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The Think Podcast with Joel Settecase - Presented by the Think Institute
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The Think Podcast with Joel Settecase - Presented by the Think Institute

Author: Joel Settecase

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Joel Settecase (and his fascinating guests) tackle “impossible” questions from a biblical perspective to help you articulate, share and defend the Christian message. Get equipped for your missional lifestyle.
Join us as we seek "Truth In Conversation." Presented by the Think Institute and Cru Church Movements.
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The Bible is relevant for all of life, which means that Christians need to learn how to study it and apply it to our situations. In this episode Joel answers a number of questions from viewers who tuned in live. There was no plan for the broadcast, but it seems God did have an agenda. Most of the questions and answers wound up centering on the idea of how to detect and defend against false teachings using Scripture. Along the way,  we got into questions about Roman Catholicism, Salvation, Sola Gratia/Sola Fide, and more. Oh, and there was a fun power outage in the middle of the broadcast, which we’ve trimmed and filled in with some filler music for you to basically divide the episode into segments. This episode is brought to you by the Christian Culture Builders Facebook Group. Get the full show notes here. --- Send in a voice message:
What is the Bible about? God's covenantal relationships with his creation? Israel? Jesus? All of the above? Something else? How you answer this question will affect your thinking  about God's word, God's world, God's people, and God Himself. On the ThinkPod we talk a lot about the importance of looking at the world through a biblical worldview, a biblical "lens." In the same way, we need to look at the Bible itself through a biblical lens and let Scripture define what Scripture is and what it's about. So today we're discussing the "lens" of New Covenant Theology, or NCT. We'll also talk about how NCT differs from its biggest competitors, Covenant Theology and Dispensationalism, and what the difference is between NCT and its sibling, "Progressive Covenantalism" (and which one is better). My guest today is A. Blake White. Blake is the Lead Pastor of South Side Baptist Church in Abilene, Texas. He is the author of a dozen books, including What is New Covenant Theology, God’s Chosen People, and The Law of Christ. He has a Masters of Divinity from SouthernSeminary and a Masters of Theology from Southwestern Seminary. Blake is married to Alicia and they have five children. And he joins us today on the Think Podcast Tuesday Twofer. Get more great content from Blake White at Get the full show notes at --- Send in a voice message:
The pro-life movement has been building momentum since the Roe v. Wade SCOTUS case in 1973, but the tragic reality is that abortion is still very much legal in the U.S. Is it possible we've been doing something wrong? And is there a way we can take action, through governmental and legislative processes, to actually end the scourge of abortion in our time?    Our guest today is Dennis Sarfate, and he's going to reveal the answers to these questions.   Dennis is the President of Red State Reform since August 2020. He has been a member of Apologia church since 2014. He has volunteered across multiple platforms within the church and wants to devote all his time to ending abortion.   Dennis Sarfate played professional baseball for 20 years. He played 10 years in MLB with Milwaukee, Houston and Baltimore. His last 10 years he played in Japan. He is currently with the Softbank Hawks, where he holds many records, including single season save leader.  Dennis has been married to Jada for 13 years. They have 3 girls and reside in Chandler, Arizona.  We're going to get into it today. We are about to tackle this impossible topic from a biblical perspective. This is Worldview Wednesday.   Find out more about Action For Life here.   This episode is brought to you by the Christian Culture Builders Facebook Group: Believers in Jesus optimistically working to create Great Commission hubs for the propagation of the Gospel, the furthering of Christ's kingdom, and the emergence of robust, fruitful, Christian culture. We work through the three spheres of authority: the family, the church, and the state.  Get the full show notes at --- Send in a voice message:
This episode is brought to you by the Christian Culture Builders Facebook Group. Believers in Jesus optimistically working to create Great Commission hubsfor the propagation of the Gospel, the furthering of Christ's kingdom, and the emergence of robust, fruitful, Christian culture. We work through the three spheres of authority: the family, the church, and the state.  Check out Group: go to In the marketplace of ideas and in the business marketplace, it helps to have a competitive edge. When it comes to ideas, a competitive edge means having a solid basis for what and why you believe, and innovative ways of communicating that. In the commercial marketplace, a competitive edge often means being up on the latest technology. So today get ready for a collision of the intriguing ideas of Christian apologetics and the exciting world of tech development, as we discuss how to use technology to fulfill your piece of the Great Commission. Joel's guest for this episode of the Think Podcast is Tim McCabe. Tim is a software developer at Accountable2You, the designer and developer of the God Contention website, a self-professed armchair theologian (he writes on the topics of theology and apologetics on his website), and he's also the developer of the TheoTab app, an unbelievably comprehensive tool for Christian apologetics, which we're going to talk about today. Get the full show notes at --- Send in a voice message:
