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Author: Steve Pockross

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Tune in for conversations with eclectic and enlivening marketers. Imagine your weird shower thoughts and disparate liberal arts references took a road trip. This podcast is the soundtrack. Great marketing ideas can come from anywhere. So let’s talk about some.
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Greg Head, who has spent the past 30 years leading, growing, and advising software companies, shares why VC funding is misunderstood and over-prescribed, how AI will change the future of marketing, and explains the world of practical founders.
Caitlin Bartley, CEO of female-only marketing agency cred, shares her approach to digging deep with clients, the importance of staying flexible, and how to find creative solutions in the wild world of PR and event marketing.
Ken "Magma" Marshall, Chief Growth Officer at RevenueZen, explains the secret sauce of B2B growth, how he transitioned from entrepreneur to agency owner to agency seller, and how to achieve legitimate fame on LinkedIn.
Gordon Boyes, CEO of Concept3D, shares learnings from his "three and several halves" CEO gigs, including how to choose career opportunities that play to your strengths and how to manage long sales cycles.
As host of the Marketing Book Podcast, Doug shares his picks for the best marketing books of 2022, including the best books to read during a recession and some classics we can all read again.
Lily explains how brands of different sizes should be thinking about EAT, what SEOs have deciphered from Google patents, and the new search technologies she's most excited about.
Pearl discusses the current state and future of content marketing, the challenges of building YMYL content at scale, how CEOs can prioritize tasks to better achieve growth, and offers advice for aspiring leaders.
Rachel discusses leading tech startups, investing strategies, writing her memoir, the importance of process, and how lessons from all these activities have made her a better marketer.
Ashley shares what it took to turn Cuties into a lunchbox phenomenon, plus other strategies for marketing commodities from her experience heading marketing at brands like The Wonderful Company and SunFed Ranch.
The president of Applied Brand Science shares what every brand's buyer distribution looks like and most common mistakes we make with consumer research.
Hope shares what marketing teams are getting wrong with video marketing today, how to prepare for the future of video marketing, and the best part of having a co-founder at video marketing firm Lemonlight.
Andrea explains the seven values of agile marketing and the philosophy behind AgileSherpas. She also shares how Eminem helped her become an entrepreneur.
Paddy shares the biggest trends in link-building today, what agencies need to be doing differently, and what he's learned as the co-founder of superstar agency Aira.
David Cancel of Drift, Peep Laja of Wynter, Chris Savage of Wistia, Niel Robertson of, Stephen Lease of Goodr, Gary Swart, formerly of Upwork, Shafqat Islam of NewsCred, Sean Griffey of Industry Dive, Vaibhav Jain of Hublio, Rand Fishkin of Sparktoro, Jimmy Daly of Superpath, and Eric Remer of EverCommerce share wisdom of all sorts based on their experiences as founders and CEOs.
As a DEI+ expert, Ashley shares what she's seeing companies get right (and wrong) with equity and inclusion initiatives. She also explains why perfectionism is a product of white supremacy culture.
The co-founder of Impact Museums explains how Ticketmaster's best-selling event of 2021 came to be and forecasts future trends in immersive entertainment.
The founder of EverCommerce shares his lessons from various stages of startup growth, how he knew it was time to start acquiring other businesses, and what it takes to market to SMBs.
As the founder of CMO Huddles and award-winning agency Renegade, Drew shares the four characteristics of successful CMOs, the conversation to have with your CFO, and how to make a rebrand stick.
Amanda explains how to create newsworthy content and breaks down the role of earned media and PR, based on her experience as a journalist and as head of marketing at Stacker.
Author and professor Nancy Lee shares what social marketing is, how most government agencies could be doing it better, and some of the toughest campaigns she's worked on to influence public behavior.
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Charles Ross

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May 15th
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