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The Unbroken Mentality Podcast

Author: Luke Parker

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Hear from some of the most mentally tough individuals, gain insight to crush your goals and achieve your dreams.
9 Episodes
Veronika Abrams joins Luke and shares her Hero story. The two dive deep on what foundational mindset tools helped Veronika take control over her life after she hit rock bottom. They cover the importance of having core values and cover how to truly build habits that stick with her habit stacking methodology. Enjoy
Pillar #2: HARD WORK

Pillar #2: HARD WORK


This episode is short and sweet. Luke goes over the definition of Hard Work, then gets into why Hard Work is imperative to your path to success.
Luke picks the brain of famous summer and winter Olympian Lolo Jones. They chat about the impact COVID-19 has on everyone as well as athletes. Lolo explains the strength of having your mental game in check and what overcoming obstacles looks like. Luke and Lolo also highlight the significance of giving 100% effort. 
Luke introduces the first of four pillars for the Unbroken Mentality. The first pillar "Knowing Your Why" is the foundational motive to what drives you each and every day. 
Colton Underwood joins the Unbroken Mentality Podcast, he dives in with Luke about the growth from his reality tv experiences and shares how everyone has influence in their own circles. They highlight the importance of knowing your purpose and having self awareness in each day.   
In this episode Luke talks about the importance of facing your struggles head on, and the growth that comes from it. 
Luke wraps up his conversation with Cole Sager covering The 4 Pillars of the Unbroken Mentality and what drives Cole to do what he does. Stay tuned until the end to hear what Cole would do if he found himself on a season of the Bachelorette and needed to make a first impression.  
Luke talks with CrossFit Game athlete Cole Sager about the impact the COVID-19 outbreak has had on all of us. They dive into how important it is to stay engaged, the strength of staying optimistic, and knowing your purpose during this time. Cole packs a lot of content into Part 1 of this episode, don't miss part 2. 
Luke shares about the Unbroken Mentality and the mindset he taps into when talking to some of the worlds most resilient individuals. Gain perspectives from professional athletes, military personnel, and entrepreneurs that you can apply to your life. 
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