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Like many young girls, I struggled to find myself, dealt with anxiety, and constantly compared myself to others.

As a Life Coach, my mission is to help guide other girls in developing confidence and facing their fears.
112 Episodes
112: Toxic People

112: Toxic People


What is the best way to deal with toxic people in our lives?
What we choose to focus on matters! On the episode this week I share a personal story of what can happen when we get sidetracked and focus on the things that are not as important.
Today I am joined by Paige Tonz! We discuss what the most common mental struggles are that athletes have, and how to overcome them. Paige Tonz grew up in Peoria, AZ and began playing softball at 8 years old. She has competed at many levels; starting with rec ball, moving to club ball, and competing as a D1 athlete at Northwestern University. Her mission and goal is to help transform girls into strong women beyond the playing field or court. Paige has worked with 1000+ athletes in her programs and workshops. She believes girls have so much opportunity to dream bigger than they ever imagined. Because sports was and still is such a big part of Paige's life, she has had a first row ticket to see how the experiences from sports can be a vessel to success in life on and off the field. Find her at: IG: @paigetonz Website:
109: Handling Stress

109: Handling Stress


What do you feel most stressed about? Grades, school, friends, parents, sports, performances, social media, chores- the list goes on and on! This week on the podcast I talk about why stress matters and how to handle it better.
We all want to be seen for who we are, especially teens. Who are you, and how do you figure that out?
Less anxious individuals have some characteristics in common! Here's what we can learn from them and the things they DON'T do.
106: Loving Yourself

106: Loving Yourself


Today I talk about how loving yourself is NOT selfish, arrogant, or self centered, and why it is so important to know what you love about yourself.
105: Figuring IT Out

105: Figuring IT Out


What is stopping you from figuring it out? Today I talk about how to figure anything out in your life.
Today I talk about two of the most common thoughts that teens think, and why it is important to eliminate them from your brains.
Do you have ADHD or know someone who does? Today I talk with Ceri Payne about what it is like to have ADHD and how it can actually be used as a super power. For Ceri's Goal Setting Worksheet Click here:
You think after being out of school for a year, you would be ready and excited to go back to school, right? For some, not so much. Today I talk about why there is this increasing anxiety about returning to in-person school.
Ever find yourself saying yes to something when you really want to say no? Today I talk about the number one reason why we do this, and why it's important to start saying no.
We all do it, and it never feels good! Join me today as I talk with Cristina Roman about procrastination. What even is procrastination, and how can we overcome it?
Suicide prevention is everyone's business, NOT just the qualified professionals. Believe it or not, there are some important things even YOU can do if you have someone in your life who is struggling. At risk? Call 1-800-273-TALK
Are you struggling? Do you have a friend that is struggling? Whether it is you or someone else, we need to understand suicide better. This week I talk about why we can get suicidal and four common misbeliefs that we have about suicide in our culture.
97. Being Normal

97. Being Normal


What even is normal? Why we all have this desire to be "normal" and what it is actually doing to us.
On this episode we learn from the amazing Kate Fitzsimons, coach and author of The Teen's Guide to Social Skills. She tells us all about her book and what social skills she believes are the most important for teens to have. Here's the link where you can download a free chapter: Here's the amazon link to purchase:
Today I discuss more on how to have a good sibling relationship and how we can actually decide what kind of person we want to be in a sibling relationship.
Are you finding yourself being more annoyed with your sibling than ever? Today I explain why and how you can start to not let your sibling drive you absolutely crazy.
Thoughts are the secret to the universe! Today I explain exactly WHY our thoughts matter and how they can control what happens in our lives.
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Kailyn Koenig

Thank you so much!! I really appreciate your willingness to do this podcast. it has really helped me and I have become ADDICTED!! I just want you to know how eternally grateful I am for you.

Nov 21st
Reply (1)

Mallori Fraser

This is so important for girls to hear! I loved your story and that you chose to give that boy a fun night even though it wasn't what you wanted to do. I think the comparison thing is something that many women deal with and can always work on. I did compare myself during high school and ended up seeing myself as unlovable and that made having a secure relationship with friends really difficult. Knowing that God loves me perfectly helps me as I continue to work on believing that I am inherently lovable. I hope to be able to celebrate with my friends in their strengths and opportunities rather than envy them.

May 3rd
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