As Christian parents, we have been entrusted with making disciples of our kids, and that means "teaching them to obey everything [Christ] has commanded (Matthew 28:19-20)." If truly free thinking is possibly only when is built on the solid foundation of His teaching (Matthew 7:24), then Christian parents had better learn how to instill a Christian worldview in their children, and there's no time to lose.   Elizabeth Urbanowicz earned her B.S. from Gordon College in Elementary Education and Spanish, her M.S.Ed in Christian Apologetics from Biola University, and spent a decade as an elementary teacher at a Christian school. She's the author of the Foundation Comparative Worldview Curriculum, and her work has helped to equip countless children and families with the knowledge and skills to disciple children in the biblical worldview. In this episode of the Think Podcast, she joins Joel Settecase to discuss her curriculum and how to powerfully prepare your kids to reason in a biblical way.    Even if you don't yet have children of your own, you won't want to miss this.    Check out powerful tools and resources from Elizabeth Urbanowicz at Get the full show notes at --- Send in a voice message:
When the verdict came in on the Breonna Taylor case, major cities were bracing for yet another round of protests and, potentially, riots and looting.  This raises the question: what is the biblical teaching on law and order? Should Christians protest? Should we ever turn to rioting as a legitimate response to what we see as the violation of justice? And what do we do with men like Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who didn't exactly riot, but who nevertheless sought to take justice into his own hands?    Join Joel and Pastor Raef for a brief, biblical, thoughtful discussion on law and order, government, and the Christian's role in all of this. Get the full show notes at --- Send in a voice message:
On today's Tuesday Twofer, Joel Settecase is joined by philosophy professor, Christian apologist and international speaker Dr. Khaldoun Sweis. Dr. Sweis is a Jordanian American and Associate Professor of Philosophy at Olive-Harvey College in Chicago and serves as tutor in philosophy with Oxford University in England. He has taught philosophy and apologetics for over a decade and spoken at conferences both nationally and abroad. He has authored three books and is a member of the American Philosophical Association and the Evangelical Philosophical Society. Dr. Sweis is also the founder of the Socratic Project, which hosts debates and discussions on critical issues of our time and addresses the ultimate questions of life. Today he joins Joel to talk about the institutions that serve as pillars of society—what are they, who controls them, and how can Christians influence them in today's world? Check out Dr. Sweis's apologetics content at Get the full show notes at --- Send in a voice message:
We all know words are important. But just how important is your speech to the course of your life? Can what you say today affect how you will live tomorrow?   In this episode, Joel and Parker (the Sons of Thunder) examine this question and Jordan Peterson's 10th Rule for Life: "Be Precise In Your Speech."   Listen in as the guys determine just how much of this concept is biblical and work hard to keep the conversation on track without veering off the rails into "The Secret"/Word Faith/Name-It-And-Claim-It goofiness.  Listen to Parker's new podcast, Parker's Pensees: Get the full show notes here: --- Send in a voice message:
Has Brian Sauvé lost his mind? His activity on Twitter is typically eye-catching, but something he tweeted recently really caught our attention, to the point that we knew we needed to get him on this show and interview him for Worldview Wednesday. What was the tweet in question? Sauvé said, "Wanted: Christians interested in building an institution-building church in Ogden, UT. Start businesses Flip houses Homestead Hire Christians Multi-generational legacy Build culture ...and generally make a holy ruckus. Oh, and we're starting a school in Fall 2021. Join us!" Doesn't he know that pastors are supposed to stick to overseeing their churches and *engaging* with culture, not *creating* culture? And yet, there he is, talking about actually creating institutions and "making a holy ruckus." Again we ask, has he lost his mind? No, he hasn't, but he his church are self-professed "cultural and theological maximalists. Along with a rising movement of Christian culture makers, they believe that Scripture, God's word, has direct implications for all of life, not only for Sunday mornings, but for "your emotional, mental, spiritual, social, political, relational, and physical self." He and his fellow elders (his church has a plurality of them) want to build a radical Christian culture in Utah... and did we mention they are starting