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The Unheard Truth

Author: Eli Soriano

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The Unheard Truth from the Bible is a groundbreaking religious podcast because it offers more than the ordinary sermon-style podcast that tells the same old stories again and again.

The podcast is revolutionary in Bible-study podcasting and preaching for Christians and Bible enthusiast alike as it exposes the “unheard teachings” and eye-opening “cold hard truth” that many people have not heard of or just simply failed to hear.

Listeners will also benefit from the LIVE question and answer interaction. They can send any biblical questions that they have been wanting to get answers for via chat or phone-in calls.

Most importantly, it is a 100% FREE podcast. Listeners are not obliged to donate or pledge ANYTHING to the show as we believe that preaching the truth should be given freely.

Hosted by podcaster Uly Villamin and featuring Philippines' no-nonsense preacher Brother Eli Soriano.
58 Episodes
Know something unheard from the man who has been spewing unheard biblical mysteries for 6 decades.
S3EP1:  A Versatile God

S3EP1: A Versatile God


God, as mighty as he is; and even if He doesn't have any variableness, nor any shadow of turning, He still makes Himself versatile to us humans.
What makes the Almighty God the God that He is?
What are the three heavens mentioned in the Bible?
S2 Finale:  Trailer

S2 Finale: Trailer


This is the Season 2 Finale and celebration of 4 million downloads.
Where are these proclaimed miracle healers when we need them?
Why are the miracle healers not putting an end to the pandemic?
Who are these doppelgängers from hell who are impersonating our Lord Jesus Christ?
Who are the "false Christs" that Jesus warned us about?
S2EP9: The Wine of Victory

S2EP9: The Wine of Victory


What is the meaning of Matthew 26:29?
What is the meaning of Jesus pronouncement on Matthew 26:29
Find out what is the real meaning of predestination in the Bible.
The truth about predestination is revealed.
The true birthdate of Jesus Christ is not December 25. Find out when on this episode of The Unheard Truth.
What is the true birthdate of Jesus Christ?
Christmas has been celebrated for a long time. Did you ever wonder how it came to be? Find out the secret behind The Unheard Truth About Christmas.
Do you know that your favorite holiday of the year has a long kept secret?
S2EP5: Strictly for Sinners

S2EP5: Strictly for Sinners


Why did Jesus said that he did not come for the righteous, but for the sinners?
Why did Jesus Christ said that he did not come for the righteous, but for the sinners?
The hidden mystery behind the prayer that was taught by our Lord Jesus Christ revealed in this episode.
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Tony Ching

almost all so called pastors now a days they only look for what we have and not for us who is looking for the true words of God. so it is exactly they can be categorize as Killer sheep, pretending to be of God but what is inside of them are the killer sheep

Oct 20th
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