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Author: Guy Macpherson, PhD

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The Trauma Therapist | Podcast is a podcast about the human spirit. Join Guy Macpherson, PhD at as he interviews thought-leaders in the fields of trauma, mindfulness, addiction and yoga and we learn about the journeys of these passionate mental health therapists who dedicate their lives to helping those who've been impacted by trauma.

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Alisa is a storyteller, writer, facilitator and childhood sexual abuse survivor. Her work focuses on offering emotional support to other young survivors healing from sexual trauma. Alisa is a MothStorySLAM competition champ ( ) and has been in publications such as Allure ( ) , Teen Vogue ( ) , BUST ( ) , TIME ( ) , The Guardian ( ) , Bustle ( ) , Thought Catalog ( ) , Oprah Winfrey Network ( ) , Hello Giggles ( ) , Brit+Co ( ) , and the Voices for Change 2.0 podcast ( ). While based in DC, she travels around the country giving talks and facilitating workshops to support other young survivors in their communities. *In This Episode* * Alisa's Website ( ) * Work With Alisa ( ) * Love WITH Accountability: Digging up the Roots of Child Sexual Abuse ( ) , Aishah Shahidah Simmons Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
Since there is little to no information about the models of healthy masculinity, Onyango ** began a podcast that tackles the complexities of African Masculinities; from culture, religion, politics, to the historical underpinnings of what informs the African man's perceptions of himself and his environment, and how these perceptions affect the day to day goings on of his country and the African continent in terms of economy and social health. Find the podcast here: ( ). Having grown up in a violent home with an abusive father, men have always made Onyango curious and it is his aim to get other men curious about who they are to help advance research for better policies in the understanding of sexual and reproductive health and rights. I'm passionate about this work out of personal experiences that affected my childhood and adulthood, that compelled me to want to understand masculinity in depth that I could share with African men and the world. I've always wanted to understand why they are who they are and these projects are making me help other men get their answers even as I continue to understand masculinity better. *In This Episode* * Mara's website ( ) Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
Dr. Sharon Stanley has educated thousands of healthcare professionals internationally in the principles and practices of somatic psychotherapy. Building on her research on empathy with traumatized youth, Sharon founded Somatic Transformation ( ) (ST), a trauma model and professional curriculum. ST is based on emerging research in Interpersonal Neurobiology and a phenomenological, intersubjective approach to transform relational and shock trauma. Sharon participates in Dr. Allan Schore’s Seattle Study Group, and her work with First Nations , the study of Afro-Brazilian healing with on-going research into clinical practice has led to a fluid convergence of neurological research and professional skills. Sharon has a clinical practice on Bainbridge Island, Washington. *Episode Links* * *Somatic Transformation* ( ) * *Sharon’s Trainings* ( ) * *Sharon’s Publications* ( ) * *Sharon’s book:* Relational and Body-Centered Practices for Healing Trauma: Lifting the Burdens of the Past ( ) Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
Peter is the founder and Executive Director of Gateway Mountain Center ( ) , a youth development organization innovating how youth learn, heal and thrive. He has enjoyed a 40-year career guiding people into mountain experiences and being an entrepreneur in embodied peak experience. Peter has traversed a trajectory from world-class climber, to Chief Guide of the Yosemite Mountaineering School, to founder of CityRock – the first full service climbing gym in the world. Today, Peter is passionate about changing the system of care for youth suffering from serious emotional disturbance and complex trauma. A giant thank-you to my sponsor for this episode: Somatic Experiencing ( ) Are you in a helping profession and looking for a new tool to treat your clients? Somatic Experiencing, developed by Dr. Peter Levine, is a potent psychobiological approach to resolving the symptoms of trauma and chronic stress. If you are looking to learn more about the transformational practice of Somatic Experiencing, check out their Free Webinar, *SE Basics* , by going to: Gateway’s program, “Whole Hearts, Minds & Bodies” is the first Nature-Based, therapeutic program to achieve full service partner contracts with County Behavioral Health Departments and Certification as a Medi-Cal provider. *In This Episode* * Gateway Mountain Center's Website ( ) * Gateway Mountain Center on Facebook ( ) Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
