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Author: Riki Rachtman

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He was an MTV VJ Hosting the Headbangers Ball, ran the most notorious rock club the Cathouse, and has been a nationally syndicated radio host for decades. Now he brings his unfiltered, uncensored and unapologetic views to the podcast world with intriguing guests from Rock 'n' Roll to cultural icons. 


Topics and free for all it's The Triple R ... Why The F**k Not.
8 Episodes
Chad is the drummer of the band Faster Pussycat. Chad also was one of the first 300 hospitalized in Los Angeles with the Corona Virus. He spent 6 days at Cedars Sinai. We see the stats, to many of us they just seem like numbers but Chad speaks openly with Riki about what it's really like to have COVID 19. Riki asks the questions you wish someone would ask and puts a human side to this tragic mess we are all a part of
Jim Breuer was on Saturday Night Live, starred in the movie Half Baked, radio, podcasts and a crushing stand up comic. On this episode of Riki Rachtman Radio Jim tells us how he got the Metallica tour, his love of rock, and stand up comedy. Then Riki starts his epic motorcycle ride even though the Corona Virus was officially declared a Pandemic . Concert cancelled, Sporting events postponed. Should Riki not hit the road? NOTE : Recorded the day the Corona Virus had just been labeled as a Pandemic.
As a guitarist John 5 is one of the best in the game. As a solo artist and the guitarist for Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson and David Lee Roth. Of course when John 5 hangs out with Riki they talk about everything but that. One of the craziest stories about when John visited the Brady Bunch house with Cindy. They talk about the show Here Haw f..ked up movies and the love and appreciation they both have for onesie pajamas. There is talk about Kiss and Kiss collectibles. PLUS Riki talks about Riki's Ride and the future of this show
The Triple R podcast has been mixing it up every week with a unique guest with a unique take.Unfiltered Uncensored and always unpredictable At the last minute  Riki Rachtman did a impromptu live interview from the NAMM show with Photographer Neil Preston . Neil toured with Led Zeppelin, The Who, He has worked with Bruce Springsteen ,Kiss, Motley Crue,Foofighters,Fleetwood Mac and more and each of his photos comes with a story PLUS Riki is joined by Lea Vendetta to take your calls and talk about "The Greatest Band in the World"
Riki Rachtman is joined by the singer of  SKILLET John Cooper. One of rocks good guys. This band has millions of fans, sells millions of records. Some of their videos have close to ½ a Billion views. At the conclusion of the interview John made a historic embarrassing uncomfortable statement. Then Riki is joined by Ace Von Johnson & Lea Vendetta to talk about the saddest movies made. Ahhh an uplifting good time right? Well it is so listen subscribe and tell all your friends ok
Former Headbangers Ball Host Riki Rachtman continues his unfiltered uncensored podcast this time Recorded in front of a LIVE audience at NAMM Riki welcomes TIFFANY. She sold millions of records had number 1 hits and toured the mall's in the 80's What would she & Riki have to talk about. Then Inkmaster Lea Vendetta and Riki discuss Valentines day and one of the biggest Hard Rock shows of the summer
Riki Rachtman is back with his unfiltered uncensored and NEVER SCRIPTED conversations & joining Riki is the unpredictable Zakk Wylde.Guitairst and vocalist of Black Label Society as well as Ozzy's axeman. Zak talks about meeting Elton John and pie crusts?  Plus the Sabbath reunion that featured a set from Sabbath featuring one of the greatest singers that was not Ozzy or Dio. Riki tells the tale of being very uncomfortable in front of 19,000 people and a classic story about Sharon Osbourne
This is the first episode of The Triple R.Is a history lesson in what not to do. In episode 1 Riki shares the tale of this truly outlaw radio program. How this notorious show went took him from the top of the ratings to jail and bankruptcy . You never heard this story from the former host of MTV's Headbangers Ball. Drugs,Porn, Violence and a lifelong lesson learned.He was on top of the game but that ungrateful bastard threw it all away with a couple right hooks With appearances from Quentin Tarentino. Jessica Hahn and Tammy Faye Baker and more.
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Awesome, awesome interview, Sir! I really love your Cathouse podcast, but this is a fresh change of pace and so entertaining listening to you guys shooting the shit. I'm an ex NY'er, also living in the Charlotte area. Hope to run into you to say hello one day

Mar 17th

Brian Burchett

anyone else think Neil sounds like the biggest douchebag ever? great stories, awful personally from what I can tell

Mar 7th
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