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The Thirsty Sisters

Author: Sylvia Chan & Nina Tan

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Sylvia and Nina are not your typical influencers; they give it to you raw and real! Join them as they quench their never-ending thirst for wisdom, trends, success and men.

They explore hot and pressing issues you never thought you needed to know in this extremely in-depth podcast. Sisters, brothers and everyone in between or beyond; jump in and be thirsty!
17 Episodes
The Thirsty Sisters swear by the 16 Personalities test. They dive deep into what each letter represents and analyse their weaknesses and strengths. Tune in to find out how the Thirsty Sisters are so compatible!
Every single month the Thirsty Sisters have to go through pain, suffering, emotional turmoil and uncomfortable gushes when they sneeze. Is PMS that bad? Do we all turn into demons? Tune in to find out!
Damsels in distress no more!!! To counter these nasty men, we discuss proactive strategies we can adopt to make sure justice is served, through the case study of our famous finger licking doctor and Sylvia’s very personal encounter.
We need to start a conversation about the issue of sexual harassment and who better than our Thirsty Sisters. In this no holds barred podcast, they discuss several case studies of recent convictions of sexual harassment and assault, and how it is paramount we do better as a society.
In recent times we’ve come to the consensus that being a strong, independent woman in Singapore’s society is more widely accepted. However, what is blanketed beneath the surface still lies a lot of misogyny and inappropriate treatment towards women in the workplace. The Thirsty Sisters shed light on this problem by recounting occurrences they have experienced and stories from their friends around them. It’s 2020 already, we need to do better.
Sylvia and Nina are fierce, alpha and very thirsty sisters that do not need a man. They are riding the highs of their careers and are unstoppable! Find out more about what they have to say about toxic masculinity and being a career driven woman in today’s society.
Making the choice to separate wasn’t easy and having to break the news to their fan base was even harder. Newly single and divorced at 32, we all want to know, what happens now?
Cousins, sisters, bestfriends… The speculation never stops. Here to put the rumours to rest, Sylvia and Nina are finally spilling how they met, their first impressions and how they didn’t really like each other at first. How did this unlikely duo become as close as they are today? Tune in to find out!
Although talented, witty and extravagantly beautiful, the Thirsty Sisters’ love lives are always a little rocky somehow. From getting cheated on to having their bank account wiped out, they have experienced it all. Tune in to hear them spill trauma they have yet to revisit since their teens.
Who knew that these two stunning ladies never had any intention to be in the spotlight! Can you imagine Singapore’s Youtube scene without them?! The thought is just too devastating to even fathom! Listen in to find out where they actually saw their lives going before Night Owl Cinematics was even a thought.
Suddenly thrusted into the spotlight, Sylvia and Nina have had to navigate their way through dealing with their insecurities while under constant scrutiny. Insecurities are never something easy to confront, how did they do it and are they still overcoming it? Tune in to find out!
To answer everyone’s burning question, can Sylvia get any hotter? You bet she can. Our formidable half of the Thirsty Sisters got hit over the weekend with a high fever and was rushed to the hospital. What exactly went down? Tune in to find out!
Now with CB, Sylvia and Nina are sad. Really Sad. They can no longer carry out their nightly activities like they used to. Do they miss it? Very much. Want to know what is it? Listen to find out!
How are perverts still out and about during Circuit Breaker? Is it they are getting thirstier for CB during CB?
Who said they were just pretty faces? These girls, with their astonishing minds (and beauty) have come up with extremely paramount initiatives during their time in CB! From bending over to helping the vulnerable communities, they have got you covered!
Our thirsty sisters confront their deepest, darkest fear. The Circuit Breaker is extending? How are their needs going to be met?! How will they cope?! Join them in their exploration of topics such as mental health, CB coping mechanisms and much more!
In this episode, our selfless vigilantes call out those who are flouting the Circuit Breaker laws and shed light on the vulnerable communities that need a voice during this COVID-19 season!
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