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A highly reviewed and intermittently hilarious show that's consistently described as "not boring"...

Leah (voice actor and radio person) and Nic (voiceover and voice coach) mash together interviews, investigations and problem solving in this cheerful magazine show for voiceover types. There's a new episode on the first of every month and you can find out more at See you there, VO chums!
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32. The AI Voice

32. The AI Voice


They say “But AI sounds so robotic!” Then they say “There’s no expression! No emotion!” And then they conclude “It will never take over from a real human.” But they are wrong. In the latest episode of the Voiceover Social, we hear from the company that created "Faith, The First AI That Can Cry" and the actor whose voice was used to make it. Then we ask the actors’ trade union, Equity, what practical steps we can take to stop voiceovers’ livelihoods being completely annihilated. Get the treaty ratified! CLICK HERE: Send us your thoughts and feelings! Email This episode is sponsored by B Double E and Source Elements. Huge thanks to Chris Cantrill for the artwork. --- Send in a voice message:
A Quick Announcement

A Quick Announcement


We've teamed up with our wonderful sponsors FOCUSRITE, SOURCE CONNECT & B DOUBLE E to run a raffle and raise money for The Trussell Trust! Please do buy a ticket if you can, it would mean a lot to us. Get your tickets HERE and help save the world! Big love to you all, from Nic & Leah PS: Raffle tickets here if the link above doesn't work: --- Send in a voice message:
Voiceovers of the world who are thinking of starting a podcast! Here’s a very brief overview of some of the things that have worked for us, pitfalls to avoid, and recommendations for a couple of creative shows already being made by our fellow VOs. Note: There are two separate incidences of the word "w*nker" in this episode, and zero apologies for either of them. Podcasts we recommend: Tales From The Tannoy + The Offcuts Drawer + Tiredness Kills WIN tickets to our live show all about how to get more work in gaming: --- Send in a voice message:
Sure, we’ve all got lovely voices – but imagine if your voice was EXTRAORDINARY. What if every time you spoke, people properly paid attention? What if really, truly, no one else could do what you do? For this episode, we have a lovely chat with Ralph Ineson and Krystal Dockery about how their lives and careers have been shaped by their exceptional voices. ALSO - In this episode’s Panic Room, Nic takes us through a few exercises to explore different parts of our pitch ranges – do join in and let us know how you get on! AND! Here’s a visual aid to help when Nic starts losing the room (at about 45:00) by demonstrating a tighter-than-average cricothyroid muscle tilting the thyroid cartilage to lengthen the vocal folds and change pitch. You might not need it if you've also reached High Wizard levels of voice geekery, but just in case... Email us - Sign up to the newsletter - Find Krystal on Instagram as @KrystalDockery, but also as @bunnimoretto for her burlesque work and @juiceboxevents for Womxn & LGBTQ+ Empowerment --- Send in a voice message:
The One Voice organisers call us up to report some serious shuffling of the diversity deck for One Voice USA since we had a big chat about it in episode 30. Also, since it turns out everyone spent the 90s watching Eurotrash in their bedrooms with the volume turned right down, you'll be glad to hear that this episode also features ten minutes with the extremely fantastic Kate Robbins.  Sign up to the newsletter at Follow us on Twitter @thevosocial Email us at - we'd love to hear from you! --- Send in a voice message:
Come with us behind the scenes at One Voice 2020! We’re bringing you a rather frank chat with the organisers about the tribulations involved in shifting the entire thing online, their response to concerns that there wasn’t enough diversity among conference speakers and some ground-shaking predictions about MASSIVE changes in the VO industry. We’ve also jammed together some of the best bits, including: How to “go faster but sound slower” Why “What voice do I use for this audiobook character?” is the WRONG QUESTION How to avoid being an appalling bore on social media This episode is sponsored beautifully by Black Cat Music, Bee Double E and Source Connect. Get 15% off Studiobricks Booths at Black Cat Music by contacting them with the secret password: VO SOCIAL POD CATS Sign up to the monthly newsletter at for all the news, offers and opportunities we can muster. --- Send in a voice message:
