DiscoverThe Tidal League Podcast, in depth interviews with NBA, WNBA Players and Personnel
The Tidal League Podcast, in depth interviews with NBA, WNBA Players and Personnel
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The Tidal League Podcast, in depth interviews with NBA, WNBA Players and Personnel

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Welcome to “The Tidal League Podcast” a show that will shine a light on the stars of the NBA and WNBA both on and off the court and give them opportunities to share their thoughts on the game and on the world events that impact our lives. We ask the questions you want to know the answers to. We talk to the biggest stars of the game and the talent that manages them. Our in-depth conversations give you, the fans, the chance to really know your favorite players and hear what matters most to them, we go beyond the game and talk about everything from fashion and music, to politics and mental health. Join hosts Kurt and Trish as they are joined by the movers and the shakers of the Leagues we love and hear the stories that showcase why basketball is fast becoming the most popular sport in the world.
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She’s been called “your favorite NBA players’ favorite photographer” and today we hear how she earned that title. From LeBron James to Drake she has captured the moments of the biggest names in sports and entertainment.  Living the dream of every NBA fan, she gives us the scoop on how she turned her love of taking pictures into an incredible career.   Capturing moments through her pictures from a young age, photography has always been her passion. In 2009 she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and she talks about how this changed her life, giving her the freedom to take big risks, paving the way for her to get to where she is today.    Dismissed by the mainstream media as not a real photographer yet embraced by the players, she’s proven what she can do on the big stage. From her start in the Drew League, to the creation of her now famous watermark and her clothing line, her story is a remarkable one and an inspiration to many.  Cassy tells us her favorite players, her favorite pictures, her favorite moments and much more.
Rico Hines, Director of Player Development and Assistant Coach for the Sacramento Kings and trainer for a number of high profile NBA players, including Raptors forward Pascal Siakam. Coach Hines has had a successful career starting as a player for the UCLA Bruins and entering his professional career working under Coach Don Nelson with the Golden State Warriors. We talk about what it takes to coach some of the best players in the NBA, how he helped his players overcome the challenges faced in 2020 and what he sees is in the future for both the NBA and the WNBA.
In 2018 a new Instagram account, LeagueFits, was born linking the world of basketball and fashion - two areas that seem worlds apart. The NBA tunnel has become the runway for the most stylish of players and today we are joined by one of the co-creators, Creative Producer at Slam, Ian Pierno. Ian talks about how LeagueFits began, his love of basketball being the inspiration, the culture of the sport which is unique among professional leagues, how he ended up at Slam, and the coming together of streetwear and high fashion as a form of individual expression. We also talk about Ian’s new initiative, Men Can Be Sad. He opens up about his own mental health, how hearing the stories of others helped him to normalize his experiences and how he hopes this platform will allow him to help others cope with their own demons. Ian gives us his thoughts on the Canadian players who are tops on the swag list, where the Raptors rate in the LeagueFits standings, where the WNBA fits - in his opinion the most fashionable sports league in the world, his favorite player look and what the future holds for him and for LeagueFits.
Calling in from Turkey we welcome Jordin Canada, WNBA point guard with the Seattle Storm Selected by the Storm 5th overall in the 2018 WNBA draft she won the championship in her rookie year, one of two championship teams she’s been a part of. She talks about being in the bubble and the connection for her between playing basketball and the BLM movement. A strong social justice advocate, Jordin gives us her insights on how to keep the movement going, to use her voice and the platform she’s been given to ensure change happens, including the impact of  her new Jordan shoe deal.   Jordin talks about the experience of playing with Sue Bird, the inspiration she gets from her teammates, the power of the orange hoodie, meeting Kobe Bryant, how she feels about the legacy she’d like to leave behind and if a singing career is in her future!
