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In this podcast, Phillip Stutts and his incredible team will show you how this ground-breaking undefeated marketing system used by winning presidents and fortune 200 companies, will also grow your business. With 25+ years of campaign and research experience, Phillip will show you how to defeat the competition in any economic environment. Phillip Stutts comes from the cutthroat world of political marketing. He has over 2 decades of experience working on campaigns with billions of dollars in political ad spend, and contributed to over 1,535 election victories, including 3 U.S. Presidential victories. Phillip plays the game of political and corporate marketing on the highest level, battling it out with fierce competition, multi-billion-dollar budgets, and a win-or-die mentality.
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Tommy Shultz is a name you need to know. He’s leading a historic movement for your children’s education, and he is one of the best marketers in the world. Tommy is the CEO of the American Federation for Children (AFC), which is the nation’s largest school choice advocacy group dedicated to empowering families, especially lower-income... The post How the School Choice Movement is Transforming Marketing in America appeared first on Phillip Stutts.
Author Mark Victor Hansen is on pace to sell a billion books. That is totally insane. But this is even crazier – Mark was turned down 144 times trying to get his best-selling book published. He kept going when others told him it would never work. If you’re not familiar with Mark, he’s the best-selling... The post The Road to Selling a Billion Books with Mark Victor Hansen appeared first on Phillip Stutts.
I’m out as CEO at Win BIG Media.  * You can learn more about what happened this week on the Undefeated Marketing Podcast, where I talk in more detail about what happened that changed everything for me. Running a company is challenging as hell, and being a CEO is the most demanding role in business.... The post Why I Fired Myself as CEO of Win BIG Media appeared first on Phillip Stutts.
Want the secret to dominating your industry in a down economy? I’ll give you a little hint. It’s not cutting marketing costs but rather cutting the 10% of fat in your business. That’s the conversation I’m having this week with Tommy Mello, an entrepreneur in the home services industry who went from $50,000 in debt... The post Marketing Your Business in a Down Economy with Tommy Mello appeared first on Phillip Stutts.
Imagine having to choose between your career and your faith. That’s what Cliff Sims was facing as his political career progressed all the way into the Trump White House. After starting and exiting a successful media company, Cliff joined the Trump Presidential campaign and eventually served in the West Wing.  Cliff is a super impressive... The post What Really Happened Inside the Trump White House with Cliff Sims appeared first on Phillip Stutts.
On this episode Paul shares how he took his brand from hosting a local radio show in his 50s, to being a nationally recognized TV personality in his 60s. It’s a crazy and unusual journey and should give a ton of inspiration to know it’s never too late to build your brand. The post Paul Finebaum Joins the Undefeated Marketing Podcast appeared first on Phillip Stutts.
Cal Fussman has interviewed some of the most talented and successful people on earth, including Muhammad Ali, Larry King, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Robert DeNiro, Kobe Bryant, and the list goes on and on. Recently, Cal reached out to me and asked if I would come on his podcast, Big Questions, and discuss my health... The post [BONUS EPISODE]: An Update on My Health appeared first on Phillip Stutts.
Have you ever wondered what you could've done differently during the pandemic that would result in a 6-figure passive income? Well, my next guest Justin Donald did exactly that - and more! We all know that times of recession are the times to double-down and make smart investments - and it's not too late to start now. Justin's book The Lifestyle Investor and his mastermind class will teach you how to make the right investments moving forward. The post Justin Donald Explains How to Make a 6-Figure Passive Income appeared first on Phillip Stutts.
The smartest person I know to talk about the economy and how to grow your business right now? That's James Altucher (tag). My conversations with James are always fascinating, and I know you'll be blown away by his hot takes on the current state of the economy (on this week's Undefeated Marketing podcast). Not only does James talk about what's going to happen next in the economy, but he also explains how the media is lying to you right now -- and how you can market your business in this environment to massively increase your bottom line. Our conversation was so valuable that James repurposed the interview and posted it on his podcast, "The James Altucher Show" (which is downloaded millions of times every month) (TAG). If you're a marketer, business owner or investor, it's important to hear James' sage advice on these economic changes so you can make the right decisions. Check it out here: LINK The post What’s REALLY Happening with the Economy appeared first on Phillip Stutts.
