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After an assassin fails to kill Padmé Amidala, she falls in love with her Jedi protector: Anakin Skywalker. We get into aggressive negotiations as we chat about cloner confidentiality, why no one bothered to rescue Anakin’s mother, and what Obi-Wan Kenobi has in common with James Bond. Then we find out if Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones stands the Test of Time.
While trying to resolve a trade dispute, two Jedi meet a young slave who just may be the Chosen One.  The saga begins as we discuss the proper pronunciation of Tatooine, a lightsaber duel with a dual lightsaber, and a track listing that’s also a spoiler. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to finding out if Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace stands the Test of Time.
Seven college friends reunite after a member of their group commits suicide. Special guests Carole Abramson and Rochelle Brief—our moms!—join us to talk about enlisting in the Peace Corps, Jeff Goldblum’s shtick, and what Billy Joel taught us about New York City nightlife. Then we find out if The Big Chill stands the Test of Time.
After their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, a woman is abducted, and her husband tries desperately to find her. Join us as we talk about people who hate catharsis, the podcast selection in heaven, and playing Doom on a refrigerator. Then we find out if Breakdown stands the Test of Time.
A husband and wife—both attorneys—take opposite sides in a high-profile court case.  Listen as we chat about helmets for infants, the worst kind of candy, and how Madonna is different from DJ Khaled. Then we find out if Adam’s Rib stands the Test of Time.
The life of a small-town teacher is turned upside down when he’s outed as gay on national television. Join us as we discuss Steven Seagal’s Oscar chances, why one kid has to come out twice, and what not to name this movie’s sequel. Then we decide if In & Out stands the Test of Time.
Against all odds, an alcoholic coach leads a team of misfits to their little league’s championship game. Special guest Eli Noah joins us to talk about Tchaikovsky’s middle name, the price of Rolling Stones tickets, and Walter Matthau’s resting grumpy face. Then we find out if The Bad News Bears stands the Test of Time.
A handful of Spartan soldiers defend their country against a massive invading army. We celebrate our 300th episode by talking about a better way to judge babies, how hard it is to find a good piercer in Persia, and what Zack Snyder was like in film school. Then we find out if 300 stands the Test of Time.
Michael Corleone attempts to make his business fully legitimate, but finds that it’s not easy for a gangster to retire. Listen as we chat about a comical death by cannoli, a deeply disturbing romance, and how fat the voice of Fat Tony really is. Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in to see if The Godfather Part III stands the Test of Time.
As a young man, Vito Corleone builds a criminal empire. Decades later, his son Michael finds a traitor within the family. Join us as we talk about the practice of cupping, the geography of Lake Tahoe, and what smart people don’t say. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer as we find out if The Godfather Part II stands the Test of Time.
When a mob boss is shot, his son seeks revenge and takes control of the family business. Listen as we discuss why Dan Quayle shouldn’t hide weapons, the worst thing about being strangled with piano wire, and James’s good buddy, Wikipedia. Leave the gun, take the cannoli, and find out if The Godfather stands the Test of Time.
A simple-minded gardener unlocks the true power of his brain through advanced virtual reality experiments. Listen as we discuss a sex-positive groundskeeper, the rare ability to program a VCR, and names for the internet that didn’t catch on. Then we find out if The Lawnmower Man stands the Test of Time.
After kidnapping a baby, an ex-con and an ex-cop have to evade the authorities, fugitives, and a biker from hell. Join us as we chat about leaving important things on car roofs, Bruce Willis' recent string of terrible movies, and the yodeling that lives rent-free in Alan’s head. Then we decide if Raising Arizona stands the Test of Time.
To reconnect with his son, a truck driver must… win an arm wrestling contest? This week, we talk about flying as an unaccompanied minor, how not to tell someone their wife died, and the rules of double-elimination tournaments. Then we find out if Over the Top stands the Test of Time.
A poet and a courtesan fall in love at a famous Parisian cabaret. Special guest Courtney Noah joins us as we discuss passing out from absinthe, spreading tuberculosis through song, and who among us is most bohemian. Then we find out if Moulin Rouge! stands the Test of Time.
Four athletes defy the odds by competing as Jamaica’s first Olympic bobsled team. Listen as we discuss video game speed runs, the law that made montages mandatory, and the stupidest thing a sports commentator can say. Then we find out if Cool Runnings stands the Test of Time.
A man with multiple phobias and severe anxiety invades his therapist’s family vacation. Join us as we talk about unethical college professors, a surprisingly short trip from Chicago, and a bittersweet explosion. We also share our thoughts on The Matrix Resurrections before deciding if What About Bob? stands the Test of Time.
A Secret Service agent gets the worst possible assignment: babysitting the President’s teenage son. Listen as we discuss the thrill of going into a reptile house, the only thing we know about Amy Carter, and the middle names of child actors. Then we find out if First Kid stands the Test of Time.
A woman starts dating a much younger man, who also happens to be her therapist's son. Listen as we talk about a haunted movie theater, the limited number of pediatricians in the Hamptons, and why you should never turn down sex to play video games. Then we find out if Prime stands the Test of Time. (Hey, that rhymes!)
A submarine and a team of doctors are miniaturized and injected into a dying man’s body in the hopes of saving his life. Join us as we discuss a second-rate screensaver, the actors who didn’t want to grope Raquel Welch, and if kids today know about Morse code. Then we find out if Fantastic Voyage stands the Test of Time.
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Stuart Woodford

Great Banter, informative and I love some of the small details you pick up on that I may have missed, or just didnt get. Keep up the good work. Thank you. Stuart from the UK

Oct 30th
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