic, Entrepreneur, and In 2017, Lauren was named to The Drum’s 50 Under 30 list of women worth watching in digital. That same year, she helped organize Women Startup Challenge Europe, which was the continent’s largest venture capital competition for women-led startups. Lauren has served as a mentor for Girls in Technology’s Maryland chapter, and DCA Live included her in its 2018 list of “The NEW Power Women of Tech”. Lauren was also shortlisted for the Future Stars of Tech Award in AI and Machine Learning by Information Age in 2019.    
HeyHuman is the transformative communications agency, specializing in neuromarketing, brand, content, social and experiential. ​They create Unusual Everyday™ Ideas that connect with people and change behaviours to kick-start brand and business growth. Before they launched HeyHuman, their journey began by thinking about the behaviours of successful Human Brands and how they echoed the behaviours of people who they connect really well with in real life. They then looked at these human brand behaviours as the most important ones for them as a group of people. The company now helps brands grow by thinking differently about people, brands, and marketing. We make this happen through their MindKind™ approach and Unusual Everyday™ Ideas. ​ Our clients include Diageo, Merlin Entertainments, Mondelez, SlimFast, Natures Menu, and Typhoo. I invited Aoife McGuinness, Neuroscience Consultant at HeyHuman, onto the podcast. Aoife is a neuroscience consultant based between London and Berlin. Working in the intersection between art and science, she analyses how the brain processes communications at HeyHuman and creates multisensory experiences with electronic music collective, Universe of Tang. I learn more about how brands can use neuroscience to adapt their storytelling. We also discuss the value of multisensory experiences in marketing and the impact of neuroscience on social media strategy. However, in an over digitalized world, we also talk about how brands can become more 'human.'
Described as the "Airbnb of Luggage," Stasher is a sharing economy solution for storage. They realized that people don't want to drag their suitcases, backpacks, or more around a city when they just have a few hours before they have to depart. They created a global network of hotels and stores with extra space where travellers can find affordable, convenient storage for their belongings. Secured with the same standards as a hotel check-in, Stasher partners with leading brands like Premier Inn, Accor & to provide storage worldwide. The service has no size restrictions and award-winning customer support. Pick the most convenient location to store your bags and book easily online from just £6, €5, or $5 per item for up to 24 hours. Each bag is also fully insured up to £1000. Book online now and get instant confirmation. How did it all start? People were always asking to store their stuff at Anthony's home near King's Cross. When Matt asked, Anthony replied, "Sure, but I'm charging you for it." This joke was the lightbulb moment. On 21 September 2015, they incorporated CityStasher Ltd (now Stasher). Fast forward to 2020, and the travel tech startup secured a $2.5 million funding round and was featured in TechCrunch, Forbes, and Yahoo. I invited Jacob Wedderburn-Day, CEO & Co-Founder at Stasher onto the podcast. Jacob oversees operations, finance, and strategy at Stasher. Prior to co-founding the startup in 2015, he graduated BA Economics & Management from Oxford University and MSc Economics from UCL. He's passionate about entrepreneurship, economics, and football.
In May of 2020, bitcoin (BTC) will see its next halving. But what will the reduction of the reward for successfully mining a block mean to its value? Speculation has probably played a part in already pushing the price over the $10,000 price barrier. But hopefully, we have all learned a few lessons, and people won't make the same mistakes as a few years ago. In a world where doing your own research is paramount, I have been a big fan of Robert Beadles for some time due to his open and honest approach. Robert is the co-founder and president of Monarch, a crypto wallet with 340,000 users. Monarch aims to create a robust ecosystem of consumer, business, and investment solutions that are powerful, simple & easy to use. The company is on a mission to empower people with the ability to control all aspects of their financial kingdom from the palm of their hand. Whether its buying and selling crypto, converting crypto to fiat for merchants and consumers, paying for goods and services in crypto, soon, using crypto for recurring payments, Monarch has it's sights set on empowering the people. Robert is also the host of Crypto Beadles, a YouTube channel with nearly 90,000 subscribers, where he educates his audience about blockchain technology and crypto-assets. Robert invites crypto projects on to his platform to learn more about it and let the audience decide whether it is of value or not. In many ways, he feels like a kindred spirit, so I invited him onto the Tech Talks Daily podcast. As Bitcoin and the crypto markets experience an early 2020 rally, many investors are eager to learn the best strategies for digital asset investing and trading. Robert shares his insights on what investors should know about investing in BTC, ETH, and other top assets. We also discuss how to evaluate potential crypto investments, their risks/upsides, and how crypto investing compares to traditional trading.
