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Greatness lives within us all. But have you tapped into yours – or is it stuck inside you? Top-ranked real estate and business coach Tom Ferry’s life’s work is all about helping people fulfill their vast untapped potential. The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience will give you the knowledge, support, motivation and tools to succeed in business and achieve your true potential. Every Monday, you’ll get a quick (under 5-minute) dose of all-important Mindset and Motivation. On Tuesdays, you’ll receive audio from the legendary weekly #TomFerryShow. Each Wednesday brings you the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, in-depth original episodes spanning everything from illuminating guests to inspiring keynote speeches to hands-on business training. We’ll wrap up the week every Thursday with some fun and enlightening #TBT lessons and guidance that are as relevant today as when first presented. The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience is designed to help you grow, achieve more, earn more and ultimately, fulfill the greatness within you.
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I’m answering your most-asked real estate questions!   You read that right! In today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I wanted to celebrate an exciting achievement! At the time of this recording, the podcast was ranked at #106 of Business Podcasts over at Apple Podcasts!   To share the joy of how our community has grown through the podcast, I wanted to answer your most-asked real estate questions that you have texted me.    I answer 5 questions that cover important strategies new agents can use to stand out from a crowded territory and how to offer value to prospective clients.    The actionable steps that I share are also very applicable for seasoned agents who want to give their strategy a boost.    While you listen to this episode, write down one or two strategies that will work best for you. Incorporate them and let me know how they work by texting me at 949-216-5466!
“Show me your disciplines, and I can predict your results.” Whether you’re a brand-new agent or a longtime real estate veteran, the actions you take consistently will determine your success or failure. Which begs the question… What, exactly, should you be doing every day? I’ll answer that question in today’s #TomFerryShow with 5 Daily Disciplines for Massive Success. Make these five fundamentals part of your daily routine, and I guarantee you’ll excel in this industry. Want to know what they are?
Do you have a growth or fixed mindset? In today’s Mindset Monday, I want to see how adaptable you really are. This year has definitely squeezed us and required many to adapt, while others stuck their head in the sand. This is the new norm and now is the time to make adjustments and necessary changes to serve others and yourself. How do you feel about change when it’s forced upon you?
How are you sustaining growth and happiness in your life? In today’s episode I want to talk to you one on one about actively growing your life for the better. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I wanted to be honest with you, this year has brought us so many challenges and it’s been hard on everyone, no doubt about it.  I wanted to share how I’ve been uplifting myself and maintaining happiness throughout the year... and what better way than to share it for this occasion?  It all started with my 20-year vision letter, and you’ve heard me talk about it on the podcast, but I want to go deeper on how I’ve been revisiting the 8 life equities that are part of this letter, and how it’s provided much-needed encouragement.  I also share helpful ways for you to take on this challenge, such as writing down 10 things you want to accomplish and really looking into the actions you need to take to accomplish them. And take the time to be honest with yourself on what area in your life you need to improve on.  Listen to today’s episode and let’s put your goals into action!
Can you believe this? My son Michael recently accused me of “making things up” practically out of thin air… …And it led to a really interesting conversation about two very distinct ways to live your life. I’m pretty sure I got him to see the genius in my approach. And I hope you adopt it, too. Want to know what I’m talking about? Watch today’s #TomFerryShow, where I’ll explain my perspective and how you can create a more fulfilling life, starting today.
How are you feeling? This week is Thanksgiving and I want to remind you that you have the choice to take actions to help you feel happiness – or the alternative, to get sucked into negativity and despair. It’s up to you! I encourage you to remember everything you have right now in your life, cherish that, and feel grateful. In this episode of Mindset Monday, I’m giving you some easy yet powerful steps that can help you to reach bliss during these times and create a great state of mind. What are you doing to put yourself in a great state?
