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You’re gonna love this show. We cover a wide range of topics – From jumping into franchise mode to working with your spouse to topics that our guests are thought leaders in.

You’re going to hear real stories from real people all in 15-30 minutes time - perfect for your commute.

On this podcast, your host, veteran radio personality, Jennifer Longworth encourages entrepreneurs to share not only their expertise but their stories and their hearts.

We believe that every person has a unique message which can positively impact the world. Even YOU! If you’d like to be featured on The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, apply here:

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In today’s time, having an attractive and functional website is very important. Most people would check on a company’s website before looking into the services being offered by the company. Having a great website simply means giving the right first impression to potential clients. Gerber Consultants help businesses improve their websites through a number of ways, mainly to help them build more organic traffic to their website, either for leads or for ecommerce. After that has been established, Gerber Consultants help them make sure that the key terminology they're using on their website is what people are actually using on search engines. This company also helps them restructure or rewrite some other content to focus on those high value search terms. “I noticed other people advertising for building websites, or for doing search engine optimization, I thought, well, that's really interesting. So I started to look through the ads. And I looked at what they were doing, and how what they were saying, and how they structured their ads a little bit. And so then I decided to build my own ad off of that.” – Thomas Thomas Gerber is the owner of Gerber Consultants, a consulting company that specializes on WordPress Websites, SEO, Project Management, and Family History Research.
Everything in this world change as time passes. The marketing strategy 5 days before may not be the same with what the current marketing strategy is. There are several things in this world that evolves and changes rapidly, and dealing with how to market things is one of those many things. Cassus Media provides digital marketing solutions to businesses in the United States and Europe, using a “360° marketing strategy”. The method behind this is a structured series of tasks that must be set up before a business can effectively market online.  These businesses need to have: Website where customers get information and purchase products and/or services Branding materials such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter page covers Social media tactics are put into motion that bring the entire strategy together Having these 3 elements creates a “lead generation” machine.  “When you're narrating the voice, the message that they're trying to speak to you is the most important part of music is just kind of background.” – Paul   Paul is the founder of Cassus Media, a company that provides a complete marketing strategy package to businesses in Europe and the United States.
Developing the ability of your kids to do problem-solving and critical-thinking is important especially if they’re in their younger stages. It’s also equally important to have your children’s mindset focused on an end goal. Although there are several organizations that offer these sorts of training, most of these come with a steep price. Marshmallow Minds is a non-profit Design and Project Based Learning Institute with the mission to provide an affordable and accessible Design Thinking and STE(A)M education. “We wanted to set up as a nonprofit is because we wanted to partner with public schools, and make design thinking and steam education more accessible and affordable.” - Harini Harini Senthilvasan is the founder and CEO of Marshmallow Minds, a world-class distinguished Design and Project Based Learning Institute where children between grades K-8 of all abilities, can empathize with real-world problems, explore STE(A)M and engineer innovative solutions through Design Thinking and build their creative confidence.
Have you ever wanted your music to come out exactly as what you would want it? Even artists who have spent a great amount of time dealing with music sometimes just can’t replicate the exact music quality. It’s really something that’s difficult to do. Recreation Sound is based on designs on the mathematics and patterns of nature. They’re focused on creating products that replicated sound the way artists intend their music to be heard. Gregory Castellanos is the CEO and founder of Recreation Sound, a company that utilizes the power of sound and technology to promote fun, unity, and wellness. The company’s main goal is for artists to be able to replicate sound the way they want their music to be heard. “We'd like to use music, as I mentioned, to bring people closer together. And yeah, partnering and building communities, something that we're really passionate about.” - Gregory Aside from being the CEO and founder of Recreation Sound, Gregory Castellanos is also a performer, musician, artist, and audiophile.
Majority of parents have a hard time when their kids are about to go to college. LifeLaunchr was created to help students and families find their best-choice college and get in, and to navigate the confusing, opaque college admission process with less stress. LifeLauchr is focused on creating a better alternative that serves many more students and families, and offers a way for everyone to access expert help with college planning. “It isn't enough to have all your extracurriculars lined up, basically, your application has to say something really particular about you.” - Venkates Venkatest Swaminathan is the CEO and founder LifeLaunchr, a company whose primary focus is to help families and students find the best college to get in.
Being a mom is hard, and being an entrepreneur is also hard. So we believe that women who do both deserve a high five. It is with great pleasure to have Crystalee Beck, the founder of The Mama Ladder, a company whose mission is to help women around the world thrive at the intersection of mamahood and entrepreneurship. The Mama Ladder is building a community of mamas helping mamas succeed. “I believe in having giving back built into my business, but it also just like you said, it's this great community builder and it does bring women into our world that that we can serve at The Mama Ladder who want to come join us at our mamas spring break, retreat and be part of our programs. And, and we find these really are ideal clients, because they're women who are at the intersection of motherhood and entrepreneurship. And those are the women that we serve.” – Crstalee Crystalee Beck is the founder of The Mama Ladder, a company that focuses in providing guidance and assistance to mothers who are caught between entrepreneurship and mamahood.
Some of us might have heard of regenerative medicine before, but never had the chance to really know what it’s all about. We have Dr. Ross Carter today to share his personal experience in going through regenerative medicine. Ross was playing this game. It's going great. And then one time, he caught the ball wrong and landed on his back because his knee just blew out. He never had an injury before in his life. He limped off the court and went into his car. That was the end of his dodgeball career. What happened was he had torn his ACL, had injured my meniscus, and actually caused a minor fracture too. So I recovered generally from it.  “I wanted to help other doctors because I knew I noticed there was a problem in the industry is not a lot of people understood it. So I started learning more. The more I learned about it, the more I wanted to educate other doctors on what the truth was in this industry.” – Ross Ross Carter is the owner of theRegenerative Warrior Podcast, a podcast that specializes in regenerative medicine.
Want to express yourself through your hair? There are several parts in a person’s body which can be used to express one’s self, but the hair is one of those parts that’s least appreciated. Today’s guest is Jessica Lee, one of the founders and CEO of NVENN, a company that specializes in highlighting a person’s beauty through their hair. Jessica has been a beautician for over 14 years, and this is the longest standing thing she has done in her entire life. Jessica believes that when you truly nail down who you are, you feel better, you do better, your relationships are better, your career is better, you're just overall more effective in life because you feel good. “I love helping people to fall in love with who they see when they walk. But when they look at me, that's the biggest thing. And from there, as you get to know your clients and people that you meet, is one thing that I think a lot of people are missing is we do things just for the sake of doing things and not from a heart space.” – Jessica Lee Jessica Lee is the CEO and one of the founders of NVENN, a company that has a mission of  changing the world through beauty and hair. NVENN believes that a person’s hair is an expression of style and who he/she is as a person.
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District 7 Toastmasters

Jennifer was wonderful and friendly when interviewing District Seven Toastmasters for The Thoughtful Entrepreneur. This was the first time I had been on a podcast, and she made me feel very at ease.It was a great way to be able to talk about what Toastmasters is and our Spring Conference. It was a wonderful experience, especially right after going through the Podcast Guest Mini-Mastery Course.

Jun 2nd


Thank you SO much for listening to our show!! 🤓. You are welcome to check out our other UpMyInfluence podcast, Authority Confidential and Josh’s other podcast, The SavingsAngel Show

Feb 25th
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