YL Ventures funds and supports brilliant Israeli tech entrepreneurs from seed to lead. Based in Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv, YL Ventures manages $260 million focused on deep-technology sectors and specializes in cybersecurity. The company accelerates the evolution of portfolio companies via strategic advice and U.S.-based operational execution, leveraging a powerful network of Chief Information Security Officers and global industry leaders. The firm's track record includes successful, high-profile portfolio company acquisitions by major corporations, including Palo Alto Networks, Microsoft, CA, and Proofpoint. I chat with Roger Hales, who has become the CISO-in Residence at YL Ventures. The former Chief Information Security Officer of Informatica - a $1+ billion annual revenue software development company talks about privacy and data protection risks to a company? We talk about the value of attending events such as RSAC and CyberTech Tel Aviv. We also discuss the latest big tech and privacy trends that are dominating conversations in conferences around the world. Roger's legacy in technology and information security extends across multiple verticals, including financial services, healthcare, eCommerce, biotech, and education, so for these reasons alone, it's a pleasure to get him back on the podcast.
Today, more than 80% of the Fortune 500 and over 20,000 enterprises (and 18M end-points) and service providers across every vertical entrust Pulse Secure to empower their mobile workforce to securely access applications and information in the data center and Cloud while ensuring business compliance. Sudhakur Ramakrishna is CEO of Pulse Secure and joins me on Tech Talks Daly to talk about a variety of security trends that will be impacting the tech industry in 2020. We discuss the impact that the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend is having on security in the enterprise and What Zero Trust is going to mean to the enterprise in 2020. We also talk about the evolution of security, SaaS, and Cloud before tackling Hybrid IT and the expanded attack surface too. Meanwhile, I learn more about how Pulse Secure provides software-driven Secure Access solutions that provide visibility and seamless, protected connectivity between users, devices, things, and services. Sudhakar Ramakrishna is CEO of Pulse Secure, where he oversees all aspects of business strategy and execution. With nearly 25 years of experience across the Cloud, mobility, networking, security, and collaboration markets, Sudhakar joined Pulse Secure from Citrix. At Citrix, Sudhakar served as the senior vice president and general manager for the Enterprise and Service Provider Division, where he had profit and loss responsibility for approximately a $2.5 billion portfolio of virtualization, cloud networking, mobile platforms, and cloud services solutions. Before Citrix, he was at Polycom and was president of products and services. Sudhakar has also held senior leadership roles at Motorola, 3COM, and US Robotics and brings significant experience in strategic planning and execution, organization development, and incubating and scaling new businesses to Pulse Secure. Sudhakar earned his master’s degree in Computer Science from Kansas State and an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. Sudhakar is a member of the board of directors at Health iPass. He has significant experience as a board member and advisor of Public and Private companies.