We're having a bit of a soirée round at ours, so fling on your best outfit, grab a nice drink and marvel at the extraordinary voiceover party tricks our talented listeners have sent in.  With immense thanks to:  Chris Clarkson, Emma Stannard, Kenny Blyth, Liz Drury, Marni Penning Coleman, Sara Starling, Simon Jackson and Simon Naylor. Please do leave us a review if you can! We would really like that. Also, sign up to the newsletter at :0) --- Send in a voice message:
And now on The Voiceover Social… Leah gets a surprise and Nic finally opens up – in the continuity episode! Some of Britain’s most recognisable voices (including the ultimate reassurance-delivery-system Zeb Soanes) tell their tales of high drama and general catastrophe. Also, in the Panic Room - Nic lays out how to use breath control to organise your shattered nerves. Infinite thanks to Philip Banks, Amanda Carlton, Trish Bertram, Sara Starling and Pete Nottage for your wonderful contributions. We really truly love you. MORE: --- Send in a voice message:
Here it is! The breakdown of the Mid-Atlantic accent we've been promising you for MONTHS. We have nailed down exactly what the term used to mean versus what it means now, as well as how to do it - and why it might be time to consider adding it to your repertoire. Huge thanks to the ear bogglingly informed accent coach's accent coach Erik Singer for his contribution, as well as super-pros Juliette Gray, Julie Ann Dean, Peter Baker and Patrick Poletti for sending us their interpretation of the Mid-Atlantic brief.  Also in this episode:  - "News from Equity" is back! Annette Rizzo from the Audio Committee explains what the union is doing to help us weather this utter poop-storm.   - Nic's brand new Facebook group, The Voice And Accent Hub. Join the party if you haven't already, it's buzzing in there!  - News of a BBC Radio 4 drama Leah waved her special computer-system voice around in. It's a brilliant production, by an award winning writer - here's the link if you'd like to listen: SETTLERS  And finally - extra special thanks to Darren Altman, AKA Cary Grant. What a trooper. --- Send in a voice message:
Leah made an appearance on the very funny podcast Drunk Women Solving Crime earlier this year, so we've nicked the clip of four comedians solving the mystery of her missing car to play to you. Other mysteries dealt with in this bonus episode; the curious disappearance of Leah's Manchester accent, and Nic on the difference between an "a" and an "a". Get your free ticket to the live recording of the VO Social on 25th April 2020 HERE! And we've made it into a "Top 20 VO Podcasts" list! Check it out here: --- Send in a voice message:
One of the most famous promo voices in America lives in a tiny Scottish seaside village, an hour and a half north of Aberdeen. We went to see him to find out what life is like if 30 million people hear your voice every day – but none of them knows your name (it’s Philip Banks, by the way). Also featuring a very tolerant Doric-speaking farmer, James, who let us record him and his excellent dialect. More information than strictly necessary at --- Send in a voice message:
Coco Mbassi is a VO from London, but is originally from France and has lived in Cameroon... niche, you might think. But her story will be disconcertingly familiar to any non-native voiceover... how do you get out of that pigeonhole - and do you even want to?  If you have something to add to this conversation, we'd love to hear from you! Send your comments and views as an email or MP3 to, or use the "send a voice message" link below --- Send in a voice message:
Are all Americans voiceovers these days? Does being British there make it easier or harder to make a living? And what the bejinkers is a Mid Atlantic accent anyway?!  The VO School podcast host (and indisputable Brit) Jamie Muffett joins us from his US studio to answer all our questions  In the Panic Room... How To Stay Present: tackling copy with one eye on mindfulness, with input from actor and teacher Daniel Bradford  Click HERE for Nic’s Masterclass  Click HERE for Dan Bradford’s Mindful Acting course in Manchester  Click HERE for Jamie Muffet’s VOcation Conference in NYC  AND send your panics for the Panic Room & Mid-Atlantic samples to --- Send in a voice message:
If you're an actor who's expanded from in-vision performance to voiceover, there are plenty of pickles you can get yourself into. You might have found yourself projecting so hard your mic is popping all over the place, or maybe you're phenomenal off book but your sight reading lets you down. In this bonus episode, Nic and Leah are joined in the panic room by a question from an actor about pauses - how do they change when the audience can't see your face?  Things you can do: Get the newsletter: Click HERE Follow us on Twitter: Click HERE Send us a panic (we'll keep you anonymous!): Click on the "Send A Voice Message" link below. --- Send in a voice message:
25. Doc Brown