Dr. Palfy is unique in her field. She is a retired RCMP officer (the Canadian Federal Police Department) who specialized in international sex crimes committed against children. She file-coordinated the RCMP's 1st Sex Tourism case, then went on to do her Ph.D. During her training she saw a need and developed an interest in working with male survivors of sexual abuse. She is the first female author of a book dedicated solely to the topic of her research which was why men so seldom discuss abuse. Her goal is to create awareness though shedding light on this hidden epidemic. She does this so that abused boys and men can get the support they need. *In This Episode* * Kelli's website ( ) * Kelli's Services ( ) * Contact Dr. Palfy ( ) * Men Too: Unspoken Truths About Male Sexual Abuse ( ) , Kelli Palfy, PhD * Predators: Pedophiles, Rapists, And Other Sex Offenders ( ) , Anna Salter * Sandra L. Paulsen, PhD ( ) Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
Robert is a US Navy Veteran (Hospital Corpsman) who was diagnosed with PTSD in Jan 2016. After a long battle with his internal demons, he decided to immerse himself in ancient practices as a means to master his mind. During his time on active duty after deployment, Robert attempted suicide 2 times and was placed on anti-depressants and sleeping medications. After battling an addiction to alcohol and sleeping pills when as he was coming off active duty, the thought that he had a serious problem didn't really cross his mind. At that point, Robert fell into the toxic pattern of, what he calls the "bullet proof" facade, most military men wear and so did not want to admit to himself or anyone else that he had a problem. As long as he kept things together on the outside and his career life was going good, that's all that mattered. Robert kept this whole song and dance up for 8 years. In the midst of a drug addiction, toxic relationships and his career life falling apart, he attempted suicide again in 2015, two years after he lost his father to suicide in 2013. I did what most Veterans do to seek help, I went to the local VA and got an eval. The social worker told me that I was a danger to myself and others and I was later told that I have a sever case of PTSD so I need help right away. I asked for that help but I was told that I would need to wait about 5 months for an appointment with the mental health specialist. As a vet that attempted suicide weeks earlier, this was not the way forward. I read a study about the VA giving a series of yoga classes to 120 Veterans with PTSD at the University of Indiana. The results were amazing, reduced anxiety, reduced stress, ability to control mood swings, ability to get better sleep, form healthy relationships and overall better state mind/quality of life. *In This Episode* * Robert's website ( ) * Robert’s Online Courses ( ) * Yoga For Mental Health ( ) * Emotional Intelligence ( ) , Daniel Goleman Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
Mahshid Hager is a licenced marriage and family therapist and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. Her professional life includes providing therapeutic services to clients from all walks of life, volunteering for non-profit organizations in San Diego, that offer resources to new, incoming refugees and attending Somatic Experiencing training modules in various capacities and supporting SE students. Originally from Tehran, Iran, Mahshid moved to Germany with her family after the Iranian revolution. After high school, she immigrated to San Diego, California, where she now lives with her husband and two sons. In recent years, Mahshid has discovered her love of writing. She is the author of the short story No Way Back and the playwright of the same titled one-person-show, which will be available for streaming through Roustabout’s Theatre Company in November. *In This Episode* * Mahshid's website ( ) * Mahshid on Facebook ( ) * Mahshid on Twitter: @mahshid_hager ( http://@mahshid_hager ) * Mahshid’s solo show: No Way Back ( ) Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
Russell Kennedy is one of those rare physicians who actually has the condition they specialize in treating. For decades Dr. Kennedy has struggled with debilitating anxiety. After 30+ years of traditional therapies and medications that did not help, he became frustrated and took his emotional recovery into his own hands. Dr. Kennedy has traditional degrees in medicine and neuroscience, but it has been his distinctly non-mainstream personal practices that he found were missing in his own healing. *In This Episode* * Russ' website ( ) * Russ’ courses ( ) * Russ on Facebook ( ) * The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma ( ) , Bessel van der Kolk, M.D. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