One of the most loved moments during the Raptors 2019 championship run was hearing Matt Devlin shout out towns and cities from across Canada. Today, we are thrilled to welcome the man, whose play by play of the 2019 NBA championship series will be forever remembered by Toronto Raptors fans. Matty D as he is affectionately known, has been the voice of the Raptors since 2008 but had a lustrous career long before then. Today we learn more about who he is, from his early day to his current gig. He’s called games for almost every sport and he shares some of his favorite stories and talks with us about his life in Canada and what it meant for him and his family when they became Canadian citizens during a ceremony held between games 1 and 2 of the 2019 finals. Reliving the championship run, we get the inside scoop on what was happening and what it felt like to be right in the middle of it all. We talk about the coming season, what to watch for, what it will be like to call the games remotely, not being with the team day to day, and how the Raptors have created an NBA arena in a hotel in Tampa. Wondering who Matt’s favorite Raptor is of all time? Join us to hear his answer and much more!
Our guest this week is Athlete Institute co-founder Jesse Tipping. From the ground up he and his family built the elite basketball program Orangeville Prep which has grown an enormous amount of talent, including Jamal Murray and Thon Maker. We talk the importance of fostering young talent, gender equality in basketball and how to be a proactive force in athlete's mental health. We also talk about his unusual connection to Emmy award winning television show “Schitt's Creek”.  Sit back and enjoy this entertaining sit down with one of the “most influential“ people in Canada Basketball.
TL is excited to welcome WNBA star Bria Hartley, point guard for the Phoenix Mercury, Recovering from an ACL injury, Bria tells us about her rehab, her goals for 2021, including the start of the season and playing for Team France at the Tokyo Olympics next summer.   Drafted seventh overall by the Seattle Storm in the 2014 WNBA draft, Bria played for the UConn women's basketball team, and won back to back national championships in 2013 and 2014 prior to the start of her professional career. In our time today we talk Drake, her competitive nature and what it’s been like to play with some of the best players in the WNBA.  We touch on what it was like to lose one of her idols, Kobe Bryant, what she’s wearing on the court, LeagueFits, tunnel walks and what her hopes are for her life after basketball.   She shares her thoughts on the inequalities women face within professional sports, how change will happen, how the BLM has impacted her and her family and in particular her son and what it means for him growing up in the US.  She opens up about the impact her career has had on her son, playing overseas during the offseason and her hopes for his future.  Tune in to learn more about Bria Hartley!
Kurt sits down with former NBA player and Raptors legend, Jose Calderon.  His first years playing for the team, the years after Toronto playing with some of the best in the NBA, and a few Kobe stories that no fan will want to miss.   Tune in for this intimate interview we had so much fun recording - we know you’ll enjoy it too.
Miami Heat Guard, Duncan Robinson, joins us as he gears up after a short off season for the start of the 2021 NBA season. Tune in as Duncan chats about the lead up to the finals, how things came together for the team, the special run that almost led to an NBA championship and how he handled the intensity and the pressure of playing on the NBA’s biggest stage.   After only two seasons, he’s already in the record books and we hear what goals he’s set for himself, his predictions for the coming year, why his philosophy around taking the shot has changed and the legends he’s looked up to. Duncan shares what he hopes to accomplish beyond basketball with the platform he’s been given, his gratitude for his family and his ability to share his experiences and successes with those who are most important to him.    We talk style, comfort, LeagueFits and why he hasn’t yet made a splurge purchase!    
The Tidal League Podcast is excited to welcome back Michael Grange, award winning sports journalist and author. Michael shares his initial thoughts on the future of the Raptors and as we ramp up towards the start of free agency, Fred VanVleet’s dazzling future as arguably the most sought after player in the free agent market puts into question whether he will be back with the Raptors.    With a lot of speculation out there, Michael shares his perspective on Raptors President, Masai Ujiri, his future with the Raptors and what it will take to keep him.   With his usual insight and thoughtfulness, he talks about why emotion is at the heart of most sports teams and why millions of fans live and die with the team they love, which is really why professional sports exists. We get into where the Raptors will likely play next year, how the League will adapt as the pandemic continues and if we will find our way back to some semblance of a normal season.   We  touch on Steve Nash being named as a first time head coach of the Brooklyn Nets, the pressures that come with that responsibility, and his style of PhD coaching - if you’re curious about this and our other teasers, tune in to hear a great conversation with one of the top sports journalists in the league. 
