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Join Stu Horvath (Vintage RPG, Unwinnable) and John McGuire (Mai-Tai Happy Hour, Ham-Fisted Productions) as they delve into their favorite tabletop roleplaying games from the past, present and future!
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Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu
Hosts Stu Horvath and John McGuire welcome you back and breakdown what's coming up on Episode 2 (00:19). Stu Explains his recent obsession with Azul, a deceptively complicated board game about building mosaics (1:20) and John updates where in the world his Big Trouble In Little China board game is. The main discussion starts at (7:50) with Stu explaining why he loves Call of Cthulhu and fawns over the greatness of Chaosium. They pull out the first edition Call of Cthulhu box set and drill down into specifics (10:30) charting the games development from RuneQuest and Basic RPG (11:00) and the game's power dynamics (12:00). John describes some of the grisly ways his characters have died in Call of Cthulhu (15:40) and the discussion turns to the fragility of the game's player characters (18.26). Stu breaks down the differences between the different editions of the game (19:00). Stu also talks about Gene Day, the late artist who illustrated the first edition Cthulhu box (22:04). The guys then chat about the titles of people who run games (23:20) and delight at CoC's nomenclature. Finally Stu and John discuss how they finally have a regular RPG night again and chat about the first game they are playing: Tales From The Loop, a game inspired by Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag (25:59). The guys bid you farewell until next time (25:59). * Like, Rate, Subscribe and Review The Vintage RPG Podcast! * Tune in two weeks from now for the next episode...and may the dice always roll in your favor!

Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu


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