Tracy Morgan is a breath of fresh air. Tracy is an occupational therapist with 15 years experience, practicing for the last 10 in early intervention in psychosis in the UK Midlands. In this interview you can hear the passion Tracy has for her work and the clients she helps who are experiencing early symptoms of psychosis. Tracy has experienced fairly significant trauma herself  and now she works with young people experiencing first episode psychosis. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
I’m very excited to have back Kate Hudgins, Ph.D., TEP, as my guest today as we continue with the third in the series, TSM of Prescriptive roles, TSM Trauma Triangle and post traumatic growth Kate continues from her previous interviews as we discuss experiential therapy, and specifically psychodrama. Experiential therapy, as you’ll learn in this interview, involves a certain immediacy from the people involved and demands courage from both the client and therapist, and it has an incredible power to heal. Kate is an inspirational leader and a stellar trainer known worldwide for her innovative model of safe and effective trauma treatment. Recognized as an international expert and author on trauma, Kate brings rigorous clinical training in psychology, psychodrama, and experiential psychotherapy as well as cross-cultural and indigenous learning and her own life experience. Along with Francesca Toscani, M.Ed., TEP, Dr. Kate has developed, refined, and taught the Therapeutic Spiral Model , the healing method for survivors of trauma, in 35 countries and counting. She has been an experiential psychotherapist and trainer for more than 40 years, bringing spontaneity, creativity, and healing to people who have experienced trauma in many settings. In This Episode * Kate’s website ( ) * About the Therapeutic Spiral Model ( ) * Kate on Facebook ( ) * Healing World Trauma with the Therapeutic Spiral Model ( ) , Kate Hudgins, PhD Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
Kelly McDaniel (a Licensed Professional Counselor & National Certified Counselor) developed the term “Mother Hunger” in her first book Ready to Heal to name the attachment trauma between mother and daughter that creates an environment ripe for love addiction to grow. Since publication, Kelly speaks regularly at conferences to raise awareness about the cultural and relational complications facing women recovering from addictive habits. In her practice, Kelly offers individual healing Intensives to support women healing Mother Hunger. Set for publication with Hay House in the summer of 2021, Kelly is currently writing her second book. *In This Episode* * Kelly's Website ( ) * Connect with Kelly on Facebook ( ) * Contact Kelly ( ) * Adrienne Rich ( ) * Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine: A Nove ( ) l ( ) , Gail Honeyman Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
Rachel Moore, LMFT, is an EMDR therapist in private practice based in San Diego, California who works primarily with creative clients — writers, artists, and musicians. A former journalist, Rachel recently had an article published in the San Diego Union-Tribune about grief and loss related to the coronavirus pandemic. Rachel has presented at the San Diego State University Writers Conference and has been leading groups based on the book "The Artist's Way" for more than a decade to help clients overcome creative blocks. *In This Episode* * Rachel's Website ( ) * Rachel’s Artist Way Workshops ( ) * The Artist’s Way ( ) , Julia Cameron Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
Dr. Shauna Springer is a graduate of Harvard University and is one of the world's leading experts on PTSD, Trauma, and Moral Injury among veterans. She co-hosts a weekly podcast on these topics in collaboration with MilitaryTimes. Her work has been featured on NPR, NBC, CBS Radio, Forbes, Washington Post, and Military Times. She is a regular contributor to Psychology Today. Dr. Shauna Springer is a licensed psychologist and nationally recognized expert on initiatives that benefit the military community. Known as “Doc Springer”, she is a trusted advisor for a vast network of veterans, military families and fellow thought leaders. Her uniquely perceptive insights have helped thousands of warriors reconnect with their tribe, strengthen their relationships, and build lives driven by their values. Dr. Springer’s work has been featured on NPR, NBC, CBS Radio, Military Times and Marine Corps Times. She is co-author of the best-selling book, Beyond the Military , which explores the psychological, cultural and relational aspects of military transition and provides a comprehensive roadmap for successfully navigating life after military service, as well as. WARRIOR: How to Support Those Who Protect Us. *In This Episode* * Dr. Shauna's website ( ) * Contact Dr. Shauna ( ) * Warrior: How to Support Those Who Protect Us ( ) , Shauna Spring, PhD * Beyond the Military: A Leader's Handbook for Warrior Reintegration ( ) , Shauna Spring, PhD Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