What’s it like to be the agent to the NBA’s hottest player?  Today we find out as we welcome Bernie Lee, agent for Jimmy Butler.  “Everybody has a story”.  The Toronto native, currently running Quartexx Basketball, talks about how basketball was always his story.  Supportive parents put him on the right path and as a college player he realized if he wanted basketball in his life, it wouldn’t be as a player.  Knowing he wanted to stay connected to the game, he became an intern to an agent and realized immediately that this was what he wanted to do with the rest of his life.   Bernie tells us how he competed against the major players in the agency world and made a name for himself as someone to be reckoned with and how he makes time for all his clients regardless of where they are at in the career. From a young 16 year old seeing his first NBA game to meeting Michael Jordan, Bernie shares what it’s been like to have been on this journey, including how he manages the polarizing Jimmy Butler whom he describes as confident and brutally honest, traits which sometimes make people uncomfortable, and the value in looking past the media images.  How did the NBA Bubble compare to “Dirty Dancing”? Find out in today’s episode.
As one of the most recognizable voices in basketball and longtime broadcaster for the Toronto Raptors, our guest today, Jack Armstrong needs no introduction to Raptor’s fans.    The voice of the team, he has become an integral part of the fan experience and we hear what this has meant to him.  Jack shares the remarkable journey he’s been on with the Raptors and as we relive the exciting moments of game 6 when the Raptors won their first championship Jack talks of how the team united a Country inspiring young athletes across Canada. With Toronto being the third largest market in pro sports we get into the politics of basketball and how the NBA can do more to sell its sport beyond the borders of the US.   We talk about what it was like calling games while outside the bubble, the recent championship series, the future of the Raptors and the NBA as we continue through the pandemic.  Jack tells us who he thinks is the greatest Raptor of all time and his predictions on the talented young Canadian players making their way to both the NBA and the WNBA. Tune in to hear Jack’s beloved voice one more time as we wrap up the 2020 NBA season.   “Get that garbage outta here!”
Lexie Brown, WNBA star of the Minnesota Lynx, joining from the IMG “Wu”bble, opens up about her career, the future of women in basketball, the opportunities that come from her experiences and the platform that’s created to influence important world events. The WNBA are the leaders in championing social justice issues and Lexie talks about what that means to her and how she’s embraced her ability to make an impact.   We talk about how different it is to play in the WNBA compared to her college days, the level of excellence in the league and what it’s like to play with the women she’s looked up to since she was a young baller.     Lexie shares stories of when her dad played for the Raptors, the similarities between her story and Kobe and his daughter Gigi, the impact Kobe had on advancing women’s basketball, the meaning of the orange hoodie, and who really rules the court in a pickup game - girls or guys? To wrap things up we talk shoes, what’s in her closet, the start of tunnel walks in the WNBA, how she manages her social media image, the higher expectations placed on women in sport and what her hopes are for her future.
This week, we are joined by Canadian NBA agent Mike George. Mike was calling in from Phoenix and owns One Legacy Sports Management which is based in Toronto. Mike discusses his journey to becoming a successful agent in the NBA with high profile talent such as Jamal Murray and the three chat about the current landscape of talent for Canadian basketball players. Tune in now!
Today we are so excited to have New Orleans Pelican rookie and Toronto native, Nickeil Alexander-Walker talk with us about his first year in the league in what has turned into an extraordinary season with the pandemic, and how he is one of the first rookies to play in two opening nights in one season with the three month hiatus.   Nickeil shares with us his love of the game, his love of shoes, how he’s become a League Fits favorite, and what it’s been like sharing the spotlight with his cousin, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander of the Oklahoma City Thunder.   We were first introduced to Nickeil when his mom, Nicole Alexander, was featured on an episode of Court-Side Moms and Nickeil gives his insights into their relationship and how it contributed to his success in the NBA. Nickeil talks about the BLM movement and what it was like for him growing up in Canada, and how different his experience has been since he’s moved to the US.  As well he shares his thoughts on how he can make a difference and influence change.   Our time with Nickeil wraps up with his lessons learned having closed the book on his rookie year, how he is preparing for the future and his fun purchases from his first year NBA salary including 50 pairs of shoes and his favorite car - tune in to hear more from this remarkable young man.
