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Epic conversations with awesome musicians.
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Katie Lyon talks about her latest release 'Some Things Take Time', as well as her live performance at The House of Machines in Cape Town. Katie Lyon is a singer-songwriter from Southwest Florida. She is influenced by the sounds of Brandi Carlile, Miranda Lambert and Kacey Musgraves, as well as George Strait, Chris Stapleton and Jason Isbell. Katie's music resembles the easy listening side of country, where you can kick back with a drink on your back porch and let your mind drift into a song. • Visit Katie' website: • View episode transcript: • Support the show:
Dr. James F. Zender talks about road safety in reference to his new book 'Recovering From Your Car Accident: The Complete Guide to Reclaiming Your Life'. Dr. James F. Zender is a clinical psychologist, certified brain injury specialist and certified traumatologist. His Psychology Today blog, The New Normal, made Healthline’s List of best traumatic brain injury blogs of 2019. For the past 15 years, his private practice in the Detroit Metro area has focused on vehicular trauma injury recovery. He has lectured at the The World Psychiatric Association, Harvard Medical School, The International Society of Traumatic Stress Studies, and The American Psychological Association. • Visit Dr Zender's website: • View episode transcript: • Support the show:
Kristina Murray talks about her second full-length record 'Southern Ambrosia' as well as her latest single 'The Great Unknown'. Georgia-bred, Nashville-based artist Kristina Murray plays Americana and country music rooted and steeped in troubadour storytelling and southern-rock grit. Kristina currently lives in Nashville, active in the independent country and Americana music scene. One listen and you’ll believe every word that drips from her honky-tonk hewn, yet honeyed vocal style. • Visit Kristina's website: • View episode transcript: • Support the show:
Edythe Richards from A Top Career, talks about emotional intelligence and her work as a career counselor. As a career counselor, Edythe has helped thousands of individuals locate and sustain meaningful employment. Edythe’s passion is working with Career Changers – helping individuals identify their ideal careers and empowering them on their paths forward. Edythe is known for being an authentic, truthful, and humorous speaker, as well as an individual of tremendous goodwill and integrity. • Visit Edythe's website: • View episode transcript: • Support the show:
Nibs van der Spuy talks about his latest releases ‘Live in Lisbon with Guy Buttery’ and ‘A Circle of Swallows’. Nibs is one of the most extraordinary and exciting world acoustic guitarists to come out of South Africa. Raised in the fertile province of Kwazulu-Natal, he immersed himself in his natural environment to create a truly consummate and original sound. A few years ago, Nibs spread his wings and migrated north, making a second home on the Lisbon coast of Portugal. Now after an 8 year silence on the recording front, Nibs van der Spuy and Guy Buttery announce their sophomore release as a duo. Recorded at the end of 2019 in Europe, "Live in Lisbon" see's their return with a stripped-down performance beautifully captured beside the mighty Tagus River just outside the capital city of Portugal. • Visit Nibs' website: • Download Live in Lisbon: • View episode transcript: • Support the show:
Marie Thouin from Love InSight, talks about mindful dating and overcoming obstacles on the path to love. Marie is a PhD candidate in East-West Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies. She is also the founder of Love InSight, a mindful dating coaching practice, where she helps people of all backgrounds navigate the path of intimate love in a growth-orientated mindset. • Visit Marie's website: • View episode transcript: • Support the show:
Paula Rogo from Kali Media, talks about diverse perspectives in storytelling and her work as a journalist. Paula is the founder and CEO of Kali Media, a Nairobi-based media company that creates content for women in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. She holds a Master of Science in Journalism from Columbia University and has worked for Thomson Reuters, PBS, Washington Week and Time Inc. She is also the co-founder and director of communications for Africa Podfest, the region's first podcast festival. • Visit Paula's website: • View episode transcript: • Support the show:
Kristin Meekhof, a resilience and gratitude expert, talks about healing from grief and loss. Kristin is a speaker, writer, and author. She spoke at the 2017 Harvard Medical School’s writing conference, and appeared at the United Nations headquarters. Kristin wrote about the healing power of gratitude for the "Live Happy" book and is the co-author of the best-selling book “A Widow’s Guide To Healing." Kristin is a licensed master’s level social worker with twenty years of clinical experience. • Visit Kristin's website: • View episode transcript: • Support the show:
Nidhi Chaitow talks about conscious rhythm, self-care and transitions to eldership. Nidhi is a psychosocial counsellor and facilitator living on the Garden Route of South Africa. She ran the Drum Cafe on the Garden Route for several years, and discovered first-hand the remarkable healing power of individual and collective rhythm. She has taught transformational drumming, life skills and spiritual awareness to individuals, groups, institutions, non-profit organisations and NGOs across South Africa. • Visit Nidhi's website: • View episode transcript: • Support the show:
Frank James talks about his comedy sketches based on The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®. Frank is a video creator on YouTube who focuses on the arena of personality. He creates comedy sketches based on two personality models, namely Meyers-Briggs and the Enneagram. His YouTube channel has grown considerably since it's inception, as Frank enjoys taking information related to personality typology and making it accessible and fun for his audience. • Visit Frank's website: • View episode transcript: • Support the show:
Candice Winterboer, a life and business coach, talks about codependency and self-care. Candice trained at the South African College of Applied Psychology as a Coach Practitioner and is a member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation), carrying an Associate Coaching Credential. She started and ran her own business for 8 years in the online marketing industry, and sold it in 2018. Candice's life story involves a lot of travel, as she lived in the UK, USA and Switzerland for various lengths of time. • Visit Candice's website: • View episode transcript: • Support the show:
Rob Arnold from RCA Consulting, talks about customer service and business culture. Rob is the founder and director of RCA Consulting in Cape Town. Rob started a business in 2010 that today has engaged with over 500 retail and hospitality brands in a research and training capacity. By learning from a multitude of different customer-facing environments, RCA Consulting have been able to reshape their clients' approach to their customers, enhance their value proposition and consequently create customer-centric cultures. • Visit Rob's website: • View episode transcript: • Support the show:
Carol Williams from The Stellar Effect, talks about podcasting and entrepreneurship. Carol co-founded South Africa’s first full-service podcast production agency The Stellar Effect in Cape Town with Jason Skippers in 2017. Both performers in their own right, Carol and Jason understand the power of sound and bring a wealth of experience to the table at the creative audio agency. Coupled with a passion for storytelling, The Stellar Effect captures sound as a way to transform both the teller and the listener. • Visit Carol's website: • View episode transcript: • Support the show:
Audrey Delbarre from La Petite Nénette, talks about wine and well-being. Audrey is the founder of La Petite Nénette, a company based in France that runs wine and well-being workshops. Passionate about oenology and emotional intelligence, Audrey has created workshops that explore concepts such as energy and resilience, the pressure and performance curve, mindfulness and self-awareness. She offers seminars for teams in companies to help promote well-being in the workplace. • Visit Audrey's website: • View episode transcript: • Support the show:
Andrew Maunder, a digital product designer, talks about the no-code movement. Andrew is a product and experience designer based in Berlin who over the past decade has been using a variety of human-centric design approaches to craft digital experiences that delight customers and solve business problems. His PhD studies in Human Computer Interaction sparked a passion for designing mobile applications and services and since then, he's had the privilege of working with many talented researchers, designers, developers, and data analysts both in corporate and startup environments. • Visit Andrews's website: • View episode transcript: • Support the show:
Gavin Gold, a singer-songwriter, talks about moving from Cape Town to New York City. Gavin was born in Cape Town, South Africa and was impacted by music at a very young age. He has recently relocated to New York City where he is currently writing songs with off-Broadway hit singer-songwriter, Steve Schalchlin. • Visit Gavin's website: • View episode transcript: • Support the show:
Stephen Aspeling, a film critic at Spling Movies, talks about video streaming services. Stephen, better known as “Spling”, has been a film fanatic since he first watched the psychedelic elephant dance from Dumbo in the early ’80s and a movie critic since 2007. Now a trusted independent South African movie authority, he’s turned a lifelong passion into a full-time pursuit: reviewing, writing, presenting, promoting and adjudicating film for a host of websites, radio stations, magazines, newspapers, TV shows, festivals and events. • Visit Stephen's website: • View episode transcript: • Support the show:
Jono Le Feuvre, a wine critic at Han Drinks Solo, talks about South African wine. Jono is not a bean counter. He is a bean roaster. Bean roasters carry far more street cred and get to speak at bizarre niche gatherings of enquiring-but-unhinged-minds. They also usually have addictive tendencies. When he is not roasting beans he is pulling corks. Or deftly removing screwcap enclosures. • Visit Jono's website: • View episode transcript: • Support the show:
Doug Keith – Pony

Doug Keith – Pony


Doug Keith talks about his journey from playing punk rock bass guitar to becoming a singer-songwriter in reference to his record 'Pony'. If you’ve never heard of Doug Keith but think you’ve seen him somewhere, it’s probably because you have. Although he’s an accomplished solo artist—his first full-length album, Here’s To Outliving Me, was an NPR and Sirius XM favorite—he’s spent much of his musical career on the sidelines supporting other musicians. His first touring gig, playing bass for San Francisco-based punk band The Gods Hate Kansas, started his lifelong love of playing live and touring. • Visit Doug's website: • More info on episode: • Support the show:
Simon van Gend, a singer-songwriter, talks about overcoming writer's block in reference to his record 'Suffer Well'. The Simon van Gend Band are an introspective indie/folk/rock band from Cape Town, whose music has been described as "a unique blend of folksie foot-tapping red wine fireside poetry." This trio, with Simon on vocals and acoustic guitar, Eric Michot on bass and Ross Campbell on drums, has released 5 albums to date. • Visit Simon's website: • View episode transcript: • Support the show:
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