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The Throne Room with Beth Taurasi

Author: Beth Taurasi

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Featuring the Denver Queen and her consort, the ever so awesome Sunlight, Trenton the T Man, and the Queen’s weirdness.Blind since birth, love music, and making others think.
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With that joy ride the president pulled in his SUV, one wonders if he forgot to wash his hands, demonstrated with the apple watch using Voiceover in this episode, and whether he thought he could pull a Ferris Beuler on all of us. We have been fooled.
Paying tribute to RBG in the best way we can, we explore what women have the right to do, and moreover, what they did not have the right to do in the early days of the country. We also want to warn you that language is persistent and ... rather unladylike, but listen anyway.
14 bumps later. ...

14 bumps later. ...


Forgive the short segments, but my production equipment is running out of intelligence. I am showing you what a photo looks like in iOS 14, and there comes a bug in Backpack with 14 where the microphone refuses to record. Ugh. External mic sucks at the moment. All sound effects brought to you by SoundBible at, post production done on Anchor, produced using Backpack Studio.
All sounds brought to you by, all production by Backpack Studio, available on the app store on Apple iOS and iPad OS. This episode features activism do’s and don’ts and we also have to bring the #Cuties in here for a little moment in the spotlight.
My 9/11

My 9/11


In this episode, we take a look closely at what I myself was doing on September 11, 2001, and what the aftermath of such attacks as that one have brought to the world. We also take a look at what needs to be done to bring these security attacks under control.
This podcast recording is brought to you by Backpack Studio, edited and imported to Anchor. Thank you all for listening, but beware the weird sound effects, just getting used to it all.
In this episode, we challenge you to think about governments in other countries, but moreover, I want to share a link with you: where you can learn about dating abuse and what I as an adult went through.
On this episode, we’re discussing online learning’s drawbacks, and police brutality keeps making the news.
In this episode, I’m doing a new segment, shoutouts and plugs welcome. Also, I’m going to show you the recap sort of from the Third Eye Visions show, and thank you all for your support. Please continue listening.
Let’s talk to our high and college grads, as well as students. In a deadly pandemic, and in developing nations, schools are everything now. Kids need our hope, especially blind kids.
in this episode, we discuss why it is important that seniors and disabled people not being isolated, and while the subject is a bit cloudy, we also have a very special guest and we played drums together.
today is loving day, but we also wanna remember that if you don’t like somebody, kindly walk away. And there’s a little known fact about disabled people in marriage that no one is talking about.
out of this world

out of this world


in this episode, we explore the space program in all its faults and all the good things, plus the most accurate space themed movie ever is??? Tune in and find out.
in this episode, we cover the news. Not only that, we want to introduce you to a sweet new doc you series on Netflix, and we want to warn pirates about not pirating our podcast.
in today’s episode, we explore global accessibility day, plus we have news, a bit of trivia, and 40 years ago today stuff. --- This episode is sponsored by · Charity Promotion: HeadCount: The goal of this initiative is to increase voter registration and encourage your listeners to get the vote out during the 2020 General Election this November.
talk to the box

talk to the box


meet the man who wants to be his own funk artist, and see the demonstration of a talk box and exactly what it does and what it is. Plus some places are going to close a mid our current crisis.
just when we thought one guy was not enough, another guy comes in and plays the harmonica, and just when things get weird, things really get weird.
Jack of all rankings

Jack of all rankings


Meet the woman who loves classical and opera but also enjoys Southern cooking too.
so we introduce the queen, better known as Beth Taurasi, the Denver queen. She will talk a little bit about what drives her to do this podcast.
this is the return of the Denver queen and her throne room, so if you’d like to join, let me know. :-)
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