Trish and Kurt talk NBA playoffs, Eastern and Western conference favourites. The battle in the west, some historic performances from Dame DOLLA, Luka Magic, and Spida Mitchell! We then take you through how amazing our guests have been. 
After initially going undrafted in 2014, Langston Galloway has gone on to play 6 seasons in the NBA featuring for; New York, New Orleans, Sacramento, and Detroit. In this week’s episode we talk about his success as a rookie and how that first year with the Knicks helped position him for the NBA career to come.   A true leader on and off the court, Langston talks about his foundation, his role with Jr NBA,  and how he’s used his platform to help move the Black Lives Matter movement forward and the many ways he gives back to his community and to the kids who “look like” him.  Joining us from his home in Baton Rouge, where he has been since the start of COVID,  LG shares how he will navigate his upcoming free agency, gives us an inside look at the Pistons, and his teammates and tells us who he thinks will win it all inside the NBA Bubble. Of course,  no interview with Langston would be complete without a look into his shoe closet(s)! -  and the launching of the “not your average shoe store”, “LG Kicks”. 
IMG Academy is known as one of the world’s most prestigious sports, performance and educational institutions.  Today we are thankful to be joined by Dan Barto, Associate Director who has been with the IMG Academy basketball program since 2003.  Dan has trained over 100 current or former NBA players and is known as a training design expert. In our episode, we talk about what he’s done to bring the inspirational aspect of playing basketball back to the young players he coaches, what keeps him inspired, the direction the game is moving in and what strategies will continue to emerge as teams try to achieve the ultimate goal, an NBA championship.  Dan takes us through the evolution of the game and his role in it, what it takes to stay connected to a game you love and what it means to have the opportunity to fulfill your life long passion. He gives his thoughts on the impact of COVID on basketball long term and why he believes the agent, player, team relationships will never be the same.  He also talks about what it’s been like to have the WNBA bubble at IMG. We wrap up with a great discussion on how the season will play out and his prediction of who will win it all.
When Tidal League hosted an episode of the podcast “Inside the Green Room” in Halifax in 2018 it was then Toronto Raptor Danny Green’s first welcome to Canada.  As the show celebrates year 2 we are joined from L.A. by Executive Producer Amjed Osman, who talks about the show, the story behind it, how he and Danny met, the start of the podcast, how it has grown and how he grasped the opportunities that came his way and made their vision a reality.   Amjed shares his thoughts about how the collision of COVID and the Black Lives Movement has resulted in a perfect storm for making change and how he’s using his voice to make a difference, inspiring the next generation and empowering youth by equipping them with the skills to succeed.   Amjed talks about the restart of the NBA season and while he’s excited to have basketball back, not wanting it to take away from the Black Lives Matters movement and how to use this opportunity with everyone bubbled in Orlando to bring people together and  to ensure these important issues continue to remain front and centre.   We also touch on the death of Kobe Bryant and the legacy he’s left behind, and what it’s meant to him and the world, to lose such an icon.  Lots of great listening so tune in to not miss a moment!
What does it take to make it to the NBA?  On today’s show Dwayne Bacon of the Charlotte Hornets joins us to talk about the journey he’s endured, his mini documentary “The Real Me” playing for Michael Jordan, his social media and what it’s like to be entering into the free agency world amidst a global pandemic. Dwayne opens up about his top three passions in life - basketball, music and clothes and tells us about the album he recently released and his fashion line, “Bad Section”.  As well he lets us in on who he’s cheering on in the upcoming NBA season restart.
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