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Author: The Tolkien Professor (Corey Olsen)

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The Tolkien Professor podcast is a series of lectures, discussions, and seminars on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien by Corey Olsen, President of Signum University. All are welcome to enter – even those without any party business!
442 Episodes
Silm Film 5-31 (5/20/2021) Season 5 Episode 8: To the Horizon Corey Olsen, joined by Dave Kale, Nick Palazzo, and Marie Prosser, discusses the Aredhel subplot from S05Ep07 as well as the first draft script for Episode 8. Aredhel and Eöl are engaged in a tug of war for the loyalty of their son Maeglin, who visits Nogrod. Andreth is introduced as a young woman of Nargothrond, and she visits Haleth and the Haladin in Brethil in a cultural exchange that will have lasting impact on the House of Bëor. Meanwhile, the discontented youths of Nargothrond get up to no good by throwing a bonfire party and plotting to steal horses. Luckily, the House of Bëor does not repeat the rebellion of the Noldor, and a non-violent solution to the problem is found. The House of Bëor moves to Ladros.
Silm Film Session 5-30: Episode 7 - The Council of Estolad The Silmarillion Film Project is a theoretical adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion into a long-running television show. Season 5 introduces Men to Beleriand and culminates in Fingolfin's duel with Morgoth after the Dagor Bragollach. In this session, Corey Olsen discusses the plot of Season 5 Episode 7. The scattered people of Estolad will finally emerge as the unified House of Hador. Bereg will be a voice of dissent at the Council, and Amlach will be impersonated by Sauron. Meanwhile, Aredhel is coming to realize how trapped in Nan Elmoth she is.
Silm Film 5-29 (4/22/2021) Season 5 Culture of the Edain Corey Olsen discusses the culture of the Edain in Season 5, joined by Nick Palazzo and Marie Prosser. The Houses of Bëor, Haleth, and Hador migrate throughout Beleriand over the course of the season, come into contact with the elves, and develop unique signs of leadership and material culture. Also, decisions are made about the history of Narsil!
Silm Film 5-28 (4/8/2021) Season 5 Episode 6: Freedom Corey Olsen discusses Season 5 Episode 6, the action-packed escape from Angband! He is joined by Nick Palazzo, Script Editor. Rhogrin and Annael escape from Angband, and they are aided by the young Hador, who has been recruited by Fingon to join the war in the north. Also, Haleth kills Tevildo to claim the Forest of Brethil for her people.
In which we discuss Haleth among the giant spiders, Gandalf in Harad, and more about the differences between Elves and Men.
Episode 5 tonight -- Let's talk about the unfriendship of the Green Elves (not to mention the Grey!).
Tonight: Harad! Let's do some world-building and figuring out what Harad is like (or one corner of it, anyway).
Tonight we discuss the script for Episode 4: the battle at the Stockade, and the emergence of Haleth!
Tonight we discuss the criteria for casting the new characters for Season 5. What are we looking for in Humans?
Join us tonight as return to discussing our Episode Outlines. We will discuss the B plot of Episode 2 and then Episode 3, which will deal centrally with the Elves' discovery of the Gift of Men.
Tonight we resume our SilmFilm discussions discussing what creative works we would like to commission in conjunction with this season, with a heavy focus on the musical score.
Comments (6)

Eric Kingsepp

I loved the discussion in episode, as with all the Silmarillion episodes, but if I had any complaints about this episode it's that I do wish there had been a little bit more moderation of the participants. it did feel like one participant was dominating and going on and on.

Sep 5th

Michael Stephenson

Hi, are the Hobbit lectures not available anymore? They will not play for me. Thank you

May 25th
Reply (1)

iTunes User

What drew me to this show were the lecture series, class recordings, and interviews with fellow academics. The show had turned into a typical, bland, editorial discussion of the Hobbit films. Corey Olsen is a true academic and I miss his concise, always-on-topic episodes. They used to challenge me to think differently about Tolkien by considering the other works served as his inspiration. Now, instead of a 60-90 learning session, episodes are clocking in at almost 3 hours and are mostly joking around. Add the constant feedback hum of Trish's microphone, background interruptions, and Dave's desperate need to talk about how he loves to be contrary for the sake of being contrary and I just don't enjoy it anymore.

Aug 30th

iTunes User

Brilliant! It has rekindled the passion I once had for the written word. I've missed Middle Earth and have just started rereading the Hobbit. I hope to hear more about The Lord of the Ring. I am especially appreciative of the intro and how Mr. Olsen defers to what Tolkien himself states about his writings. It takes a true understanding of literature to not let ego or personal ideology interfere with the reading and interpretation of Great Works.

Aug 30th

iTunes User

I enjoy these podcasts, more the ones with Corey in it than Digest episodes. I understand and appreciate Dave and Trish's contributions, but between Trish's manic laugh, frequent interruptions by her screeching or barking animals in the background and mike hangups, I am close to giving up on the Digest episodes. I hope this will be taken as consturctive criticism- it would be nice to maintain a professional quality in these podcasts.

Aug 30th
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