Dynatrace provides software intelligence to simplify enterprise cloud complexity and accelerate digital transformation. With AI and complete automation, the all-in-one platform provides answers, not just data, about the performance of applications, the underlying infrastructure, and the experience of all users. Many of the world's largest enterprises, including 72 of the Fortune 100, trust Dynatrace to modernize and automate enterprise cloud operations, release better software faster, and deliver unrivaled digital experiences. But this story could have had a very different ending. Dynatrace CEO John Van Siclen shares the story where they were forced to disrupt rather than be disrupted at Perform2020 in Las Vegas. John Van Siclen, Chief Executive Officer of Dynatrace, is a native Californian and long-time Silicon Valley exec. As a tech entrepreneur, he's made a career of building highly successful companies in competitive growth markets. CRN Magazine named John a "Top 25 Disrupter" for his relentless focus on breaking the mold and championing new business models. And in 2019, Comparably recognized John as one of their Top 25 CEOs across all US companies over 1000 employees. Upon moving to the east coast, John joined Dynatrace as CEO in 2008 and established headquarters for the company in Boston. Over the past 12 years, Dynatrace has grown from 60 employees to over 2200 today. Balancing a keen focus on customer success with relentless innovation to anticipate disruptive opportunities, Dynatrace has emerged as both a market and technology leader in the rapidly growing software intelligence market. With strong growth and market-leading product, Dynatrace became a public company in the summer of 2019, trading on the NYSE under the ticker 'DT.' John is a graduate of Princeton University, the father of 4 boys, and a US Pond Hockey Seniors Champion. On today's episode of the Tech Talks Daily podcast, I learn more about the story behind the success of Dynatrace. Looking to the future, we also discuss how a more proactive approach to APM is the new standard, and automation is no longer just a nice to have.  
This week I am reporting live from the show floor at Dynatrace Perform 2020. Today, I speak with Mark Kaplan, director of IT, BARBRI, about their digital transformation story. At the core of The BARBRI Group Companies is BARBRI Bar Review, which has helped more than 1.3 million lawyers around the world pass a U.S. bar exam. The company also provides online J.D., post-J.D. and international programs for U.S. law schools, and specialized ongoing training and certifications in areas such as financial crime prevention, eDiscovery and cyber awareness, security and protection. The BARBRI Group, founded in 1967, is a Leeds Equity Partners portfolio company headquartered in Dallas with offices throughout the United States and around the world. It has also has helped more lawyers prepare for the bar than any other company and is now positioned to meet the legal education needs of both law students and attorneys throughout their academic and professional careers. BARBRI's leading legal and education experts cultivate better prepared, engaged students who are more likely to succeed, which translates to lower attrition rates at law schools and higher bar passage and job placement rates. Mark Kaplan shares their LegalTech success, and digital transformation story with me on the show floor at Dynatrace Perform in Las Vegas.      
This week I am reporting live from the show floor at Dynatrace Perform 2020. Today, I speak with Prakash Kota, CIO, at Autodesk about their digital transformation story. Autodesk makes software for people who make things. If you’ve ever driven a high-performance car, admired a towering skyscraper, used a smartphone, or watched a great film, chances are you’ve experienced what millions of Autodesk customers are doing with their software. Autodesk gives you the power to make anything. Over 100 million people use Autodesk software like AutoCAD, Revit, Maya, 3ds Max, Fusion 360, SketchBook, and more to unlock their creativity and solve important design, business, and environmental challenges. The software runs on both personal computers and mobile devices and taps the infinite computing power of the cloud to help teams around the world collaborate, design, simulate and fabricate their ideas in 3D. Prakash joined Autodesk in 2005 and leads the company’s global IT organization, which manages critical technology systems supporting worldwide enterprise applications and infrastructure. His primary focuses are building talent, customer and employee experience, operational excellence, industry partnerships, and positioning Autodesk for global scale. Prior to being CIO, Prakash held various other roles, including VP IT, senior director of infrastructure and enterprise operations, and senior director of global enterprise operations. Kota holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Madras and an M.S. in electrical engineering from Oklahoma State University.      
Once again, Dynatrace is bringing together thousands of technical experts, industry leaders, and some of the world's biggest brands at its Perform event. As well as reporting all the latest news and announcements, I also wanted to hear from leaders, and their digital transformation stories live from the show floor. Known as an innovator in the shoe industry for more than 90 years, Rack Room Shoes offers a wide selection of nationally recognized and private brands of shoes for men, women, and children in comfort, dress, casual and athletic categories. As an industry leader, Rack Room Shoes’ outstanding selection, trusted brands, superior customer service, convenience, and value help the company remain poised for great achievements for years to come. But how did they approach the digital transformation of its traditional business? Kevin McNall, Director, Digital Projects at Rack Room Shoes, joins me on Tech Talks Daily to discuss their long history and how he has seen technology transform their business. We also talk about the benefits Rack Room Shoes has seen and what he expects to see from using Dynatrace.
