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The Visual Developers Podcast

Author: Matt Varughese, Lacey Kesler, and Ben Parker

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This is the Visual Developers podcast hosted by Matt Varughese, Lacey Kesler, and Ben Parker! From maker interviews to tutorials and more, we're here to talk about all things no-code. #nocode
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0:58 - Webflow launches another accessibility feature, vision preview!1:30 - Stark 2:27 - WCAG 3.02:45 - Adalo adds new fonts (over 1,000!)3:56 - Parker Thompson, No-Code Report + Olada.fun4:35 - Coda opening packs up for everyone? 5:28 - Corey Moen’s Tweet6:02 - Memberstack introduces new pricing6:40 - Webflow for Students8:45 - Outseta’s new website9:51 - Mackenzie Child has something else in the works already? 11:18 - Softr raises $2.2 million Series A round12:45 - Also, they already have user accounts available on free plansXX:XX - Glide now has a “swipe” layout!14:02 - Michael from Stacker App was interviewed by Garry Tan14:21 - Zapier is releasing a looping action18:25 - The Design Director at Figma shared his 20 Speed tips18:47 - Flowbase rebrands Optimizer to Optily Tools mentioned:SketchFigmaCanvaRemove BGDownsizeStarkHumaaaansIconifyBlobsSort LayersUnsplashAdobe SuiteImage TracerAffinity ToolsVector MagicClipping MagicAfter EffectsMiroGoogle JamboardHappy HuesCoolorsDropbox PaperCodaNotionTinyPNGBulk Resize PhotosPrintful GeneratorArtboard StudioRender ForestScreelyAPI FlashAdobe FontsLeague of Movable TypeGoogle FontsDaFontFont SquirrelIcons8Icon FinderStreamline IconsFlat IconRemix IconsMaterial IconsSplineDon’t use FontawesomeSuper Mega Pack
1:25 - Mackenzie Child launched!! 4:59 - Adalo making a call for people to test bringing in external users! 👀07:30 - Webflow is launching a Component Marketplace10:31 - Tom Osman’s new course - “Everything you need to know about no-code”12:57 - Top 100 Makers in the No-Code Space15:19 - Women in No Code (WINC)20:00 - Tally Forms adds conditional logic!20:45 - Finsweet launched a new podcast21:29 - Wix Editor X event on February 4th24:20 - Lacey’s tweet DRAGGING Editor X 🌭24:20 - Matt’s reply to Lacey’s tweet24:50 - Sheetscon is coming in March (24th and 25th)25:48 - Airtable now has kanban and gallery views available in iOS25:57 - The 2020 Golden Kitty awards are now open for voting27:22 - Bildr has started letting in early sign ups27:56 - Draftbit launched easier screen creation and live preview in the builder29:15 - Landbot (no-code chatbot builder) announces their $8 Million Series A30:20 - You can now duplicate table columns in Coda31:15 - Tom Osman’s tweet about Descript App32:23 - Lacey is launching Visual with Joe Brown & Alan Podemski as part of the OnDeck No-Code Fellowship! 34:50 - What is On Deck?36:03 - Lacey is a h8r of #BuildInPublic37:10 - Episode Begins:
1:24 - Webflow raises 140 million Series B and now valued at $2.1 Billion 🤯4:00 - Jetboost 6:25 - Visual Dev FM’s episode with David Adkin (Adalo)8:03 - Adalo has 41 new list customization options9:48 - Webflow and Zapier made YCombinators list of top companies10:10 - Zapier posted an article on Google form settings10:55 - Finsweet hires Alex Iglesias Piñol12:14 - Aron and Finsweet teach you how to create invoices with Zapier and Google Docs13:05 - Softr launched Memberships 🎉14:30 - Join Women in No Code (WINC)16:30 - Glide released Hints17:24 - Typeform now in beta with conversational forms24:00 - Airtable now supports REGEX!26:10 - Ycode launches January 31!28:00 - Interview begins28:45 - Carri shares her background33:00 - What kind of support did Carri receive?34:40 - North Dallas Open Coffee Club36:45 - Carri on NBC to talk about the COVID Vaccine Tracker39:00 - All of Carri’s interviews41:27 - Make a donation to Carri’s project or add a report here45:00 - AppGyver (APPYGIVER, Matt’s a bully and Ben’s had a hard week)50:40 - Function > Aesthetic for Carri’s COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker53:34 - PetiteGreet55:15 - On Deck No Code Fellowship
