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Author: National Review

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Author, historian, and political commentator Victor Davis Hanson takes to the National Review airwaves for discussions of national politics, history, and more. He is joined by NR's vice president Jack Fowler for this weekly podcast.
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People have to take vacations, even eminent military historians. So in this episode, recorded in late July as we anticipated a lapse, Victor discussed some of America’s premier generals, and what made them great -- or, not so great. Among those discussed: George Washington, U.S. Grant, Dwight Eisenhower, William Sherman, George Patton, Douglas MacArthur, Matthew Ridgway, and some of the more prominent Native American chief: Cochise, Geronimo, and Sitting Bull. And a little shade is thrown at Benedict Arnold.
On today’s episode, Victor discusses the reasons and consequences of keeping America’s classrooms locked, free speech on campus, the NFL and NBA prioritizing woke, Donald Trump’s interview with Chris Wallace, and what 2021 might look like in Joe Biden’s America.
On today’s episode, Victor discusses his syndicated column on the schizophrenic woke rioters, his new NR essay on Jacobin Leftists getting edgy, the boomerang heading towards NBA and NFL virtue-mongerers, Bastille Day-generated reflections on the French Revolution’s enduring influence, Gavin Newsom’s dis-openings for the Golden State, the meaning of contender Kanye West, and the Trump / Fauci contretemps.
On this episode, Victor discusses how Joe Biden has fared having emerged from his basement, President Trump’s Mount Rushmore speech and his executive orders on monuments, universities hell-bent for obsolescence, and the Cultural Revolution’s Year Zero.
On today’s program, Victor discusses the cognitive challenges of Joe Biden; the former Veep’s basement strategy -- and how Trump needs to get Biden up through the bilco doors; how November will be about the Angry Voter; Blue State leaders “neo-confederate” approach to mayhem; John Roberts, the intimidated jurist; a Trump second-term agenda; recalling California governor Gavin Newsom; and reflections on the Fall of France on the 80th anniversary. The Victor Davis Hanson Podcast is produced by Sarah Schutte.
On this week’s episode, Victor discusses statue-toppling; the self-cannibalizing appetite of cultural revolutions; Juneteenth; President Trump’s new immigration order; chaos; John Bolton’s book; favorable winds that Donald Trump needs to harness to prevail in November; an attack of his criticism of retired generals; and how in the era of pandemics and riots, the city mouse is envious of his country cousin.
On today’s episode, Victor discusses his forthcoming NR piece on the emerging, partisan Military-Intelligence Complex; statue-toppling and base-renaming; the ironies and paradoxes of revolutions; Senator Graham’s planned Judiciary hearings on Flynn and collusion; BLM being a Marxist front; media madness; and the Seattle CHAZ scene.
On this week’s episode, Victor discusses the media coming out unabashedly Left, the nexus of riots and coronavirus, the generals versus Trump, China -- No More Mr. Nice Commie, and much more.
On this week’s edition, Victor shares his thoughts on Donald Trump’s announcement of military force to counter riots, the president’s lack of focus, the paradox that is Joe Biden, Andrew Cuomo’s latest failures, Tucker Carlson’s clobbering of conservative lecturers, America’s standing in the world, and lefty media sanctimony.
On this week’s episode, Victor discusses the emptiness and diminished legacy of the Obama administration -- and gilded-Socialism cashed in post-presidency; the ACLU’s foray into fighting due process on campus; Stanford colleague Michael Levitt’s told-you-so warnings about pandemic predictions and the deadly impact of lockdowns; India’s standing as a U.S. ally; and Joe Biden’s expectations of Black Americans.
Today on The Victor Davis Hanson Podcast, Rich Lowry takes over hosting duties to interview Victor on this special Memorial Day weekend episode.
On this week’s episode, as Memorial Day approaches, Victor discusses how the “best and brightest” have destroyed evidence, altered documents, lied, leaked, and pled amnesia; the inspirational lessons an America emerging from a pandemic lockdown might take from World War II; woke billionaires lecturing; how America cares for the remains of those who made the ultimate sacrifice; and about his dad and his namesake -- two WWII warriors who endured hell, one of whom lost his life on Okinowa.
Episode 15: Cuomo Vadis?

Episode 15: Cuomo Vadis?


Victor talks about the truth behind the Brothers Cuomo (and the alleged competency of the one ruling from Albany); Joe Biden’s imitation of an albatross; Obama in the discomfort of the collusion spotlight; Devin Nunes proven-rightness; and -- given the recent marking of the 75th Anniversary of VE Day -- the idea that victory, for the Allies, was not all so inevitable.
On the new episode, Victor discusses the war between the credentialed class and the folks with practical experience, the love affair between America businesses and Communist China, the free-speech angle to college undergrads opting for victimhood status, the misguided panacea of coronavirus testing, and putting Joe Biden’s veepstakes in historical context.
On today’s episode, Victor discusses his new NRO piece, “Our Corona Project,” the continuing media effort to belittle theories that the virus may have come to the U.S. earlier than believed, press conference advice for Donald Trump, the value of Stanford University colleague John Ioannidis, and explosive news about the FBI’s look-pretty-corrupt actions in investigating General Michael Flynn.
This week, VDH takes on a slew of topics, making the case for the pushback by fed-up Americans  intent on protecting their rights from oats-feeling authoritarian officials (and experts!), discussing an important H. R. McMaster essay on China, waxing on Donald Trump’s political standing and his executive-order plan to suspend immigration, and reflecting on the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Berlin.
This week with his tongue-tied cohost, not-a-doc Victor discusses a Slate reporting hit job, Donald Trump’s political standing, the two distinct options a post-viral America faces, the political elevation of Andrew Cuomo, and the quickly forgotten comments (and role) of Anthony Fauci. Plus there’s reference to a Devil’s Dictionary of political correctness.
On today’s episode, Victor discusses the gloomy Eeyore-channeling prognosticators and the strategic upside of their being always pessimistic; the sheer amount of deaths from other diseases -- and how they prompt no America shut-down; South Dakota governor Kristi Noem’s bucking the one-size-fits-all epidemic-policy response; how COVID-19 has achieved Advantaged Disease status; the EU’s failure to bear its rightful burden for global safety and security; and President Trump’s favorable/unfavorable numbers.
March is out like a lion, and on today’s episode discusses the coronoavirus anomaly/mystery of California, how Donald Trump’s reelection hinges on the strategic foresight he will bring to bear in battling the pathogen, Red China’s hegemony plans through its global logistics and infrastructure investments, liberal Rhode Island’s realization that borders do exist (and hoping that virus-fleeing New Yorkers won’t cross them), and the upper hand held by virtue-panic mongers.
Midway through America’s effort at social distancing, Victor discusses his first-hand experience with the economics of panics, about Capitol Hill Democrats loading up coronavirus relief legislation with an ideological wish list, and the geographically, socially, and ideologically driven coverage of the Wuhan virus.
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Corey Dougherty

The best podcast I listen too. Love VDH.

Jun 18th


Love this podcast

Mar 24th
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