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The Things We don't Talk About

Author: Alison Mulligan & Mike Hartley

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Welcome to The Things We don't Talk About. A podcast that openly talks about the things that we hide in the shadows, thinking that "it's just me" or "I can't talk about this." Join Alison Mulligan and Mike Hartley, with a raft of guests, as we talk about Mental Health, Diversity, Physical Health, People, Soft Skills and more.
6 Episodes
We're BACK! With a much delayed episode featuring the AMAZING Malin Martnes - the first Microsoft MVP for Dynamics 365 Talent (now HR) !This is a monster episode but there is so much great content here that it would have been wrong to try to edit it down. So grab yourself a cuppa, some comfy slippers, and settle in to your cozy chair... or go for a long walk... or something that will take about an hour. In this episode we talk about different areas of Mental Health and how it has impacted so many aspects of life. We also talk about how important saying "How Are You" really can be, and then not saying "I'm OK" all the time.This really is a cracking episode so take a listen. It was recorded late 2021 so there are references to Covid restrictions etc that have mostly eased, but still relevant.
In this episode we are joined by Carl Cookson ( where we talk, very openly, about depression.Carl is a fantastic person, and builder of some amazing tools that are available in XrmToolBox as well as being a blogger, speaker, and heavily involved in the Microsoft Community and Dynamics / Power Platform User Groups. Here he speaks candidly about his experiences and his methods of coping. With Mike & Alison asking questions and sharing their own stories, this is an episode that really does shatter stigmas and taboos around Mental Health, and shows that it's Good to Talk about the Things We Don't Talk About.As always, please remember that we are just a bunch of people talking about our own stories. Please visit for some helpful questions you can ask yourself, and some pointers to professional organisations.
Do you ever find yourself thinking that you don't belong, that you shouldn't be doing what you're doing? How often do you wonder if you should just slink away off into the shadows and let "the experts" do it?If you're anything like me (Mike) then you do this probably more than once an hour - yes really. This is an example of a form of Imposter Syndrome - and you'd be surprised just how many high profile people suffer from this exact kind of thinking.Joining Alison and Mike in this episode is the wonderful Emma D'Arcy who shares her thoughts and experiences around Imposter Syndrome, as well as some pick-me-ups and some ways to help you realise that You Belong!
In this episode of The Things We Don't Talk About we are once again grateful to be joined by Dona Sarkar (@DonaSarkar) as we discuss Diversity & Inclusion.Join us as we take a broad look at the topic, and learn to Add Another Seat At The Table.
Welcome to Episode 1 of The Things We Don't Talk About. This episode we are joined by the AWESOME Dona Sarkar who talks about Neurodiversity. If you're not familiar with the term, well neither was Mike until he heard Dona talk about it at MS Ignite London 2020. To say it blew his mind is an understatement, and it presents a really great way of understanding that we are ALL different but we are ALL uniquely amazing and wonderful people.You can find Dona on Twitter - @DonaSarkarAlso - check out her amazing Fashion Clothing range at Prima Dona Studios, and the stunning work being done with Earning The Negronis
IT'S FINALLY HERE FOLKS!After many, many delays welcome to the introductory episode of The Things We Don't Talk About.In this brief(ish) episode get to meet your hosts, Mike Hartley & Alison Mulligan, and find out just what this podcast is all about and why we feel it is needed.This is a podcast for everyone, giving voice to all those things that we hide away and just don't talk about. We're talking Mental Health, Disability, Accessibility, Health, Wellbeing, Personality Differences and much much more.Hope you enjoy and please leave us feedback so we can keep improving in future episodes.
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