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Author: Colin Barnard

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Watch or listen to our sermons.
Engaging, challenging and inspiring messages, showing how the Bible is just as relevant today, as it has always been.

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91 Episodes
We look at real freedom in the context of the Bible, versus the mis-sold and misunderstood freedom the world often embraces.
Listen to the 3rd part in our Saving Truth Series. We look at how the world has mistaken autonomy for Freedom, and how the bible and Christian faith can show the true way to true freedom.
Listen to the next part in our sermon series on "Saving Truth" by Abdu Murray. Today we look at how Christians can disagree without being disagreeable. How can Christians share the Gospel, the truth of the Word and cultivate healthy Gospel conversations.
First in our series on living in a post-truth world as Christians. How do we convey hope of Jesus without compromising on the truth of the Word.
Listen to our latest sermon on Matthew 4:1-11  We look at the temptation of Christ in the wilderness. Discover just how powerful Jesus' identity is in this time of trial.  Find out how crucial this identity is in keeping us in the power of Christ and how it can prevent us from being drawn away and deceived.
Listen to our sermon on how an admission of unworthiness and brokenness can put us on the road to redemption and restoration through Jesus. (Apologies for missing first 5 mins of recording due to technical issues.)
Listen to our latest sermon on the "God-man" Jesus. Learn about the only recorded account of Jesus in the Bible at age 12. What does it mean to be both fully God and fully human and what are the implications for us in understanding and accepting it.
Listen to our latest sermon in our New Testament series as we look at the story of the birth of Jesus. What can this account tell us about understanding God's Word and plan, as well as lead us to an acceptance of His authority.
Listen to our livestream from Sunday 23rd August as we begin our Chronological journey through the New Testament. We look the witness of John, Jesus who is God and the hope that was (and is) to come in Him.
Listen to our latest sermon, and the last in our Malachi series, on how can we have confidence in The Word of God, live in faith and not fear of the coming day of Jesus's return.
Listen to our latest sermon as we look at the subject of mindset in relation to our service to God.  As Christians, how can we grow in the mindset that we are servants of righteousness?
Listen to our livestream Podcast from Sunday 2nd August 2020. We look at the subject of tithing in the old testament and how it can help us in understanding the principle of tithing today.
Listen to our latest sermon on Malachi - Union between man,woman and God.  How much does God value union between Himself and people.
Listen to our latest sermon as we look at Malachi 2:1-9 and God's warning to the Priests. We look at how to develop a resolve (determination/confidence) in Faith.
How do we give our first and best to God, what does that look like?  Listen to our latest sermon as we look at Malachi 1:6-14 and God's dispute with His people's blemished sacrifices.
Ever had a dispute with God?  Watch the first part of our 7 part mini series in Malachi.  We look at God's people disputing God's love for them.
The Return - Psalm 126

The Return - Psalm 126


Watch our Sunday service, communion and message on Psalm 126.  How can Christians and Churches as a whole, rebuild our community through making God the centre of our spiritual renewal and therefore a revival in our communities.
A change is coming

A change is coming


What does it look like to change our hearts and be Christ-like in our faith? Ezekiel 36:24-28
Unconditional Faith

Unconditional Faith


Jesus died on the cross to pay the price for our sin. Jesus died on the cross without exception.  What does it look like for us to live in faith to God without exception.  Watch our sermon on unconditional faith. Daniel 3:16-18
The Father's Heart

The Father's Heart


What does it mean to truly seek after God the Father's heart. Find out as we look deeper into the life and experience of Jeremiah.
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