0:22 - Episode begins1:27 - Webflow launches it Enterprise program1:50 - And with it a new wing within Experts: Enterprise Partners3:39 - Webflow launched a new feature – nested symbols5:36 - Webflow is launching a new 21 day course5:59 - A great guide on how to make your Webflow site more accessible6:40 - Airtable now has script templates7:40 - Also, Airtable is hiring!7:54 - Zapier now has an integration with Circle App8:47 - We didn’t talk about it last time, but it now connects with Amazon Honeycode too9:50 - Circle app crossed 1k+ paying communities within their first year10:56 - Jetboost now integrates with Outseta for setting favorites11:57 - Chris also brought in Sarwech from nocodelytics12:36 - Makerpad now has Creator Grants13:50 - Mackenzie Child working on accessibility friendly color palettes13:57 - It will be a part of his Super Mega Webflow Pack15:30 - Softr announced some December updates16:05 - Bubble has a new series teaching the end to end process of building an app18:10 - Bubble also had an Immerse Digital Demo Day showcasing no-code Black entrepreneurship18:47 - Coda launched a doc detailing their review of 202018:55 - Ben rebuilt Things 3 with Coda19:51 - Is anyone out there using Firetable?21:54 - Stacker sent out an email about connecting other apps (e.g. Stripe, Intercom, etc.)22:32 - Ycode coming for that 👑?? Taylor says yes!24:01 - Why do companies keep doing this? Why Ycode? 25:12 - Visly App is open to the public now – build React components visually27:00 - No-code Founders is starting tutorials and a no-code startup lab27:32 - Our first interview with NelsonCheck out the Pixel Geek community at https://www.pixelgeek.communitySign up for the course from Pixel Geek at
1:16 - Webflow Cyber Week sale on templates!2:00 - Have you been watching Webflow’s Design Monday’s2:50 - Bravo has HTML & Markdown styling now3:22 - No Code Jac is looking for some Zapier and Integromat pros4:04 - Carrie Craver has the No Code Coffee Club to connect for free4:46 - We need more women in no-code7:25 - WINC7:43 - Buildbox has a guide out on how to make a 3D game with no-code8:20 - Outseta now has SSO Integration with Circle App and Affiliate integration with Rewardful10:40 - Sheena from Inside No-Code is giving away paid subscriptions in December11:16 - Glide has a guide for building a Google Analytics Glide App14:29 -  Adalo + Metaranx = MAGIC16:22 - Metaranx also sent out a big batch of closed beta invites16:32 - Adalo also has a horizontal chip list now!16:47 - Softr now has web app functionality!!20:20 - Pory has some cool updates for November20:49 - Zapier has a live workshop this week on getting started with their amazing tool21:29 - Stacker development has not slowed down at all22:45 - Salesforce purchased Slack for 27 BILLION? 🤯27:46 - Parabola has a new “How To” section29:00 - Have you seen the Tailwind builder? 👀29:59 - Tailwind UI Components31:30 - Mackenzie Child curated a list of the best 50ish Google Fonts to use for your projects 32:00 - Makerpad’s Advent of No-Code32:28 - Lacey is the new Head of Education at Adalo! 🎉 37:01 - Parker Thompson’s Adalo course, - Jake Spirek, the GOAT