Dr. Don Wood developed the Inspired Performance Institute after spending years researching how trauma affects our minds and our lives. Dr. Wood began to understand that events and experiences throughout our lifetime continue to play a role in how we experience life in the present. He also realized that there was a better way of treating the issue. “Teaching people to live with, manage and cope with the daily stress doesn’t fix the problem. The solution comes from understanding it’s source and providing a long-term permanent solution”. Dr. Wood’s background experience has come from spending time in the for profit and nonprofit world. This combination provided a unique perspective on problem solving. He used these skills to develop the Inspired Performance Institute and the NEURO XP program. Dr. Wood has written two books about his research including the science about how our minds work and why we experience our own unique perspective of the world. Both books are focused on how we can all make the desired changes by allowing our mind to reset and reboot. He has spoken on these topics domestically and internationally. *In This Episode* * Dr. Wood's Website ( ) * Contact Dr. Wood ( ) * Connect with Dr. Wood on Facebook ( ) * Inspired Performance Institute’s Website ( ) * Inspired Performance Institute on Facebook ( ) Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
Jen Warner, LICSW, LCSW, is my guest today. Jen is one of those therapists, one of those individuals, who is so passionate about her work (and compassionate, as you'll hear in this interview!), that after listening to her you walk away inspired. I certainly did. Jen is a Washington, Oregon, and New York State licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist with advanced training and certification in trauma-informed care and the treatment of trauma, as well as holistic health and nutrition. Additionally, Jennifer has taught on the subject of abuse and trauma at the graduate social work schools of Portland State University and Columbia University and has provided direct services to child and adult survivors of interpersonal violence including domestic violence, sexual abuse, and gun violence; supervised clinicians and graduate students on the provision of trauma-informed care; and was the crime victim social worker at the largest public hospital in the South Bronx before moving to the Pacific Northwest. *In This Episode* * Jennifer's Website ( ) * Contact Jennifer ( ) * Trauma and Recovery: The Aftermath of Violence--From Domestic Abuse to Political Terror ( ) , Judith L. Herman * Trauma and the Body: A Sensorimotor Approach to Psychotherapy ( ) , Pat Ogden, Kekuni Minton, Clare Pain Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
I feel like it’s been a while since I sat down and simply spoke into the mic and shared what’s been going on. Today I do that. We’re continuing to live in the midst of the pandemic, I’ve just relocated my family from the Bay Area to Bend Oregon, and I’m home every day with two young kiddos. Yikes! Guy Macpherson, PhD, is a husband, a father of two, and holds a doctorate in clinical psychology. He has spent the last several years studying the impact and treatment of trauma, and early psychosis. *BetterHelp* Is there something interfering with your happiness or is preventing you from achieving your goals? BetterHelp, the world’s largest e-counseling platform, will assess your needs and match you with your own licensed professional therapist. BetterHelp is professional counseling done securely online. Trauma Therapist | Podcast listeners can get 10% off their first month by going to: *Somatic Experiencing* Are you in a helping profession and looking for a new tool to treat your clients? Somatic Experiencing, developed by Dr. Peter Levine, is a potent psychobiological approach to resolving the symptoms of trauma and chronic stress. Learn more about the transformational practice of Somatic Experiencing by checking out their Free Webinar, SE Basics, at: ( ) In 2014, while working at a clinic in Northern California, assessing and treating young individuals with early psychosis, Guy founded The Trauma Therapist Project ( ) with the goals of raising the awareness of trauma and creating an educational and supportive community for new trauma workers. The Trauma Therapist Project has now grown to include The Trauma Therapist | Podcast ( ) , now being listened to in more than 160 countries around the world, as well as Trauma Therapist | 2.0 ( ) , an online membership community specifically dedicated to educating and inspiring trauma workers just starting out on their trauma-informed journey. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