Social media is fu*%ing up our brains. Ask yourself this question: do you spend more time looking at other people's memories on your phone, or more time creating your own memories in real life? When I think about this question, I have to admit that it's probably 50/50... which is a gut punch when I really reflect upon it. My next guest on the Undefeated Marketing podcast is Joey Odom, co-founder of Aro, which helps families put down their phones to spend more time together. How does Aro work, how do they market their company? How are they unique in the marketplace? Oh, and what did Joey do after I bought an Aro that prompted me to proactively reach out and invite him on my podcast? We discuss it all. In addition, this is an incredibly important product in today's market that helps people understand their relationship with their phones (I am not paid by Aro and have no affiliation with them - I'm just a fan of their business because it resonates with me). It reminds me of a quote from my friend and mentor, Keith Cunningham - he says that in life we always have a choice, "You can proactively take the vitamin to be healthy and avoid pain, or you can reactively take the Advil - after the pain has occurred. Which will you choose?" Is your phone behavior like taking a vitamin or an Advil? If you feel like you are addicted to your phone, listen to this episode to learn how you can change your behavior patterns to be healthier with it and create more memories of your own. About the Guest:  Joey Odom Joey Odom is the co-founder of Aro, a tech company that uses technology to help us put down our phones and be fully present in the moment with the people who matter most. Joey is a natural storyteller and a dynamic leader known for his ability to inspire and foster deep connections with others. His own experience with technology as a husband and dad led Joey to help create Aro alongside co-founder Heath Wilson. Now, Joey’s ultimate goal is to help people change their lives by changing their relationship with technology. Prior to co-founding Aro, Joey was a partner and multi-billion dollar producer at national real estate firm, Stan Johnson Co. Joey has been married to his wife Cristin for 18 years and is a proud dad of two teens with cell phones – and yes, they are both avid Aro users. The post Wondering How to Cut Back on Your Phone Addiction? Joey Odom Explains appeared first on Phillip Stutts.
The economy is in the shi* what are you going to do about it? Are you going to wait for the recession to disrupt your business, or are you actually going to do something different with your marketing so you can grow? My guest on the Undefeated Marketing Podcast is the legendary Michael Hyatt - and I can honestly say this is the most important interview I've conducted in the last two years. Michael shifted my thinking about the economy and he'll do the same for you. Here's another question I actually posed to myself after the interview: Am I using this economic downturn as an excuse for poor performance, or do I turn it into the greatest opportunity of my life? Michael's new book (co-authored with Megan Hyatt Miller), Mind Your Mindset: The Science That Shows Success Starts with Your Thinking, is one of the best business books I've read in years. It's also perfect for the moment we're living in. Even if you don't buy the book, you should listen to this interview and I promise it'll change your entire mindset about your business. The post Here’s How To Grow Your Business in a Bad Economy with Michael Hyatt appeared first on Phillip Stutts.
After an incredible career as the premier NFL sideline reporter for NBC Sports, covering five Super Bowls, Michele Tafoya made the courageous decision to leave it all behind. How did Michele come to the decision to walk away from the monster brand she had built over decades?  Quite simply, she put her integrity above her ego. Join me this week on The Undefeated Marketing Podcast for an exclusive conversation where the legendary Michele Tafoya and I take an in-depth look at marketing, media, family and the impact all of these elements have had on her career. Oh, and if you are curious what Michele has to say about today’s hypocritical media? We go deep here too. For me, this is an incredibly inspiring episode where Michele vulnerably talks about what led her to leave her coveted job as the #1 NFL reporter  - and the millions of dollars she made doing it - and what she learned from the re-launch of her new brand. Do not miss this riveting conversation. The post NFL and NBA Reporter, Michele Tafoya, On Why She Walked Away appeared first on Phillip Stutts.
What does it take to be the most successful football coach of all time? Whether you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, all leaders can learn from Coach Nick Saban and how he’s led the University of Alabama to the top of the mountain in college football. My friend and best-selling author, John Talty, reveals, for the first time, Coach Nick Saban’s strategic mindset and how you can apply his success “process” to become a world-class marketer and entrepreneur. In John’s new book, “The Leadership Secrets of Nick Saban: Alabama’s Coach Became the Greatest Ever”, he explains Coach Nick Saban’s approach to building a champion and a winning culture. It’s a fascinating conversation you will want to listen to (probably a few times). If you’re a college football fan like me and want to know how to change your mindset to win with your team, check out this episode. The post Inside the Mindset of Alabama’s Coach Nick Saban appeared first on Phillip Stutts.
What's the worst moment in your life? I ask rhetorically because when Aaron Walker joined my podcast, he revealed that his worst moment was hitting a pedestrian with his car, resulting in his death. Faith. Hope. Redemption. That's Aaron's story now, and he's telling it this week on the Undefeated Marketing Podcast. And with the holidays just around the corner, it's fitting to post this amazing interview today. I like to go deep with my guests, and in this episode, Aaron and I dive into some deep, challenging, and uncomfortable topics. Aaron's background is pretty amazing too... he's the founder and president of several companies, including the Iron Sharpens Iron Business Mastermind, and is one of Dave Ramsey's closest friends. Aaron is a highly successful life and business coach who focuses on showing people how to elevate their family relationships while exploding their businesses and brands If you want to know how to overcome a terrible tragedy to become a faith-based and God-fearing person, you should tune into this special episode. The post How An Accidental Death Changed Aaron Walker Forever appeared first on Phillip Stutts.