0:22 - Episode begins02:47 - Webflow now lets you organize assets with folders03:32 - Webflow has a load more backups button in the Designer now04:17 - You can import multi-reference items via CSV in Webflow now! 🤩06:08 - Webflow also released the Auditor Panel to help you find and fix accessibility issues 💯08:28 - Glide now lets you enable tablet/desktop mode in Pro apps09:10 - Glide also recapped a lot of recent updates and announced new features November 12th09:40 - A lot of Glide updates around security and the editor, but CUSTOM ACTIONS!!! 🤯 11:38 - Adalo now has a random picker component available11:58 - Adalo also posted a blog article about how they’re prioritizing performance 12:05 - Adalo has also posted an article about their community and support12:47 - Bubble & Makerpad have partnered together to launch a monthly challenge13:48 - Bubble has also launched the no-code census15:10 - Bubble has started weekly Bubble quick tips! 15:45 - Softr has a new feature, showcase code on your site!16:30 - Learn to troubleshoot formulas in Coda17:15 - Aron Korenblit did a series on scripting in Airtable, you need to check it out!18:01 - You can now import Boosters in Jetboost!!18:30 - Jetboost lets you filter by the option field now! No reference field required!!19:26 - Stark got $1.5M in funding!! 🤯21:38 - Finsweet is cutting out design and moving to development and implementation only25:30 - Drew Thomas will be re-building No Code List in Bildr on Twitch26:43 - Squarespace is getting into the membership site game 👀28:00 - Our own Matt had his agency acquired by Tiny and is the new CEO of 8020 🎉🍾28:58 - Notion now has a timeline view (Gantt chart view)29:57 - Lacey is a legendary no-code speaker!! 🥳 31:00 - Hatch is coming?? 🐣32:03 - Tally added a form template gallery for you33:00 - Zapier will select a question each week and answer it with a short video on Instagram
0:22 - Episode begins1:32 - Webflow E-commerce now has variant pill selectors2:49 - Webflow has billboards now? 3:35 - Webflow has folders4:58 - Adalo now has horizontal lists5:45 - Coda and Masterclass launched a doc about launches5:55 - Notion → Coda Importer6:38 - That incredible Coda marketing video7:44 - You can mark columns as protected in Glide now8:37 - Bubble has a new community stream, Bubble Office Hours!13:02 - Kieran17:57 - Custom domains are now available on Substack19:09 - Sam (@thisdickie on Twitter) built his site using Notion20:31 - You can get Sam’s Notion template on his website (Built in Webflow 🎉)20:35 - Maybe you want to use Super to connect a Notion doc to a custom domain20:46 - Thunkable lets you connect to Google Sheets and Airtable21:38 - We taught a no-code masterclass at the California College of the Arts25:46 - Forms26:49 - Tally vs. Typeform30:25 - Index31:50 - Outseta35:45 - AppGyver38:43 - Servicebot39:35 - Pory42:03 - Softr43:31 - Metaranx44:33 - Webflow45:00 - Mackenzie’s Tweet46:14 - Bildr47:35 - BannerBear
0:22 - Episode begins1:33 - Webflow E-Commerce Update: new product types3:32 - Webflow’s Digital Dollar Store, proceeds going to OTTP-SF4:02 - Webflow has iPhone 12 widths in the Designer already!6:50 - Integromat has been acquired8:36 - Celonis13:06 - Memberstack’s Blog Post: Celebrating New Milestones15:00 - Adalo Updates: Ada Lovelace Day15:45 - Adalo’s Next Chapter16:37 - David Adkin’s Episodes (Interview, Future is No-code)16:56 - The Future is No Code18:43 - Jeremy’s tweet thread20:19 - David’s tweet thread about 3 Reasons Why No-Code Exploded21:12 - Glide Update: You can now assign roles to your app’s users22:16 - Aron Korenblit’s tweet thread on Airtable Scripting22:55 - AATT (Newsletter)23:01 - Carri Craver’s tweet about no-code lists26:06 - Erik Israni’s tweet about no-code dev roles26:42 - Max Joles’s tweet about working in someone else’s no-code project28:43 - Edgar Allan30:10 - Max Joles31:13 - Main episode: Coda released a Notion Importer34:51 - Our Coda Episode42:58 - Ben’s guide for Notion Users moving to Coda