Nina Tara is an Multi disciplinary Art Psychotherapist who runs Courageous Art Therapy ( ) in London. She has worked in the creative field for many years and art has always been an integral part of her life. Nina originally trained as a designer and still designs and illustrates book covers. In addition to this Nina is a Multi disciplinary Art Psychotherapist (M.A) working with adults, children and families. Offering Art Therapy for individuals impacted by: • Trauma, Emotional and behavioural difficulties • Bereavement; end of life; changes in family structure • Bullying or abuse • Children exposed to domestic violence • Displacement to Refugee status. *In This Episode* * Nina's Website * Dibs in Search of Self: The Renowned, Deeply Moving Story of an Emotionally Lost Child Who Found His Way Back ( ) , Virginia M. Axline * The Family Crucible: The Intense Experience of Family Therapy ( ) , Augustus Y. Napier, Carl Whitaker. * Nina on Facebook ( ) * Nina on Instagram ( ) Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
Before I began doing this podcast I never knew there were so many areas that required trauma-informed awareness. I certainly never thought that trauma-informed nutrition was something we needed. And of course, we do. I'm so glad that there are people like my guest out there doing this incredible work! --- First, a giant thank-you to my sponsor for this episode, Talkspace ( ) Talkspace online therapy is the most convenient and affordable way to make lasting change in your life with the support of a licensed therapist.Send your licensed therapist text, audio, picture or video messages from your phone or computer whenever you need to. Even if it’s on the way to work! You don’t have to make appointments or deal with extra commutes. Everything happens within Talkspace’s secure platform, all on your schedule. As a listener of the The Trauma Therapist | Podcast, you can get $100 off your first month on Talkspace by going to ( ) and using the code *TRAUMATHERAPIST* --- *Monica Bhagwan* is a practitioner and thought-leader in applying an understanding of trauma and trauma-informed care to public health nutrition initiatives. She currently serves as an educator and program manager at Leah's Pantry, an innovative public health nutrition non-profit in California. Leah's Pantry creates resources, conducts community programs, and provides training to other nutrition professionals. They are a leader in applying a trauma-informed lens to food and nutrition programs, an approach Monica initiated and co-leads. She has a Masters Degree in Food Studies from New York University. *In This Episode* * Leah's Pantry ( ) * Why Buddhism is True: The Science and Philosophy of Meditation and Enlightenmen t ( ) , Robert Wright * Heavy: An American Memoi r ( ) , Kiese Laymon Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
For more than 40 years, Owen Marcus has explored and developed programs that bring together mindfulness, somatic psychotherapy, and the science of emotional physiology. After healing challenges of his dyslexia and Asperger’s Syndrome, he realized his relationship skills were lacking. Identifying his resistance to working with men as his next challenge, he dove into creating his first men’s group at his clinic in Scottsdale, AZ in 1995. First, a huge-thank you to my sponsors for making this podcast happen: *Brighter Vision* ( ) When you’re in private practice it can be tough just to find the time to review your marketing efforts, let alone make improvements where they’re needed. Whether you are a seasoned clinician who’s current website needs revamped, or a new therapist building a website for the first time, Brighter Vision is here to help. And the best news of all? You can get your first month entirely free just for listening to The Trauma Therapist | Podcast.. To get started, just head on over to ( ). CPTSD Foundation ( ) CPTSD Foundation provides live, daily, peer-led, interactive group calls, in a safe atmosphere for survivors of complex trauma, equipping them with skills and information they can use every single day in their healing journey. Receive 50% off the first month when you join at: ( ) Unsatisfied with the status quo, Owen began expanding the model of men’s groups, incorporating what he saw working in corporate trainings and in his clinic. Men embraced this new model --  it’s a model that is natural for men’s ways of experiencing and expressing emotions. His group and this new model was the focus of the documentary About Men. His book, Grow Up: A Man’s Guide to Masculine Emotional Intelligence ( ) lays out how to complete the nine stages of emotional maturation for boys and men. As the Director of Education at EVRYMAN, Owen, along with his co-founders, continues to develop effective ways to use emotions and physiology as tools to create fulfilling relationships and purposeful lives. *In This Episode* * Owen's Website ( ) * EVRYMAN on Facebook ( ) Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
