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Author: Ruben Chavez | Think Grow Prosper

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Where personal development meets real life. Ruben Chavez explores a variety of topics with thought leaders, scientists, creators, artists, entrepreneurs and other interesting people to bring you different perspectives you can use to enrich your mind and improve your life in whatever way you see fit.

Ruben is a writer and personal development educator. He has created a community of over 3 million people across different platforms, including his Instagram page (@ThinkGrowProsper), blog (, and podcast.
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haydon rex


Apr 9th

Crissi Dares

Luv this podcast, and absolutely luv this episode. Repeat listening is definitely a must. Thanks for this.

Mar 22nd

Carrie Reagh

This was a fantastic episode. I rarely have time to listen to anything more than about 20 min. I can totally relate to you both. This will definitely get a 2nd listen (taking notes this time). Thank you!

Mar 15th

Gaurav Singh

can you share all these in hindi language

Feb 9th

Arun Jawarlal

Loved this podcast

Nov 15th

Colleen Mc

loved this.

Oct 16th

farshid karami

love the think grow

Oct 10th


This was a great episode, not too long, to the point, as well as a much needed reminder for us overthinkers out here. Thank you

Sep 2nd


1. Expose Yourself to new things - seek out new activities, new experiences and new information. - explore your curiosity 2. Challenge Yourself 3. Think creatively - think outside the box - seach for unconventional solutions 4. Do things the hard way 5. Expose yourself to a variety of people - go talk to people

Aug 27th

A Robinson

Awesome podcast! I am going to use this podcast as a listening assignment for my ESL students. The pacing of the conversation and information are perfect for second language learners. Good job!

Jun 30th

Ale Pere

This is just what I needed, thank you so much!

Jun 16th

Julio Andreoni

Very nice!

Jun 10th

Daniel Gonçalves

this podcast is just what I needed to hear. Been very nervous lately with carreer decisions

May 29th

Ishika Harekal

This is brilliantly put and ties in concepts beautifully. Thanks for sharing, Ruben!

May 26th

Ron Duchane

I appreciate this podcast. Getting back to the basics of learning, and creating new ways to exercise our cognitive maturity. Helpful tips takeaway: do things manually as much as possible, and grow your social cognitive experiences. Everything was great to listen to, but this resignated with me the most. Thank you

May 24th

A Robinson

Ruben...awesome podcast on 5 ways to grow your intelligence. As an ESL teacher I'm always looking for ways to teach my students how to think your ideas will be excellent for my classroom. I plan on sharing them.continue to do podcasts like this they are extremely helpful for people who do not know how to grow their intelligence.

Apr 21st

Bigalwells Alton

What I like best about this podcast is the pratical application. In other words, I like best how you teach people how to put step to growing our intelligence that we can actually do in our lives. Keep producing material that will improve my thinking. If NY thinking is improved, then the rest of me will improve. "you are what you think" Thanks for imparting your knowledge to your listerners.

Apr 17th

michael rizk

I love your podcast keep up the great work brother! 🎯🙏💪😎👊♥️

Mar 25th
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