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The Tesla City Stories have been presenting an evening of live “radio” theater derived from the recently uncovered archives of the ultra-obscure Tesla Broadcasting Company (1943-1945). In addition to the live performances, we now bring you the shows recorded in the studio with all this new fangled and fancy technology! The shows of the TBC run the gamut from sitcom to thriller, from mystery to romantic-comedy, with forays into westerns, sci-fi and horror to boot. But all of these shows, regardless of genre, are tied to the fictional locale of Tesla City. That’s part of what makes the output of the TBC so unique and sought-after by historians and collectors. It’s “pop archaeology” as performance art, or, more simply, fun episodes of vintage radio straight outta 1944 brought to life again.
13 Episodes
Season 1 Finale! Ep. 12 - Shepherd’s Trail: “Eastward Ho part 2" - Shepherd is called upon to escort a doctor and his family out of the West and out of danger, delivering them to a most surprising destination!
Please Stand By

Please Stand By


Well Tesla Nation, it's show week! If you're in the Portland, Oregon area Friday, March 10th, 2023 at 7:30pm, come check us out! Please see for full information and to purchase tickets. Meanwhile, hear Brendan's sincere and deeply heartfelt apology on the whereabouts of Ep. 12 - Shepherd’s Trail: “Eastward Ho” part 2! 
Brendan introduces the enigmatic millionaire who founded the Tesla Broadcasting Company: Corporal Edgerton “Buck” Spivey - an unlikely radio maverick and pathological liar who left behind a knotty life story and the rare thing that was the TBC.
Ep. 10 - Shepherd’s Trail: “Eastward Ho! part 1" - a Western anthology following the travels of the titular hero. He’s a man with a mysterious past and an uncertain future, but he knows the trails of the frontier like the back of his hand. He’s got a lightning draw and an uncanny sense of truth and untruth. The honest, good folk of that rough time can always count on the man called Judas Shepherd to lead them home.
Renaissance man and Tesla City Stories cast member/producer John Campbell joins hosts Brendan Jones and Jerry Chrisman for a spirited chinwag about his upbringing as a native Portlander, how he came to join the show, and most importantly... his life with his beloved cat, Columbo.
No. 1 - “Bet On The Pomeranian”: A missing dog case leads Jack and Dusty to the door of a mobster hitman! A detective show featuring affable, nearly always broke P.I. Jack Wilde. He’s a decent gumshoe with a silver tongue and an incurable itch for gambling; in fact it’s a toss-up which has caused more trouble for Jack – the cards or his mouth. But, no matter what hand he’s dealt, Jack gets the job done, often to the surprise of his old friend and sometime nemesis, TCPD captain “Dusty” Mankowitz.
In “The Shadow Do,” Brendan walks us back to the origin of his association with old time radio in this first part of the unlikely tale of the resurrection of the TBC. It all starts with a cassette tape and some drug-free mind-clouding…
“The Unlikely Understudy”: With mere minutes to air, P.A. Betsy Harper is called upon to co-star with debonaire (and conceited) radio icon Blevins DeBell! He’s Blevins DeBell, America’s favorite radio star. She’s Betsy Harper, small town girl and production assistant at the TBC. Their fortunes and hearts become entangled when Betsy steps into the figurative shoes of Blevins’s former co-star and wife, Joan DeBell. It’s a part neither of them expected to play, but the show must go on!
Amazingly talented Tesla City Stories cast member/producer Lauren McCune joins hosts Brendan Jones and Jerry Chrisman for a lively chat about the development of the show, what it's like as an original cast member and most importantly, the abject importance of chips and queso.
“Visitations”: A deadly string of antiquities robberies claims its most recent victim – Lazarus St. George! The Wraith is a crime-thriller with a supernatural twist. After being murdered on an archeological dig in Egypt, Lazarus St. George is returned to the land of the living by Anubis, god of the Afterlife, to serve as his agent on Earth. With eerie occult powers at his command, and with the aid of his loyal Egyptian friend Bobek, St. George haunts the evildoers of Tesla City as the half-dead avenger, The Wraith.
Chief Archivist Brendan Jones takes you to the Tesla City Limits where you’ll learn the fascinating origins of the Tesla City Stories. It’s the history of the TBC and its eccentric architects, as well as the odd tale of how one obsessed fan brought it to light.
“Viola’s Pied Pipes”: Viola thinks she’s landed her first star turn at a low-rent downtown theater with a bit of a pest problem! The Off-key Life of Viola Harper is a vintage sitcom detailing the travails of a hapless, would-be Broadway chanteuse. Viola’s a small town girl in the big city trying to make her show biz dreams come true. She’s got a lot of what it takes to make it – a positive attitude, a never-say-die spirit, a supportive sister, a good-hearted boyfriend and a dogged, if eccentric, manager. The only thing she hasn’t got? Talent!
Director Brendan Jones and executive producer Jerry Chrisman provide an introduction to the podcast version of their popular live show The Tesla City Stories. They cover the history of the Tesla Broadcasting Company of the 1940s and the behind-the-scenes circumstances that led to the revival of the TBC shows that they are now sharing with today’s audiences.
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