As you might know, much of my inspiration for creating this podcast came from my brother, a former Navy SEAL. I have a special place in my heart--and on this podcast!--for anything that has to do with supporting veterans and treatment for veterans. Today we continue with that support. I am joined by Josh Aronson and Julie Sayres, the filmmakers of the film, To Be Of Service , a documentary film about war veterans who are paired with service dogs to help them regain their lives. "[T]he big picture is clear, and its overriding point well made: These dogs are saving the lives of those who’ve sacrificed so much. Every person profiled here deserves an immense amount of respect. Every animal, too." ​- *Ken Jaworowski, New York Times* Josh Aronson has been producing and directing documentary films since 2000. He was nominated for an Oscar for his film, Sound and Fury and has made award winning films on disability, the search for identity, classical music and history. His latest film is the recently released, "To Be of Service,” about veterans with PTSD and their service dogs. Julie Sayres is an award-winning screenwriter, working in Los Angeles, whose credits include the film *“Reaching for the Moon,”* aka *“Flores Raras,”* for which she won the best adapted screenplay award by the Brazilian Academy of Letters and was also nominated for best adapted screenplay by the Brazilian Academy of Cinema. She worked on the writing staff of the television series *“Midnight Caller,”* and wrote episodes for *“Gabriel’s Fire”* and *“Beggars and Choosers,”* among others. She was also a co-creator and supervising producer of the CBS one-hour drama, *“Four Corners.”* She has also written many movies for television, including *“A Walton Easter,” “Dallas Reunion”* and the mini-series *“Knot’s Landing: Back to the Cul-de-Sac.”* She currently has two feature films in development, one in the U.S. and the other in Brazil. She is the producer of a documentary called “To Be of Service”, which deals with veterans with PTSD and their service dogs. ​ Aside from her work as a screenwriter, she’s also an adjunct professor of screenwriting at USC School of Cinematic Arts and the MFA program at Antioch University, Santa Barbara. She has a B.A. from New York University and an MFA from Goddard College. *In This Episode* * To Be of Service , film site ( ) * Josh's website ( ) * Julie’s website ( ) * To Be of Service on Facebook ( ) --- A giant thank-you to my sponsors who help me keep this podcast going: *CPTSD Foundation* CPTSD Foundation provides live, daily, peer-led, interactive group calls, in a safe atmosphere for survivors of complex trauma, equipping them with skills and information they can use every single day in their healing journey. Receive 50% off the first month when you join at: ( ) *Brighter Vision* When you’re in private practice it can be tough just to find the time to review your marketing efforts, let alone make improvements where they’re needed. Whether you are a seasoned clinician who’s current website needs revamped, or a new therapist building a website for the first time, Brighter Vision is here to help. And the best news of all? You can get your first month entirely free just for listening to The Trauma Therapist | Podcast.. To get started, just head on over to ( ) --- If you're a new trauma therapist just starting our on your trauma-informed journey, I'd love to invite you to check out my community specifically dedicated to new trauma therapists, Trauma Therapist | 2.0 ( ). You do not have to do this along! Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
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Breath of Life Yoga and Wellness

Jennifer is my new bff. When she said it was like I was in a haze. Exactly my experience with trauma. I'm super excited about the book, I love that she is into somatic experience. Thank you for this podcast

Aug 30th

n h

An excellent source of information, not just for therapists, or patients but also for relatives. I can only imagine what trauma patients must suffer through to get help. This podcast provides new insights with every episode. I'm very glad I found Guys podcast a few months ago and enables me to understand my girlfriends daily suffering better and be a better support for her. Thanks you!

Apr 4th
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