Are you showing up as the knowledge broker of your market? The November 18th episode of This Week in Housing covers the latest pressing issues on foreclosures, affordability, and important data regarding housing on a national scale.  I was joined by David Childers from Keeping Current Matters, as well as fellow Rockstars Simmi Kher from Seattle, Washington, Andy Tse from Silicon Valley, and Alicia Soekawa from Richmond, Virginia.  This episode is jam packed with amazing insight from these three different markets. Make sure to take note of how they all use the latest housing data to work with their clients to move up or make the right decision for their present situation.  I also shared the 3 biggest steps you need to take to finish this year strong and hit the ground running in 2021. David also gave a more clear definition on what a foreclosure crisis is and provided important past and current data.  We also talked about the current reality on forbearance data, mortgage rates, and gave powerful scripts to share this information in a clear and helpful way to your market.  Being a knowledge broker of your market is about being consistent, putting in the time and effort to take this data and communicating it through your marketing, so you can create trust with your clients. Listen to today’s episode to discover the helpful script and data you can incorporate into your marketing, so you can start helping your clients in their current needs!  
Are you expanding your operation to match your ambitions? If you have big goals, you need to grow your team and discover new ways to live your life and expand your business. In today’s episode of #ThrowbackThursday, I’m sharing important advice on how you need to grow your team to the size of your ambition. Building a team provides you freedom and leverage! So, build your team and see how much time you will have to enjoy the good things in life and take your business to the next level!
The most important part of entrepreneurship is having the drive to finish what you start.   In today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I had the opportunity to talk with my good friend Valentina Khan, Managing Director of Investors Philanthropic, an organization that brings the joy of giving to millions.    Valentina shares the journey before starting her philanthropic work and studying law and the lessons learned throughout that time. Not many people are open to sharing their mistakes or to speak up when they make a mistake. In this episode, Valentina shares how she realized studying law was not for her, but still persevering to finish what she started!   Ultimately that journey filled with missteps helped her discover her passion for helping others.    We talk all about how she started Investors Philanthropic, and she revealed scripts and tips on how to get people on board with your organization, and what it was like making those calls!   This conversation may not be about real estate, but Valentina shared so many great tips that you can apply to your business. After all, if you’re not making your calls, then you’re not making a sale.    Valentina also shared how she navigates building a strong relationship with her family and focusing on growing Investors Philanthropic.   If you are looking for new ways to give back or know how to build a strong organization, then listen to today’s episode!
I’ve got three important questions for you… Not 20. Not 10. Not 5. In today’s #TomFerryShow, I’ve whittled it down to just three essential questions that you need to answer to make 2021 your #BestYearEver. One will make you more efficient. Another will help attract more business your way. And the last one will keep you motivated with your eyes on the prize. Want to know what they are? Come watch today’s ultra-quick #TomFerryShow!
Are you asking the right question?   In today’s episode of Mindset Monday, I’m asking you, what is the dominant question that is controlling your mindset? Are you thinking about paying all of your debts and looking to generate trust with your clients or asking yourself why you’re not generating enough business? Change your mindset and see how the bigger the problem, the greater the opportunity you have to create growth in your life.    It’s all about being committed to helping solve the problems and starting it!
How are you looking for your ideal client? In today's episode of #ThrowbackThursday, I'm asking you this important question and sharing helpful steps for you to find and work with your ideal market. Take some time to complete this exercise and write down who your customer is.  The year is almost over, so start working with people that connect with you! 
The power of video is all about connecting with your audience.  In today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I talked with one of Arizona’s leading residential real estate professionals, Shannon Gillette to cover all about creating personalized listing videos that propel engagement with your followers.  I’ve been looking forward to this conversation because I asked you over on Instagram who you wanted me to interview on the podcast and we received a massive response to have Shannon on the podcast! Shannon has extensive market knowledge and easily translates this into her forward-thinking marketing and impressive listing videos. With more than 15 years of experience, she reveals tactics that can help any new agent, or anyone interested in stepping up their videos.  In this episode we cover the importance of a strong work-ethic, elevating your social media marketing through video, and the things to do when growing your online presence.  Shannon also shares the valuable lessons she learned while being a young realtor and avoiding common mistakes when starting out.  Listen to today’s episode packed with valuable tips on how to elevate your social presence, create innovative listing videos, and propel engagement with your audience.
