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Content is fun again! The show for digital agencies and content professionals that blends frank conversations, expert advice, tips from the content trenches, and obscure linguistic facts. Content marketing enthusiasts, SEO nerds and pun lovers unite! Content creation is hard but The Verblio Show makes it entertaining. And it will make you 92% smarter.
47 Episodes
Learn how to get more from your email list and why the channel is more important than ever. Nick also shares hows a theater degree set him up for marketing success and reveals the numbers behind his t-shirt obsession.
Lola explains why inclusive marketing needs to benefit not just society, but also your bottom line. She also shares examples of brands who got it right and lets Steve know that the only real risk in taking a stand is to his ego.
Hear why purple oceans are better than blue and why being a CEO is part psychology, part politics. David also talks about the need to reinvent himself, the value of a commoditized market, and the strategy behind Drift. 
Ryan shares why marketers need to get over themselves—and their fear of rejection. He also talks virtual events, how often to email, and gives a masterclass on marketing in the new world of digital art. 
Suneet gives an inspiring talk to kick off the new year, including the formula that keeps us from being happy and what we can do to lessen burnout. He also dives into Newtonian theory and why it's a bad model for OKR setting.
Juan Carlos explains the marketing differences between LatAm and the U.S. and how his agency recovered from a 39% drop at the start of the pandemic. He and Steve also swap tour guide stories and Spanish slang.
NewsCred CEO Shaf walks us through the origins of content marketing and spills the story behind his company's recent transition to Welcome. He also shares his random fandom for the Tennessee Titans.
Jason returns to the show to talk about what he got right—and wrong—with his early pandemic predictions and covers the importance of preparedness, podcasting, and processes.
Learn how the Wistia brand happened by accident and why leading a startup is easier when you have no experience. Also, hear about the scandals took down the former mob boss mayor of Providence, RI. 
Hear why Mark prefers creating new playgrounds to building better mousetraps and learn about the three steps of successful category creation: discover, develop, and dominate. 
Learn how to use video as a tool, not just a product, and hear how partnerships have helped Gabriel's agency punch above its weight. He also teaches us about the Scandinavian practice of hygge and shares why he is *not* a Florida man.
When it comes to brand building, we have to be patient. When it comes to inclusion and diversity in business, we need change now. Hear Kelli speak to both and learn how her agency navigates the ever-changing world of digital for her clients.
Society is in a storytelling renaissance. Learn why and hear how Kyle is democratizing one particular medium. He also talks entrepreneurship, warns against a major marketing mistake, and serenades us all with his guitar.
Hear from a recent Jeopardy! champ on the most efficient way to buzz in, life lessons learned from improv, and exactly how much content a leading digital agency is creating for its clients.
Learn why Ritesh is so optimistic about the future of healthcare and hear what most people get wrong about digital. He and Steve also discuss what they want to be when they grow up. 
#032: Steve and Rand talk startup myths, problematic duopolies, and Rebel Alliances. Rand also shares the people and brands he’s most excited about right now, and rants about the atrocity of putting cream in carbonara.
#031: Hear the story behind your favorite “As Seen on TV” products and learn marketing lessons that apply to infomercials and digital alike. Matt also shares his journey from Netscape engineer to COO at one of the biggest direct-to-consumer names in the world.
#030: Clodagh and Steve talk about global trends in marketing and Clodagh’s latest upskill. They also get meta with the dos and don’ts of successful podcasting: Don’t underestimate the power of consistency, and do interview your father.
#029: Ross Simmonds shares how writing about dirt can be exciting and why marketers struggle with content promotion. He and Steve also talk portfolio theory, dodgeball, and obscure history—and Ross tells how Madden got him into marketing.
#028: Steve and Drew cover why agencies are responsible for soap operas, how to establish authority as an agency, and what a cornerstone content strategy looks like. Drew also lets us know it's time to stop saying "unprecedented."
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