25. Doc Brown


Doc Brown (AKA Ben Bailey Smith) is famous for being a rapper, comedian and actor among plenty of other things - but what many people don’t realise is that he’s also been working as a voiceover this whole time! In this extended episode (in honour of the arrival of 2020), we cover racism, classism, feminism and capitalism, Ben’s take on Multicultural London English and the flimsy flexibility of our moral fibre when it comes to turning down work. May all your new years be full of work and joy! --- Send in a voice message:
We've tracked him down! In our Child Voiceovers episode, Tracy Nampala (animation casting director) mentioned Louis Ashbourne-Serkis' extraordinary performance as Noddy, Toyland Detective (season 1), so we thought he'd be the perfect person to talk to about what being a CVO is actually like. Lucky for us, despite recently starring in The Kid Who Would Be King with Patrick Stewart and being up to his eyes in GCSEs he still managed to spare ten minute for a chat, bless him.  Join the mailing list by clicking the button at the bottom of the page at, and have a wonderful christmas! --- Send in a voice message:
24. Child Voiceovers

24. Child Voiceovers


Ever wondered what being a child voiceover’s like? The kindly and wonderful animation director Tracy Nampala (Noddy, School of Roars, Ricky Zoom) shares how she gets the best out of the children she casts and top children’s casting site coordinator Joanne Lamb reveals the worst practice she’s seen from some surprisingly crap producers. Also - everything you need to know if you’re near a child who would love to join you in the booth AND it’s Soft Palate Day in the Panic Room, don’t miss it! Huge thanks to the epic talent that is Chris Cantrill for the artwork. Things you can join in with: SEND in your panic for the Panic Room by clicking “send voice message” below  WATCH Nic doing the soft palate exercise complete with hand movements here  JOIN the mailing list by clicking on the button at  FOLLOW us on Spotify to help us with their algorithm:  PARTY at the next social on the 14th December! (See --- Send in a voice message:
Once upon a time, there was a three year old who was puppet MAD. Warrick Brownlow-Pike watched them, drew them, made them, moved them and gave them great big muppety voices. Now he's a grown up major-league puppeting superstar - Gonger on Sesame Street, Dodge the Dog on the BBC, and The Chamberlain in Netflix’s The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance - so we've spoken to him about what makes a voice "muppety", how to make it more "monstery", and what happens when you have too much fun on live TV. Also in this podcast -  the one simple trick you need to know about sight reading, and some cold hard truths about winter remedies. Take a deep breath, and throw that menthol in the sea... --- Send in a voice message:
Our Leah was nominated for two VOX awards this year, but did she win them? Does it even matter? What’s the difference between awards in the UK and the US? And what if you have to pay to enter? Does that make it worth less? We bring you all the answers - or at least some vaguely researched pontificating - in our special bonus episode direct from VOX 2019. Featuring insider info from multi-award winners Rick Loynes, Darren Altman & Jack Oddie, and the super-talent that is Natalie Silverman. --- Send in a voice message:
We’ve cornered studio engineers Tom Rowbotham, Kirsty Gillmore, Rob Bee and Rich O Donoghue and asked them what on earth they're twiddling with. Featuring: A fancy new(ish) way to get rid of mouth clicks Ten things you really need to know about studio etiquette Some truly heartwrenching answers to the question "What's been your most catastrophic session? A competition to win brand new Focusrite studio equipment worth hundreds of pounds! Get 10% off at for the whole of October 2019 by entering our special code “VOSOCIAL10” at checkout And here's a link to a video of Nic's advice on noisy breathing from this episode's Panic Room: Send your voice related query into the Panic Room by clicking on “send us a voice message” link below or email an MP3 to --- Send in a voice message:
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