If you are curious to know how the midterm elections really went down, buckle up because I’m going to lay it out for you today. The elections were shocking - even to me. But I have studied the results, the data, and I know what happened. Since the elections wrapped up in November, I've also had a ton of listeners ask my thoughts on the results. As luck would have it, I recently broke down the elections on James Altucher's huge business podcast a few days ago - and I thought I'd share that interview with you today as a bonus episode. How did the Democrats keep control of the U.S. Senate? How did Republicans win control of the U.S. House? What were the three most shocking things I discovered about the election? What about Donald Trump vs. Ron DeSantis? And will President Biden run for re-election now that he just turned 80 years old? It's all in this interview. Want to grow your business by over 50%? Get your FREE Customer (or Client) Data Assessment at The post [BONUS EPISODE]: What Really Happened with the Midterm Elections? appeared first on Phillip Stutts.
Eben Pagan is the “OG” of digital marketing. In 2001 while the rest of the business world was focused on traditional marketing, Eben was building one of the first-ever digital funnels. That was 21 years ago.  When you look at the Mt. Rushmore of marketers – Eben Pagan is on the rock and now you are going to learn from him…. In episode 38 of the Undefeated Marketing podcast, Eben and I discuss the mistakes that marketers are continuing to make by not truly understanding their relationship with their customers/clients – and how any business owner or marketer can flip the switch to improve their ROI.  Sound familiar? According to Eben, most marketers are not focused on building and improving their marketing funnels to drive more conversions in their business. Eben understands where people continue to screw up when managing their marketing funnels and why they are not retaining customers or prospects.  If you are worried about your business with the current economy, you need to tune in for this episode because we discuss how you can maximize your results by changing a few simple steps with your marketing. Want to grow your business by over 50%? Get your FREE Customer (or Client) Data Assessment at The post Eben Pagan Explains Why the Marketing Funnel is Broken appeared first on Phillip Stutts.
Imagine making $100 million dollars before 39 years old and then losing it all… But then building it back... That’s Keith Cunningham’s story, and this is why he is literally the greatest business coach who has ever lived, and I’m honored to have him on this week’s Undefeated Marketing episode. While 99.9% of business influencers tell you to 100x your business every year – Keith Cunningham does the opposite….In our chat, Keith shares his mindset on how not to lose all of your money in the first place and what you can do as a business leader to “think” about making smarter decisions. This feels especially important in today’s volatile world. My favorite question that Keith has ever asked me (which helped me optimize the performance of how we serve our clients)? “How much money would you have if you never lost a client?” Good one, right? In 2015, I heard Keith on stage with Tony Robbins for the first time and was blown away by his business acumen and mindset. All the money I invested in Keith’s mentorship has produced returns I never thought possible. Why? Because he helped me avoid super dumb mistakes that would have bankrupted my business. I’m so excited to share Keith’s smart insights with you on this episode, and I highly recommend you make time for it because what Keith says will propel your business to another level. The post How Keith Cunningham Lost 100 Million Dollars and Built it Back appeared first on Phillip Stutts.
In this episode of The Undefeated Marketing podcast, Brandon McKee and I not only share our latest consumer data report, but also show you how every Fortune 200 company is investing in data and AI software to combat this problem and reach their exact target audience with a message that will convert.  Again, you can download our latest report for free here: In it, you'll get in-depth information on customer demographics, branding, and messaging. Do not miss the chance to know what's going on in the marketplace before your competitors.  The post [BONUS EPISODE]: Consumers are Focused on Necessities, but Here’s What You Can Do appeared first on Phillip Stutts.
What secret lessons did Jarrod Glandt learn from Grant Cardone? He exclusively shared them with me today... Jarrod Glandt is the president of Grant Cardone's "Cardone Enterprises." When Jarrod was hired by Grant (over 10 years ago), Grant's company operated out of a pool house. Today, Jarrod helps run a billion-dollar empire, and he has established himself as one of the most influential business leaders in the world - helping build the platforms for the most influential entrepreneurial brands in the world - Grant Cardone. In episode 36 of The Undefeated Marketing Podcast, Jarrod shares the best lessons he's learned from Grant Cardone and how he applied those lessons to grow the company massively. If you want to become a better marketer, entrepreneur, or leader in your business, you'll want to hear Jarrod's incredible story and insights. The post The Secrets to Building Grant Cardone’s Billion $ Empire appeared first on Phillip Stutts.
In episode 35 of the Undefeated Marketing Podcast, Kyle and I discuss his new book "Begin With We" which goes through his guiding principles that any company should employ to retain the best talent and build winning teams. You will be surprised to know these 10 principles helped save my company and I want you to learn from my mistakes. Tune into this episode (link to apple podcast) and check out his new book that has just been released. The post How Kyle McDowell’s 10 Principles Will Save Your Company appeared first on Phillip Stutts.