a school? So who is Brian Sauvé? He is a pastor at Refuge Church in Ogden, Utah. He has been a Christian from a young age, and has been married since 2011 to Lexy (they met in the library in junior high), with whom he has been blessed with four children. Brian is an avid preacher and Gospel man, deeply concerned for exegetical and biblical theology, as well as the primacy of the Gospel. He co-hosts the Stump the Pastors podcast and writes on the topics of culture, theology, church life, philosophy, and more for Deeply Rooted Magazine, For the Church, and his personal blog, Mouse and Mane, as well as other outlets. Brian earned his Bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies. And in what is perhaps his greatest honor, or at least perhaps not his greatest dishonor, Brian is our guest today on what is sure to be an engaging, educational, and inspiring episode of Worldview Wednesdays. Buckle up, but not too tight, because you're going to be on the edge of your seat the whole time. It's time to talk about Christian culture building, who's currently doing it, how to do it, and what the future holds for Ogden Utah and other Gospel outposts around the United States and beyond. Get the full show notes here: Join the Christian Culture Builders Facebook group here: --- Send in a voice message:
Demons. Many use the word, but we seem to use it in different ways. We use it metaphorically, as when we say, "He's wrestling with his demons" about characters facing inner conflict. But demons as actual, spiritual entities crop up in various religions (including Christianity and Hinduism), and even in popular entertainment (e.g. the film, "Paranormal Activity"). Within Christianity, attitudes toward demons vary by denomination. Some pay them practically no attention at all, whereas others find demons under every rock and focus lots of attention on binding demons, casting out demons, etc. And then of course, if you listened to Christian hip-hop in the 1990s, you can probably remember many a track about fighting and slaying demons (T-Bone's "Demon Executor," anyone?).   So, just what exactly *are* demons, really? On this episode, my guest is Michael Heiser, and he's going to reveal the truth about what the Bible and history actually teaches about demons.   Michael S. Heiser is a scholar of the Bible and its ancient context. He earned his MA in Ancient HIstory from UPenn and his MA and PhD from University of Wisconsin- Madison (M.A., Ph.D., Hebrew Bible and Semitic Studies). He's taught biblical studies for over twenty years, he's worked as the Scholar-in-Residence at Logos Bible Software, and is currently Executive Director of the School of Theology at Celebration Church in Jacksonville, FL. Dr. Heiser has written several best-selling books on The Unseen Realm, Angels, and topics like Enoch, the Watchers, and the Forgotten Mission of Jesus Christ. He has written a ton of other books, over 100 articles for Bible Study Magazine and several peer-reviewed articles in academic journals.  Dr. Heiser also hosts the Naked Bible Podcast and has a non-profit corporation, MIQLAT, which provides free translations of his biblical studies content in over twenty languages. As you can see, Dr. Mike Heiser is *the* perfect person to bring on to talk about this topic, and he'll be discussing his book, Demons: What the Bible Really Says About the Powers of Darkness, with Think Institute Founder Joel Settecase. Get the full show notes at --- Send in a voice message:
Re-release: On many major issues, there are increasingly two opposing sides coalescing. Although our context, 21st Century America and the West, is new, it turns out that these two sides are not new; in fact they're very old. And they've been in opposition to one another for centuries, on any number of issues. And one of those issues, the one we're going to discuss today, deals with how we view children. So in this episode Joel and Pastor Raef are going to talk about what these two colliding worldviews (and their competing views on children)are, how they've played out in history and religion over the centuries, and how we're seeing the effects of them being acted out today, especially in headlines related to the state of California, and the recent heroic actions of the U.S. Marshalls.   This is the Think Podcast. It's Worldview Wednesday. For the full show notes, visit --- Send in a voice message:
According to a recent survey, one third of those self-proclaimed Evangelicals believe Jesus is not God. What does this say about the state of "Evangelicalism" and the unbiblical ideas that have crept their way into it? In this Tuesday Twofer episode, Alisa Childers explains the decentralized movement known as Progressive Christianity. She discusses how its teachings have influenced many churches (maybe even yours), how to spot it, and what you can do about it. Get the full show notes at --- Send in a voice message:
Everybody wants to talk, and nobody wants to listen. But you're not nobody. You're *somebody*, and you're on a journey. You hope that journey takes you to some good places and that you acquire wisdom along the way. So you're not going to only run you're mouth (although you're going to speak up when the time is right)—you're also going to commit yourself to listening to others. As Jordan Peterson's 9th Rule puts it, you're going to "Assume the other person knows something you don't." But whom should you listen to, how should you listen, and when *should* you speak out?    Joel and Parker (the Sons of Thunder) dissect these questions and JBP's 9th Rule for Life in this episode. Watch live and leave your comments and questions for the brothers to answer in real time. Get the full show notes at --- Send in a voice message:
The world's problems are big, and you're just one individual. It's a terrifying thing to think about entering into the fray, to bring some of the into order long enough to get someone's attention and share the Gospel with him or her. It's a lot safer not to stick your neck out (at least for the time being), but is this what God wants? Didn't Jesus send his disciples into the world to "disciple the nations" (Matthew 28:19)? So what does it look like to get your piece of that Great Commission? Where does God want to use you right now? In this episode, Joel and Pastor Raef discuss how to make a difference with what you have, where you are, right now. Get the full show notes at --- Send in a voice message:
Christians talk a lot about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and rightly so. Those are important doctrines, and they are vital to understand, if we're going to be sharing our faith with others. But what do we say when someone asks us where Jesus is now, and what he's doing? He went back to Heaven, and the Bible says that he sat down on the throne, but is he just... waiting to come back? He's interceding for us, but what does that really mean? To everyone who could use some help answering these questions, my guest, Dr. Patrick Schreiner, is going to help us out. Dr. Schreiner is associate professor of New Testament language and literature at Western Seminary. He is the author of The Kingdom of God and the Glory of the Cross and Matthew, Disciple and Scribe, as well as The Ascension of Christ: Recovering a Neglected Doctrine, which we are going to focus on today. Get the full show notes at --- Send in a voice message:
A wide-ranging selection of issues covered today as Joel Settecase attempts to answer viewer questions live in real time on this Q&A.  *Subscribe to the Think Institute YouTube channel for more thought-provoking content.*   (Shout-out to for allowing Joel to quickly reference information on Cessationism!) Get the full show notes at --- Send in a voice message:
On this not-so-fast Friday episode, here's what we're talking about:  Our mission, given by Jesus Christ, is to disciple the nations (Mt. 28:19). This means going to foreign nations, as well as working within the nation where we are today. In every nation, God has established three distinct spheres of government.   In this *FAST FRIDAY* episode we're talking about the household sphere, and how to lead your household toward greater participation in Christ's mission of making disciples. Get the full show notes at --- Send in a voice message:
Stats are clear that the best possible environment for a child to be raised in is with one mom, one dad, living together. For sure, sometimes that doesn't work out. Divorce happens, spouses die, tragedy befalls. But the ideal is still there: children do best when raised by mom and dad.  But what if we told you that RIGHT NOW there are over 44,000 children living without a mom or dad in the US foster care system? And that the average age of these children is 6 1/2? And that children who age out of the foster care system face grave disadvantages later in life, compared to children who live with their parents? And that adoption is an incredible blessing to the adoptive parents and a powerful way to carry out your own piece of Christ's Great Commission to the church? Today on the Think Podcast, it's Worldview Wednesday with Joel and Pastor Raef, and we're going to look at adoption from a biblical perspective, and how the glorious Christian teaching on adoption collides head-on with the world's culture of abortion and death. Maybe you'll get to the end of this and still say adoption isn't for you, but you owe it to yourself at least to listen in. Let's do this. Get the full show notes at --- Send in a voice message:
In a world where basic understanding of biblical ideas is on the decline, sharing the Gospel with our neighbors has become harder than ever before.  But what if there were a cultural phenomenon we could use as a bridge to help our neighbors better understand the tenets of the Gospel? And what if that bridge is... Disney movies?   I'm joined by my brother and co-host of the Sons of Thunder podcast, Parker Settecase. And our guest today is Dr. Ron Dart. Dr. Dart is the author of Myth and Meaning in Jordan Peterson. He teaches in the Department of Political Science, Philosophy, and Religious Studies at the University of the Fraser Valley in British Colombia. He has authored or coauthored 35 books, and he joins Parker and Joel for a very special Tuesday Twofer episode of the Think Podcast, to discuss Jordan Peterson, Disney Movies, modern myths, and the Gospel. Get the full show notes at --- Send in a voice message:
Jordan Ravanes of the Christian Worldview Project had Joel Settecase on his podcast, "Table Talk Online," to discuss morality and why it only makes sense from. a biblical perspective. We hope this conversation emboldens you to stand firm in your Christian faith and to commend it to others. Get the full show notes at --- Send in a voice message:
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