Matthew Glotzbach is the CEO of the largest user-generated consumer learning platform in the US, Quizlet. He is also a friend of the podcast and returns today for his third appearance in four years Matthew has experience working as a mechanical engineer, on product at YouTube, and was on the founding team of Google Apps—where he worked for over a decade. He led Quizlet from an early stage startup shortly after its founder Andrew Sutherland launched the company when he was 15 years old, all the way to its $20M Series B funding round in 2018 and milestone of 50 million unique monthly users and named to Deloitte's Technology Fast 500 of the fasted growing companies in North America. While he's worn many hats, Matthew is, more than anything, an advocate for using technology to make education more accessible to students around the world. On today's tech podcast we explore why edtech funding is on the rise and I ask if we can expect the momentum to continue. I learn what makes Gen Z students different than previous generations and how modern learning is evolving to meet their needs. We also discuss the role of AI and machine learning in the larger education ecosystem and why education technology is built to complement rather than replace human teachers, and how interactive tools create longer-lasting learning.  
SyncDog challenges the status quo and changes the game on how organizations empower their mobile workforce. The company prides itself on enabling companies to reset expectations on how employees can get work done on the go. Although almost all companies today have employees who want or need the ability to work outside the four walls of the organization, the current mobile security solutions being utilized today still have them tethered to their laptop and office – They still utter the phrase “I’ll get to that once I’m back at my desk” far too often. Your employees should be able to do their work from wherever they are. SyncDog combines of a suite of office applications (email, calendar, contacts, office editor, file share, location services, messaging, etc.) along with an architecture that protects and secures your mobile workforce through FIPS 140-2, AES 256 bit encryption that finally removes the technological struggle of having to choose between increased security or increased productivity. SyncDog recently announced their unrivaled support for small businesses and franchises by reducing the complexity and costs of outfitting and enabling employees with mobile devices. Onboarding new employees can be especially challenging for small companies as they often lack the time, resources, and manpower required to piece together the data and apps employees need to get the job done and then load them onto a mobile device that’s familiar to the end-user. SyncDog CRO, Brian Egenrieder, joins me on the Tech Talks Daily Podcast to talk about all this and much more. He is a veteran sales strategist and leader of more than 25 years in enterprise software. His experience includes building the sales processes around software solutions, enterprise applications, and SaaS/Cloud computing to the Fortune 500 Commercial Market and U.S. Federal Government. Brian also works closely with CEO Jonas Gyllensvaan to build on existing traction in Banking, Government, and Healthcare.  
As technology continues to advance, the workplace will need to adapt to meet the new expectations of the workforce. The usage of traditional IT models is causing regulatory hurdles for many financial firms. As a result, many financial service firms have begun their quest for upgrading technical infrastructure, both at the backend and the front-end. DevOps brings security along throughout the process chain, monitoring errors and failures at the very instance of the occurrence, making this an increasingly essential tool for financial service organizations. Dinesh Venugopal, President at Mphasis, joins me on the Tech Talks Daily Podcast to talk about this subject and much more. As President, and Member of the Executive Council, Dinesh is the global head for Direct-Core Business and Digital across industry verticals. With over 20 years of cross-functional leadership experience spanning strategy, technology innovation, M&A, and marketing, Dinesh has been instrumental in catalyzing Mphasis growth through focus in delivering business value and delighting customers. Under Dinesh's leadership, Mphasis has transformed its solution, and services portfolio has enabled Direct-core business to grow faster than the industry. Also, Mphasis is now consistently ranked as #1 or #2 service provider by our top 5 Industry-leading customers. The new-age digital-first companies like Amazons and Googles of the world are moving along a mile a minute. Innovating on modern software delivery practices and deploying software updates rapidly to take their business forward at incredible speeds and agility has become the norm. We talk about how a new standard and how high expectations for service that can be tough for other businesses & industries to match up on, particularly ones in highly regulated businesses such as financial services. While financial services continue expanding their digital capabilities, the ability to deliver new software-based services efficiently becomes exceptionally critical. However, we explore how DevOps is changing the game and how the financial services industry has not only played catch up but has been an industry-leading the change. I learn how it is speeding up innovation and how adopting modern software delivery practices, including agile, continuous delivery (CD), and DevOps.  
