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The Truth In Love

Author: Following Him International

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The Truth In Love featuring speaker Pastor Ed Bowers
11 Episodes
5 3 20 Gideon Part 2

5 3 20 Gideon Part 2


Gideon Part 2 shares how to get our self image in alignment with how god sees the believer. It offers bible based steps to receiving the blessings of God for our life, family, and the call of God!
4 26 20 Gideon part 1

4 26 20 Gideon part 1


Powerful lessons from the life of Gideon on how to overcome the obstacles hindering you from doing the will of God!
This teaching is about the power of faith and it's ability to change negative circumstances into one of victory in Christ!
The Resurrection of Christ can turn fear into Joy, hopelessness into hope when it becomes reality in your life. in this teaching find out what the most significant witness of Christ Resurrection is. Hint: it's not the empty tomb!
A prophetic word given to Pastor Ed Bowers about the frustration and anger in America. Did it start with the Corona virus? What is the true source of the problem we face as a nation. When will it end.
A powerful message focusing on the righteous state of your recreated spirit.
A verse by verse teaching on the power working in the believer. How it works and what can stop it.
Born To Win

Born To Win


I John 5:4 says, "whatever is born of God overcomes the World....." In this teaching learn how your being born again puts you in a position to be a winner in every situation in life!
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