0:22 - Episode begins1:35 - Webflow Mini Lessons are here with Grimur1:49 - McGuire Brannon3:26 - First, Last, Even, Odd Styling is here in Webflow for CMS Items4:16 - E-commerce Discounts are out of beta5:30 - FoxyCart, Shopify6:47 - Webflow Customer Support Team won an award! (S/O to Ben!)7:48 - Finsweet poaches Raymmar Tirado (NoCodeVideo, CloneComp)9:20 - NoCodeDevs Newsletter was on Product Hunt10:09 - Episode 2 of The Flowmingo Show is here (by Mackenzie Child)10:48 - Glide Update: The math column can now do calculations with date and time11:19 - Chris Messina launched an Alfred custom search directory with Pory and Airtable11:58 - Alfred App13:20 - Keyboard Maestro, StreamDeck14:42 - Unqork hits $2B valuation with new fundraise16:57 - Adalo Update: Sign in with Google is here!17:30 - Adalo also offers annual pricing17:39 - PixelGeek’s No-Code Awards18:00 - Makerpad’s T-30 Awards21:02 - Memberstack Updates22:20 - Parabola Updates23:55 - Ben’s cloneable to encourage people to vote — get it here!27:57 - Tweet at us! @visualdevfm28:20 - Discussion begins28:39 - Lacey’s underrated features32:31 - Matt’s underrated features40:10 - Ben’s underrated features
0:22 - Episode begins1:07 - Zapier tweeted out their Fastest Growing Apps of 20201:44 - ClickUp, Webflow, Zoom, Netlify2:09 - Webflow surpassed 100,000 customers2:47 - Webflow Update: You can set now set global Canonical Tags4:13 - Airtable Update: Airtable has a new view sidebar5:00 - Airtable's blog post: How to Schedule Google Calendar Events right from within Airtable5:20 - Adalo's blog post: 14 Resources We Use When Creating No Code Apps6:17 - Glide Update: Add deep links in your app6:51 - Glide Update: New event picker for dates7:18 - Lacey's now running the Indie Hacker's no-code community group8:16 - Rosie, Head of Community for Indie Hackers9:10 - WINC9:47 - Pory: Turn your Airtable into a Website10:58 - Sam, the founder of Pory12:28 - Makerpad's 30-day Challenge12:53 - Makerpad is teaching you how to build a community13:19 - Zeroqode Conference: Register here13:56 - Google released an Airtable Clone... Tables14:15 - Episode begins: Google Tables14:20 - Matt's take on Google Tables (Mentioned: Honeycode, Stackby)18:00 - Lacey's take on Google Tables (Mentioned: Killed by Google)21:00 - Ben's take on Google Tables (Mentioned: Pricing page, Templates, Google Material Design)21:21 - Area 12028:49 - Killed by Google35:19 - Appsheet40:16 - Google Colab, Google Data Studio41:34 - Building a website in Google Sites45:50 - Building with Google Tables: Official Tutorial
0:22 - Episode begins1:09 - Webflow announced the Webflow World Tour Winners1:19 - Business or E-Commerce Prototype: Zoom Prototype by Sarkis Buniatyan1:41 - Best Enterprise Solution: Webflow Haypi by Finsweet5:25 - Best Integration or Add-on: Vivek Shukla5:56 - Best Social Impact Project: STEAMCycle6:10 - Best Portfolio or Side Project: The Mountaineer by Amit Patel6:25 - Best Cloned Project or Use of a Pre-built Template: Shariar Azad Evan7:23 - Webflow Update: Control font display settings for faster loading8:25 - Built-in text accessibility contrast checker9:54 - Cat Noone of Stark (Listen to our episode with her)10:57 - Webflow listed as one of the top 100 private cloud companies11:30 - Glide Update: Glide released another course on building your own custom tasks12:00 - Glide also released the ability to release your own personal app12:44 - Adalo had a “Make a Clone” challenge13:47 - Adalo’s Two-Minute Tuesday for the Stopwatch component + Lottie component14:00 - Minimum Studio14:28 - Airtable raises $185M and releases 3 huge