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Join Andrew Green in the Time Machine as he takes you back to memory lane with conversations about old movies, tv shows, music, sports, wrestling, conspiracies, murders and everything else in between, plus interviews with some of his friends that have gone on to do some pretty amazing things.
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Check out this special episode courtesy of my brand new wrestling podcast Total Smark Wrestling: @totalsmarkTotal Smark Wrestling is joined by NXT Season 3 Winner and former Divas Champion Celeste Bonin (FKA Kaityn) to talk all about her crazy time in WWE which include winning season 3 of NXT, how she accidently won a battle Royal on RAW, how she and AJ Lee were part of the beginning of the women’s revolution and how Total Divas overshadowed her championship run. She goes into detail how tense and stressful it was within the women’s division at the time, She describes her personal struggles while being with the company at the time and shares stories about reconciling with Michael Cole and getting arrested in Michigan before a show. Celeste also tells me all about her new business called Project This is Me that she started with her fiancé which is a mentorship and life coaching movement which focused on helping people reach their highest potential by healing the root issues. You can find the link on Cleste’s Instagram @celestebonin, to find more about it.Thanks for listening! Make sure to like, subscribe and share!Follow on Twitter @totalsmark.
Marc joins Andrew once again as they discuss all things iCarly. They discuss why this is the reboot and why this show is one of the most successful shows from our generation.
Shrek 2 is the Best

Shrek 2 is the Best


Shrek 2 is the best film that Dreamworks has made and everything else after it was basically terrible...literally.
Can Billie be more famous than she is now? What else can she accomplish? How much longer can she stay at the top? What happened to Lorde? How are Lorde and Billie similar? How is Billie different from everyone else? How will music be different? How did she get super famous so quickly?
Have you ever wondered how "Cash Me Outside" became a viral sensation, or what about the TikTok of the guy longboarding down the street drinking cranberry juice? I spend this episode discovering out how viral videos become viral and how people become influencers, celebrities and millionaires from the internet, and I discuss the early days of YouTube and celebrate some of the most popular viral videos.
My "Toy Story" Story goes all the back to when I was a little young lad. Toy Story play a significant role in my life and I share why Toy Story 3 is overrated and why Toy Story 4 is a disgrace and how Disney is trying to ruin my childhood.
In this episode I react to the news of Nickelodeon removing 2 episodes of Spongebob from being viewed anywhere because of them being deemed "Inappropriate" and "Insensitive." I observe what is the boundaries when it comes to what is considered inappropriate in kids content and explain how this situation is confusing when observing Nickelodeon content.
My life has been very eventful in the past two weeks, and one of those events was sitting down and watching the documentary "Framing Brittney Spears." To talk about it, Gabe joins me IN PERSON to discuss what we thought about the whole situation that surrounds Brittney Spears and how her conservatorship.
This week me and Marky Marc plan to discuss some our the most memorable commercials, but as you know we go down many, many rabbit holes. We talk real roller coasters vs simulators, when Justin Bieber was the most hated person in the world, Ozzy, and when a person streaked on the field at this years Superbowl. We do talk about the most weirdest commercials like the Doritos and Snickers, I talk about how awkward it was watching the Go Daddy commercials at a church Superbowl part and we talk about the time Nationwide hit us with a emotional brick wall.Watch my documentary 2020 Season: this podcast
This week I am joined by my friend and rock radio personality Phyllis as we talk about a variety of things such as the obsession with Halloween, the Marilyn Manson allegations, emo phases, dad rock, grocery store jams and we talk about Loudwire's list of the best 25 rock albums from 2011. If you have a few bucks to invest, go to
I am joined by Metal Joe and a returning Mundo (aka "The Face that Goldberg Hates") as we re-watch the 2020 Men Royal Rumble Match. This event is important for a few reasons 1.) This was the last time that Minute Maid Park had a paid crowd to attend a live event before the pandemic. 2.)This was the last time that WWE held an event with over 40,000 people before the pandemic. 3.)EDGE!!!We spend almost 2 hours talking about our first hand experiences, why we think this event was too long, what we think of Goldberg, and why this was one of the best nights of my (Andrew) life!Support this podcast on my updated Patreon page:
2011-The Year in Music

2011-The Year in Music


I am joined by Marky Marc to start off the first episode of the year by talking about all the hit and miss songs from 10 years ago. We talk about the BOOM of pop stars that hit the main stream such as Lady Gaga, Kesha and Katy Perry, we discuss if we would go watch Brittany Spears in Vegas if we were at a bachelor party, we discuss the arrival of dubstep and I play a never before heard recording of CeeLo Greens "F-You"
The Best Of TTMWAG

The Best Of TTMWAG


I have had some pretty fun and interesting conversations in the year and a half of doing this podcast. As a way of saying thank you to all who have listened, downloaded and subscribed, I have chosen some of the best moments of this podcast and put them into this episode. You will be hearing parts from conversations I've had with, historical figures, astronauts, wrestlers screen writers, musicians, creative minds and best friends on this episode that features the Best of The Time Machine with Andrew Green.
We all have our favorite Christmas movies that we watch this time every year (or year round). There are the classics that we all know and love like Elf, A Christmas Story, Miracle on 34th Street, Christmas Vacation. This episode is all about the Christmas movies that are way underrated and should be apart of the regular Christmas movie routine. Me and Gabe talk all about that and answer questions such as...Does having Christmas themes in a movie automatically make it a Christmas movie? Why do people still debate over Die Hard? What is the deal with Stanley Kubrick and Tom Cruise being weird? Why haven't I heard of some of these movies? Is Jingle All the Way overrated?Make sure to subscribe and leave a 5-star rating!
This personal episode is just me talking about my experiences this year, starting with my busy schedule coming to a abrupt halt. I talk about things I learned, accomplished, and what I miss most about the "normal world." I share my favorite wrestling matches from this year and talk about the robbery I witnessed.
30 Years of the Undertaker

30 Years of the Undertaker


This week I am rejoined by my pal joey and for the first time ever I am joined by Adam Clanton from Sports Talk 790 to talk all about the 30 year career of the Undertaker. We discuss our favorite moments from Taker, including the first time that we all saw him in person. We touch briefly on the Monday Night Wars and discuss what WCW did wrong. We discuss the Last Ride, Undertakers WrestleMania Streak, and his recent retirement and we predict when he will make a return. Joey and I talk about what we think will get named after Taker and who we think is the leader in the locker room
This week me and Marc talk about the show Victorious, this show was everything but normal. We try to answer questions like how was Helen in an episode when Drake and Josh was referenced in the show? How did this show get away with adult humor and many inappropriate moments? Why were some of these songs jam so hard and What up with the feet? Marc and I get into all the weird feet moments in the show and the controversy that surrounds the executive producer, Dan Schneider.
This week I interview the very first guitarist for Paramore Jason Bynum to talk all about the early days of the band. Jason was only around for the release of the first album "All We Know Is Falling" before leaving in 2005. Jason tells me the stories of meeting Hayley Williams for the first time, what the first jam session was like, how they came up with the name and going on the first tour. He explains how the band was treated differently by promoters and other bands at the time and what it was like being the oldest in the group. He explains why he left the band and what he has been doing since.
This week I start this episode by making a special announcement about next weeks episode. I go solo this week as I talk about the death of Kurt Cobain and discuss the possible death stories presented in the documentary "Soaked in Bleach" along with another conspiracy surrounded with another similar
The Geico Hauntings

The Geico Hauntings


This week I am joined by my friend Ray as we discuss scary movies, favorite Halloween movies, and favorite costumes. Ray shares a few of her creepy experiences and we may think that Gecio may be at the bottom of it.
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