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When software engineer, Jeff Wardle created a fun word game for his partner, he never thought it would eventually be played by millions, and then sold to The New York Times for a low seven-figure sum. In just a few months however, this fun free word game has taken the world by storm. Trish and Kurt discuss the rise of Wordle, what makes it so special and what the sale to the NYT means for its fans. Follow Tidal League -  
Neil Young vs Spotify

Neil Young vs Spotify


This past week rock titan Neil Young sent a letter telling his management team and record label that Spotify would have to choose between hosting his music and hosting The Joe Rogan Experience. Specifically because of the podcast broadcasting false information about COVID19 and vaccinations. Spotify, Young wrote, could “have Rogan or Young. Not both.” Spotify chose Rogan, and what has taken place since this decision has shook the content platform and has caused an initial loss of $4billionUSD. Kurt and Trish look at this ongoing battle to discuss what led to this decision and what it means for the future of Spotify and other streaming platforms. Follow Tidal League -  
24 months since the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers are 24-24 sitting in the #8 seed. Kobe's legacy will forever be remembered. #mambaout 
Welcome, Marissa Coleman, former WNBA star and NCAA Champion. We get into her transition from pro-athlete to a business leader with The Gaming Society. What working for a start-up entails and what it means to "Bet on Women".  Follow Tidal League -  
The first domino fell with Jeffery Epstine’s arrest, next the guilty verdict for Ghislaine Maxwell and now the next domino in this twisted saga comes in the form of Prince Andrew, who was stripped of all of his duties and his royal status. What does this mean for him and who will fall next? Follow Tidal League -  
The 79th Golden Globes took place on Sunday, but because of the year of controversy they have faced thanks to a 2021 LA Times Expose, the ceremony was muted. No audience, no show, just a live-tweeted event announcing nominees and winners. Where does the Hollywood Foreign Press go from here? Are the Golden Globes dead? What can other antiquated organizations learn from their trail of mistakes? Kurt and Trish get into this and give a quick follow up on the lucky “Joker” Novak Djokovic Follow Tidal League -  
Dawn FM

Dawn FM


Trish and Kurt break down The Weeknd with his new album Dawn FM. Who does it appeal to and why Kurt is not a fan of it. Angelina Jolie dating The Weeknd is right on brand. Follow Tidal League -  
As todays episode was being recorded, news broke of the New York Times / The Athletic deal - what does this merger mean for the media industry? Trish and Kurt discuss the scandal plaguing the Australian Open and the detainment of unvaccinated tennis great Novak Djokovic. Follow Tidal League -  
Music in 2021 was bad

Music in 2021 was bad


2021 was another year in a pandemic, and another year where highly anticipated music missed the mark. Kurt and Trish talk about the hits and (mostly) misses in music last year and what we already have to look forward to in music for 2022. Follow Tidal League -  
Ghislaine Maxwell, the right hand of sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, was found guilty of sex trafficking this week. Kurt and Trish discuss this case and what a guilty verdict means for the rich and the powerful. Follow Tidal League -  
Kurt invites Tidal League's Creative Director and movie buff Mr. Peter Calder to cover the Marvel Cinematic Universe and how this movie franchise has continued to put out excellent work and box office success.  Follow Tidal League -  
What a year its been at Tidal League! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Follow Tidal League -  
Disclaimer: Lewis Hamilton slander incoming via Trish. The Formula 1 season concluded in Abu Dhabi almost two weeks ago in the most controversial way possible. Kurt gives Trish a beginners crash course on what happened and why she thinks Lewis Hamilton needs to speak up.  For more F1 content tap into Lift & Coast Follow Tidal League -  
Candace Parker made headlines this past week announcing that she married her former teammate Anna Petrakova two years earlier, and that the couple are expecting their first child together. Kurt and Trish discuss this personal bombshell from one of the WNBA greats and look into not only why she would have kept this private for so long, but how in this day and age could she have? Follow Tidal League -  
Human rights violations, the alleged sexual assault and silencing of tennis super star Peng Shuai, and the quest for a free Tibet, these are just some of the controversies plaguing the Beijing Olympics and the government of China under President Xi Jinping. Will a diplomatic boycott be enough to make change or will the West be forced to do more? Kurt and Trish discuss this ongoing hot topic. Follow Tidal League -  
As a second calendar year living with COVID comes to an end, and most countries increasing restrictions once again, Kurt and Trish talk COVID Fatigue and what living with COVID actually means. Follow Tidal League -  
As promised Trish and Kurt welcome the “Grande Frappuccino” himself Dhanung Bulsara, new co-host of “Beyond the Press”. We get the “Full D Experience” and hear about the amazing things D is working on in all things sport and lifestyle. We also get to know some of the backstory behind what makes this highly caffeinated and super sweet guy who he is. From a traditional East Indian upbringing, to auditioning for “So You Think You Can Dance”, to focusing on broadcast journalism and everything that’s happened in between. They laugh, they get deep and then our hosts have the tables turned on them when D becomes the interviewer. Instagram -
Tidal League Podcast is back…again. Trish and Kurt are here to fill you all in on what’s happening here on the Tidal League Podcast Network. Sneak peak at our own “Grande Frappuccino” Beyond the Press Co-host Dhanung Bulsara or “D” and we talk about the unbelievable growth happening at Tidal League, highlighting some of our new and favourite shows and how we have launched an exciting new investment opportunity through crowdfunding investment firm FrontFundr. And as always we touch on where our Toronto Raptors are at so far this season.   Instagram-  
Two years in and we have a lot to be thankful for. Join Trish and Kurt for a special Canadian Thanksgiving edition where they reflect on the growth of the Tidal League Podcast Network and what the future holds including a sneak peak at this week’s “No Pump Fakes” guest (whatever his name is) and a certain “certified” guest coming up on “Tipping the Scales” Tap in as we give thanks.
Jaron Blossomgame

Jaron Blossomgame


We exist in a North American bubble, where our teams, sports, movies and celebrity are the most coveted and important, but why is that?  What does the rest of the world think?  Needless to say outside of our borders there is a big world, that doesn’t revolve around King James.  To get more specific, we speak to Jaron Blossomgame, former Cleveland Cavalier, current starter for the Ratiopharm Ulm in the EuroCup, and host of the “Beyond the Press” podcast.  Jaron gives us his backstory from being in the NBA to now playing overseas and the positives that have come along with it.  Why is the hardest level of play, not the most prestigious? We learn about his show “Beyond the Press” and since it’s been a while, we end up giving some Kobe love.  Trish and Kurt start off the show with the recent press involving Montreal Canadiens superstar goalie Carey Price, and forward Jonathan Drouin, both of whom are on leave for Non-Covid related illnesses and both who have used their platforms to promote the importance of looking after your mental health; we get into the NBA preseason, and the most recent Kyrie Irving new; and get caught up on what’s new here at the Tidal League Podcast Network.
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