new features14:52 - Airtable Automations15:44 - Airtable Apps16:12 - Airtable Sync22:00 - Outseta23:00 - Stacker has been funded!25:05 - IFTTT Pro has arrived26:08 - Notion’s API is coming! They’re hiring a Dev Advocate26:27 - Notion’s security flaw28:21 - Integromat responded to Matt’s comment re: Support28:49 - Parabola33:38 - EPISODE: Best Build Strategies for Webflow35:30 - Style Guide36:40 - Wireframing37:15 - Understanding what content you’re going to use before you start38:00 - Sticky notes + building your CMS39:00 - What are the end goals?49:50 - Components + CMS52:00 - Styling responsively53:00 - Using swatches54:11 - Biggest mistakes we made56:20 - Font optimization57:16 - Webflow Interactions57:45 - Dialing in your testing58:05 - Adding internal scripts58:16 - Fathom Analytics58:30 - Calling different JS libraries58:44 - Ben’s pro-tip: Preventing a video from loading on mobile using JS59:45 - Lazy Load (A Webflow default now)1:00:08 - Webflow University1:02:00 - Image Optimizations (TinyPNG, Squoosh App, etc.)1:02:55 - Use SVGs when you can1:03:37 - Use thumbnails when possible in the CMS1:04:00 - Avoid icon fonts1:04:40 - Clean up unused styles1:04:58 - Quick Find (CMD + K or CMD + E)1:05:15 - Webflow 15-sec tutorial on Quick Find
0:22 - Episode begins1:40 - Notion’s API is coming soon?2:31 - Newsletter4:13 - Bubble’s new integration with Slack6:10 - Marcel’s tweet / #UnpopularOpinion10:16 - Nelson Abalos Jr (PixelGeek) has launched his community!11:00 - Webflow has updates to Alt Text12:57 - Zapier now has Zap Details!14:30 - Why Ben’s leaving Integromat for Zapier18:15 - Ben’s making a cloneable site that helps share + tweet about social issues
In this episode, Ben, Matt and Lacey discuss how and why to use code in your no-code projects. Ben also breaks down his process for using code in his projects and shares great resources to give you a head start!
In this episode, Ben, Matt, and Lacey chat with Adalo founder, David Adkin on the new Adalo Marketplace Components! David also shares some updates and news about what's next.
In this episode, Ben, Matt and Lacey share about being speakers at Stanford's first no-code class and the questions that the students asked regarding no-code tools. And, as always, we cover everything new in no-code!
In this episode, we do the usual no-code roundup and also discuss how to get over fear of starting. Ben, Matt and Lacey each share their own experiences with failing and winning with product launches and how to get over the fear of starting.
Webflow vs Editor X

Webflow vs Editor X


In this episode, we discuss the differences from Wix's Editor X and Webflow. Ben got to play around with Editor X and was surprised by some of the functionality. We break down what types of projects Editor X may be suitable for and which projects seem to be better if built on Webflow.
This week we're discussing MemberStack vs. Memberspace vs. Firebase. We each use our different backgrounds and projects to share which one is our favorite and when you should Memberstack, Memberspace or Firebase in your projects!
In this week's episode we cover the no-code round up and how to start a business with little startup money using no-code tools. We recommend some tools to check out, as well as ways you could get an online business up and running in no time!
The End of Elliot

The End of Elliot


In this episode, we talk about everything new in no-code. Then we dive into the end of Elliot E-Commerce. It's always a bummer when a company or tool calls it quits, especially in the no-code space. Matt had his heart set on using Elliot and so we talk about the timeline and lament the end.
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