Last week I said you have a huge opportunity to sell more homes, earn more money, and achieve life-changing goals starting now and continuing all throughout 2021. And then I helped you set some very specific goals. In today’s #TomFerryShow, I’m picking up where we left off by showing you exactly how you’ll achieve those goals over the next 14 months! It’s all about identifying your “daily number,” and today I’m walking you through the process. Do not miss this ultra-important primer for 2021! (If you missed Part 1 last week, don’t worry… you can get caught up quickly.)
How are you taking control of your wellbeing, mindset, and life today? In this episode of Mindset Monday, I share actionable steps that will help you create certainty in your life. Look into the areas that can create change and help you move forward. At the end of the day you’re in control, don’t let anyone take away the keys of your kingdom. What powerful actions will you be doing today or this week to take care of yourself and create a strong mindset?
How are you creating certainty with your clients?   The October 4th episode of This Week in Housing covers the latest data on the economy, inventory in the housing market, and the 3 reasons homeowners are NOT putting their house on the market.   I was joined by David Childers from Keeping Current Matters, as well as fellow Rockstars Glennda Baker, a leader who runs an incredible all women real estate team in Atlanta, Tim Smith who runs one of the top-performing  teams in Orange County, and Treasure Davis, who runs a powerhouse team in Colorado Springs focused on military clientele.    This week has created a lot of uncertainty, and we knew it was vital to create more certainty by giving you the facts and data so you can clearly communicate it to your clients. These are the times when the data points are moving the conversation.    We covered the latest stats on the lack of inventory, the changes in consumer spending this year, and how to communicate this data through your marketing.   Each guest specializes in different markets and they were gracious in sharing how they safely work with their clients, innovative marketing strategies, and how to deliver clarity and become the expert real estate agent for 2021.    If you’ve been waiting for certainty, then you’ll be paying a price for waiting and not taking action. Focus on knowledge, on providing credibility and certainty to clearly communicate with your buyers and sellers.    Listen now to know how to effectively talk with your clients so they can make the best decisions for their future. 
Are you gaining all the power you need to grow your business in the last days of 2020?   In this episode of #ThrowbackThursday, I want to remind you that it’s necessary to GO ALL IN. In the 56 days we have left in the year, what are you going to do more of? Are you going to make your calls, are you uploading more videos and informing your tribe with the latest market information?   So, are you willing to go all in… or are you willing to lose all your power?
Failing in your business can show you many lessons on how to get up and do it better next time. In today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I talked with Rockstar agent, Lisa Chinatti to talk about how she started her first real estate business, failed, and turned it around to achieve 570 transaction sales as of this year.  As a seasoned real estate broker with more than 10 years of experience in the industry, Lisa shares key insights on growing your business and battle-tested lessons to help you scale your business the right way. In this episode we cover important mindset shifts to overcome business hurdles, step-by-step actions to improve your leadership skills, and mistakes to avoid when hiring your real estate team.  We also go deep on how Lisa survived and rebuilt her business after a mass walk-out early in her journey, and the necessary lessons she learned to become the Rockstar broker she is today.  Listen to today’s conversation to learn more about improving your communication skills, the benefits of being part of a mastermind group, and how to hire the best people to grow your business. 
“Life punishes the vague wish and rewards the specific ask.” I couldn’t agree more with this profound quote from Tim Ferriss. And that’s why today’s #TomFerryShow is all about helping you get super-specific when it comes to what you want out of the next 14 months. I believe you have a huge opportunity to sell more homes, earn more money, and achieve life-changing goals starting now and continuing all throughout 2021. But those things WILL NOT happen unless you take the time to get laser-focused on what it is you want to achieve.
Are you achieving your full potential or falling short? In today’s episode of #MindsetMonday, I reveal the secret sauce that Rockstars use to live up to their full potential. It’s either complaining and not doing the work or being laser-focused on the steps they need to take to become the best version of themselves possible. Ultimately, achieving your life’s full potential is no one’s responsibility but your own… you have to keep moving forward and adapt. At the end of the day, who do you want to become?
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Great episode. Wisdom that only comes from experience.

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G & R investments

this episode was very inspiring and eye opening

May 3rd

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Such 100% actionable content!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you Tom Ferry!!!!!!!!

Feb 7th

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