Ampverse is a gaming and eSports entertainment company that was founded by senior Twitch and Media executives in Asia. Ampverse aims to engage and develop top gaming talent to create meaningful partnership opportunities with brands, game publishers and agencies. The business will operate across three distinct units, designed to galvanize and nurture a powerful community of gaming and esports influencers and then create attention-grabbing, entertainment formats with brands: Ampverse Influence: An extensive portfolio of top esports influencers with tens of millions of followers, generating over 500 million monthly views. Currently operating in Thailand and Singapore. Ampverse has plans to rapidly roll out across Southeast Asia in the coming months having recently closed their seed fundraise from strategic gaming and entertainment investors across Southeast Asia. How? Ampverse Talent represents the commercial interests of top-tier gaming and esports talent, offering talent management and development in order to help them realize their full potential. While Ampverse Publishing is a creative studio focused on building unique creative formats and co-branded intellectual properties with brands. Charlie Baillie, Co-founder at Ampverse joins me on the Tech Talks Daily podcast to talk about the future of the gaming industry and what makes Asia so attractive to the gaming and eSports industries. We also discuss the hurdles that lie ahead for eSports industries and the intersection of gaming and emerging tech.
Paul Coggins is the CEO at Adludio who’s revolutionary ‘Sensory Ad Science’ technology delivers 10x results for blue-chip clients – like Unilever, Nestle & PayPal – compared to traditional mobile advertising solutions. Adludio is 1 of the UK’s fastest-growing B2B software scale-ups: having quickly launched in 3 continents, delivered ad campaigns in 70+ countries, & grown revenues 40% month on month, Adludio qualified for the Sunday Times 2019 Tech Track “Ones to Watch.” The technology-driven ad company on a mission to drive and redefine the future of mobile advertising. Adludio also specialises in using technologies including augmented reality and 3D effects to bring ads to life on mobile. Paul Coggins joins me on the Tech Talks Daily podcast to not only share his journey but also talk about the evolution of the advertising industry. He shares his insight into why mobile-first advertising is the future of advertising and 2020 trends for the advertising industry. I learn more about exactly what sensory advertising and why it matters.
Zvi Frank is a serial entrepreneur, former Israeli Air Force pilot and Emmy Award-winning producer who currently serves as the Co-CEO and founder of Copilot, an automated customer experience (CX) management platform for consumer electronics. He, along with partner and fellow pilot Tsiki Naftaly, developed the aptly named Copilot while working together at Zemingo, Israel’s largest mobile services house, where Frank previously served as the Executive Chairman since 2013. At Copilot, he drives the overall strategy and vision for the development of the first CX solution exclusively for IoT and connected products. Get a detailed analysis of each user’s behavior to better understand which features they are using. The platform delivers on the promise of IoT (Internet of Things) by offering manufacturers of connected consumer products and smart home devices the opportunity to automatically engage end-users with meaningful, data-driven, and behavior-based communications. Companies that employ Copilot improve onboarding, reduce product returns, boost product ratings, and open new channels of revenue, giving them a critical advantage that increases overall customer satisfaction and builds Lifetime Value. Zvi Frank join me on Tech Talks Daily to shares his story as a pilot and Emmy-Award winning producer turned entrepreneur. We discuss everything from his biggest obstacle that he overcame as an entrepreneur to the tech trends in the consumer electronics space that he anticipates we will see in 2020.
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