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As a DEI+ expert, Ashley shares what she's seeing companies get right (and wrong) with equity and inclusion initiatives. She also explains why perfectionism is a product of white supremacy culture.
The co-founder of Impact Museums explains how Ticketmaster's best-selling event of 2021 came to be and forecasts future trends in immersive entertainment.
The founder of EverCommerce shares his lessons from various stages of startup growth, how he knew it was time to start acquiring other businesses, and what it takes to market to SMBs.
As the founder of CMO Huddles and award-winning agency Renegade, Drew shares the four characteristics of successful CMOs, the conversation to have with your CFO, and how to make a rebrand stick.
Amanda explains how to create newsworthy content and breaks down the role of earned media and PR, based on her experience as a journalist and as head of marketing at Stacker.
Author and professor Nancy Lee shares what social marketing is, how most government agencies could be doing it better, and some of the toughest campaigns she's worked on to influence public behavior.
Hawke Media founder Erik talks TikTok over Facebook, explains the key to marketing to Gen Z, and gives advice for wannabe agency owners.
Evelyn explains what brand adolescence is, how to identify the symptoms, and how to navigate it successfully.
Andy Crestodina, Tim Riesterer, Ashley Faus, Dave Kellogg, Cassidy Shield, Rand Fishkin, Ritesh Patel, Sean Griffey, Denise and Jim Franklin, Doug Kessler, Kait Creamer, and Melanie Deziel take down some of marketing's most accepted wisdom.
The Franklins explain what they look for when investing in a startup. They also share the structure for their own marriage OS and why marriage offsites should be a thing.
Dan talks growth strategies, innovation, and why most brands aren't as special as they think. He also shares the most important job a marketer has.
Lee explains why prospecting isn't dead and shares the one opportunity 99.99% of salespeople miss, with insights from his bestselling book, Sell Different!
Doug explains why the stakeholder problem isn't real and why vanity metrics are good. He also talks ecosystem marketing, agency accountability, and the rise of sessionized content.
Author Christina del Villar explains how to have a more effective and influential marketing career through her G.R.I.T. methodology.
Joe shares the most successful piece of content he created at Contently, how he's approaching a new space in his role at A.Team, and the number one ingredient for effective content.
Dan shares examples of customer experience done right, how to approach CX, and how it's tied to employee experience with insights from his bestselling book, The Experience Maker.
Vaibhav explains the story behind Hubilo's event management platform, what the future of virtual events looks like, and how event marketing is shifting from branding to demand gen.
Atul breaks down the most common lie marketers tell and explains the role of both emotions and reason in marketing, with insights from his book "Lies, Damned Lies, and Marketing."
Industry Dive co-founder and CEO Sean breaks down marketing lessons from a media company, the problem with precision marketing, and the blessing (and curse) of bootstrapping.
Former oDesk (now Upwork) CEO Gary Swart explains the formula for a successful marketplace, predicts the future of workplaces, and shares his approach to investing.
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Charles Ross

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May 15th
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