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Author: Rick Rose

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The Twist is a weekly podcast co-hosted by Mark McNease and Rick Rose that focuses on news, culture, politics, and current topics. The show is LGBT-centric, with irreverence and the co-hosts' interaction as its center.
88 Episodes
Episode 7 contains a serious discussion regarding the death penalty is framed by more humorous chit chat on topics like embroidered denim shirts, millenial’s 2 word response for the baby boomer generation, and one venue’s ban on cell phone use. SPOILER ALERT: A review of DOCTOR SLEEP has Rick oversharing and Q giving the movie a not very favorable review.
Your hosts Q and R (that’s Rick) step it up and take their podcast on the road and expand their studio audience.  Listen in as the duo chat with their guests about Gen Z in the workplace, the challenges of farming in America and the McRib: yes or no?  And so much more.
Our guest Chera, shares the findings on millennials, the first generation to be divided by type: the Mega-lennials and the Me-lennials.  We chat up sperm donors, flavored chips, being “sober-curious” and offer our first in holiday gift ideas: the Rosa Park Barbie and Jesus Sneakers.    Further Reading: "Since Last Show" Las Vegas: The MOB Museum Downtown   "Dude, Really?!" "Oregon Man Sues Sperm Bank" Oregon doctor says his donated sperm was used to father at least 17 children, sues OHSU for $5.25 million    "What's new Q?"  UFO Day Beer Fest  UFO Day Beer Fest | Festivals    
The title says it all. Join your hosts Q and Rick as they address these topics and more including, debunking generational myths.    Further Reading:   “Since Last Show” San Diego:  Modern Times Brewery San Diego Zoo La Jolla   “Generational Myth” Millennials are lazy   “Dude Really” Cults in America Today NXIVM 5 of The Most Interesting Cults in America   “What's New “ Saved by the Bell :Reboot
In episode 3, Q and Rick recap their recent travel adventures and Rick’s new movie debut, talk queer tagged trucks and airplane etiquette, and debate the pros and cons of childhood sports. Curious yet? Tune in and weigh in—we want to hear what you think!   Further Reading: Ellicott City Santa Convention The Queer who Cried Wolf Kids Playing Contact Sports Sam Smith  
Q and Rick discuss why Millennials have a better track record than Baby Boomers when it comes to holy matrimony, take on early Halloween and Hostess flavored coffees, and debate the fist bump vs. the hand shake--of course this is all while sipping their favorite beer!
Join Rick Rose and his new host Q for their first podcast which bridges the generational gap between an old guy Baby Boomer and a hip Millennial.  Or will they prove there really isn't much of a gap, as they chat their way through today's hot topics?  A "Whopper" of a fire in the Amazon, mustard ice cream or just plain vanilla?  Ads about heinies and Revenge Porn. Learn what really gets Q fired up on Gear Grinders (note to restaurateurs, don't change your menu!) and hear Rick's views about gay representation on tv.   Follow us on: Instagram- @The_Twist_2.0 Twitter- @TheTwistPodcast     Today's Focus Further Reading: Revenge Porn  
Join co-hosts Mark McNease and Rick Rose for our final Twist as a team. I'll be handing over the co-hosting duties to Qiuana Brown, hereafter known to you as Q. She was a guest on a recent podcast and she ROCKS! I had so much fun talking to her, and I know she's going to be awesome as Rick's new co-host on The Twist Podcast 2.0. They'll be blasting out their first episode very soon. Listen in as Rick and I, friends of over 30 years, podcasters for 8, and collaborators on many things together, take a bittersweet look at our past and our fabulous futures. And while we're at it, here's my final quote for the show: "So, Donald Trump, who just in the past two days refused to visit Denmark because it wouldn’t sell Greenland, tossed an anti-Semitic canard out to see how it landed on American Jews, retweeted a conspiracy theorist who claims Trump is the king of the Jews, reversed himself on gun policy and payroll taxes, and mulled ending birthright citizenship by way of executive order, just keeps on trucking. No check in sight. Don McGahn is not going to do anything to stop him, Congress is not going to do anything to stop him, Senate Republicans are not going to do anything to stop him, and Sean Spicer is on Dancing With the Stars. Cold comfort perhaps, but if you don’t feel that you are losing your damn mind, something would be profoundly wrong with you. We are all doing too much. And we are all also not doing enough. And there is nothing wrong with you, beyond being a human being in categorically insane times." Dahlia Lithwick, Slate  
Join co-hosts Mark McNease and Rick Rose as we take a look at kid-friendly cages, the return of The L Word, a stop at the Gossip Garage, and the week in headlines.
Join co-hosts Mark McNease and Rick Rose as we celebrate our 100th episode of The Twist Podcast! We'll check out some Louisville highlights, reviews of Rocketman and more, a trip to the Gossip Garage, and of course our own very prideful take on Pride Month.
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