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Author: Paul Austin

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The Third Wave Podcast explores the many minds of the emerging psychedelic renaissance. Through conversations with thought leaders across various disciplines, we explore how psychedelics, when used with intention and responsibility, catalyze transformation on both an individual and collective level.

Are you a newbie fresh off an incredible first psychedelic experience? An experienced psychonaut with decades of use? Or just an interested bystander, curious about the relevance of psychedelics to health and wellness?

Regardless of your why, our podcast gives you a unique look into how psychedelic substances change culture and society for the better.
67 Episodes
Psychedelic entrepreneurs Tiffany Liu, Tim Sae Koo, and Michael Costuros join Paul Austin in San Francisco for a conversation on the intersection of psychedelics and business. Can psychedelics help change our exploitative business mindsets, and produce more compassionate, fair practices? For show links go here: Sign up to our microdosing course:
Psychedelic psychotherapists Ingmar Gorman and Elizabeth Nielson speak at our 3W Nodes event in NYC about preparing for and integrating a psychedelic experience. These experienced psychologists share the best techniques for getting the most out of a psychedelic trip. For show links, go here: Sign up to our microdosing course here:
“If you think that the point of drug policy was to control minority groups, to exploit the resources of other countries; then it’s been an enormous success.” Academic lawyer Charlotte Walsh shares her experience working in drug policy, and explains why the UK is facing an uphill battle to change the stigma around psychoactive substances. Although police forces in the UK have some capacity to diverge from national policy and work to their own drug policy, this is nowhere near the power that US states can exercise in response to federal law. Charlotte explains the unique challenges that the UK faces before achieving legalization, including: a powerful right-wing tabloid media; a deep-rooted anti-cannabis stigma; and particularly unforgiving attitudes towards cognitive liberty. For show links, go here: Sign up to our microdosing course here:
Join us at our 3W Node event in New York, with our guest Dr. Will Siu, a psychiatrist who has been trained as a psychedelic therapist by MAPS. He talks about the problems with conventional therapy, and explains how psychedelic-assisted therapy could take up some of the slack. For show links, go here: Sign up for our microdosing course!
David Bronner is the “Cosmic Engagement Officer” for the family business, Dr. Bronner’s Soap (yes, the big bottles you’ve seen for decades at pharmacies and health food stores alike). He’s a proud psychonaut who has helped his company’s annual revenue grow from $5 million to $125 million. Along the way he’s created a new standard for how corporations can improve the lives of their employees and partners while giving away huge sums of money to vital causes. David’s life’s work challenges us to reimagine ourselves as citizens of the planet, cultural participants, self-aware consumers, and individuals seeking wholeness. He warns about the "disaster of the Western colonialist mindset." On this week’s podcast, one of the most prolific donors and respected leaders in the psychedelic space joins Paul Austin for a fascinating discussion on psychedelics, business ethics, and sustainability. For show links, go here: Sign up to our microdosing course here:
In this episode, veteran advocate Matthew Kahl talks about going from taking 20 prescription medications a day to letting them gather dust in his medicine cabinet—and how he carries that transformation into his work. After you listen to Matt’s story of recovery and growth propelled by cannabis and ayahuasca, you’ll understand why he’s dedicated his life to bringing these substances to a wider population. For show links, go here: To learn more about microdosing, join our course:  
Elizabeth Bast, author and entheogenic coach, shares her well-rounded experience with the plant medicine iboga. She speaks about its potential for personal healing and psycho-spiritual growth, and also the issues surrounding its cultural history and evolving future. We also discuss the current state of the psychedelic movement, and examine how we can culturally integrate these medicines and use their teachings to guide us as we strive to make them available to as many people as possible. For show links, go here: Learn more about microdosing here:
Stefana Bosse, Head of Experience for the London Psychedelic Society, explains what psychedelic ceremony means to her, and why psychedelic societies are so important for the healing of people and culture. We hear about what made Stefana decide to work in psychedelics, and why the transformations that psychedelics induce can be so profound. For show links, go here: Sign up to our microdosing course:
From fashion model to psychedelic guide – Kim Iglinsky has an unusual career path. Kim describes how her upbringing in an Israeli Kibbutz, followed by an unsatisfying career in modelling, led to her seeking love and belonging in psychedelic ritual. Ayahuasca played an important part in the transformation that helped her find meaning and fulfilment in life. She describes her practices of psychedelic integration, and how her microdosing regime keeps her depression at bay. For show links, go here: Learn more about microdosing:
Although Adam Strauss named his popular show “The Mushroom Cure,” his psychedelic knowledge doesn’t end at psilocybin mushrooms. In this episode, Adam shares with us the good and bad of his psychedelic experiences – from solipsistic nightmares to curative perspective shifts. We hear about Adam’s opinion on microdosing, and how exposing his vulnerabilities on stage is just what some people need. For show links, go here: For more information about microdosing, sign up to our extensive course:  
Comments (9)


Good podcast until the guest started shitting out her cliches on feminist victimhood.

Jul 6th

Dan Osterman

Hey, great conversation. I'm really interested in holotropic breathwork. I'm reading Stan's book currently. Thanks for sharing more insight.

Feb 23rd

Darude Sandstorm

I usually don’t comment negative statements, but the audio quality is awful. I’m having to end this episode at the 27 minute mark despite being interested in the interview. Disappointing.

Jan 6th

Jessica Desmoineaux

Yes! the ones on top want to remain on top and we dont need any of it. its harming us as a species #thevenusproject

Aug 24th

Melissa Paquette

One of my favorite talks. Twice now I've listened to this podcast and got just as much as the first time I heard it. Definetly feel coming back to this one is a great reminder on how to integrate the information received during my journeys.

Jul 14th

Melissa Paquette

Great talk. Thank you. Hope to see you in November :)

Jul 6th

Bruno Linus Lejdfelt

when a feminist start talking about there being no difference between men and women: I need to use the restroom, which one was it again? (right door: bla, left door: bla bla bla bla bla)

Jun 25th

Capt. Steph

love this episode

Apr 23rd

Capt. Steph

thank you!!!

Mar 7th
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