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Author: Davis Ransom

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A Volley-talk show for anyone who loves volleyball! We talk culture and all things volley. We debate, go in-depth with unique perspectives, and get nerdy about our favorite sport: volleyball! Crushing over 30 years in the world of volleyball, host Davis Ransom takes listeners into the heart of and soul of the game we love so much: volleyball! Support this podcast:
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Great talk with Coach Alex Haapamaki from Sweden! He explains how a mentor can help athletes transfer skills from practice to the game and how to help athletes develop their own inner coach. Also we discuss why science is a great starting point, but not an end point when it comes to training in your particular environment. Such interesting views from a coach who is getting it done his own way! --- Support this podcast:
Top club coach Luis Cuatok examines how to make goal setting more powerful and effective, even through the middle of the season and all the tough parts! We explore why makes his process so meaningful and how coaches can use it for themselves. --- Support this podcast:
Coach Hawke has a unique viewpoint on how to motivate players that includes essentially no physical punishment whatsoever. On this episode we talk about how coaches can get more out of our players by taking more of a collaborative approach and by taking a few steps back to really determine what motivates us. This one’s a very thought provoking episode that will be sure to make any coach think about how we approach discipline, inspiration, and interpersonal dynamics. --- Support this podcast:
A coach’s unique coaching style is critical to his/her success, but developing our own style and making it work can be challenging. Steve Greene has a unique, player-centered style and has been highly successful despite being an “army of one”. This insightful talk focuses on how he developed his coaching style, how he does things differently, and how more coaches can be themselves in order to be more successful. --- Support this podcast:
Mental training is so key for high-performing athletes and even younger athletes to make the most out of their sport! Highly successful Coach Ariel Haas has had The ability to put into practice some of the most affective mental training techniques with his teams with a lot of improvement and growth shown from his athletes. In this show he goes through how you can start and thrive with mental training. --- Support this podcast:
Legendary American volleyball coach, marketer, leader, and mentor, Terry Liskevych has done nearly everything in the sport of volleyball and he still wants to help make it better! The Founder of the Art of Coaching, Coach Liskevych joins us to talk about where volleyball should go next in order to make it into a game for fanatics. We also discuss how the United States can develop a richer, more abundant appreciation for our favorite sport! --- Support this podcast:
Completing a 100 mile run just to know what it was like is just one example of how Cameron Schmidt takes on life. In this episode of the podcast we catch up with Cameron, discuss some really interesting ideas about leadership, and learn how we can apply his unique take on life to the world of volleyball. --- Support this podcast:
Head Coach of Polish Pro Club Warta Zawiercie, Mark Lebedew is one of the world’s most unique thought leaders in volleyball. A contrarian by either nature or experience, Coach Lebedew discusses why challenging everything is good, why GMS and Art of Coaching are fundamentally flawed, and how examining contradictory theories can lead coaches to being even better. Basically, we examine how coaches can be better. So much good stuff! --- Support this podcast:
Expert Mental Performance Coach, Cort Peters joins The VolleyNerd Podcast to discuss the complex nature of motivation and how being positive is only one (very important) rung on the motivation ladder. He uses some fun stories to express important ideas about how sports can be utilized to make ourselves better for the long-term. Should the winning team run if they win? What is the best motivator for long-term success? How can coaches help their players stay motivated? All on this pod! Check out @thevolleynerdpodcast on Instagram and TikTok for more interesting content --- Support this podcast:
Owner/Founder of Flux Sports Performance, Zach Penolio joins the pod with great insight into training volleyball athletes and how to physically account for the unique demands of the game. We talk about when to start training, how to have a great warm-up, what a high-level workout looks like, the asymmetry of volleyball, developing “landing gear”, and how hitting with torque can damage our athletes if they don’t have the strength to decelerate very quickly. Such rich content for any player or coach who wants to take their game to the next level! --- Support this podcast:
Rob Lisama has been an Executive Coach and a Volleyball Coach for over 20 years and has a reputation of integrity and compassion. He shares insightful concepts from the world of business leaders that can definitely help anyone be a better volleyball coach! --- Support this podcast:
Stress is a part of competition. Coaches need to know how to teach it before the game starts. This episode is all about hormesis and the helpful effects of low to moderate amounts of stress on athletes. Check this article out for more info: --- Support this podcast:
Four college sophomores with unique approaches to their recruiting process and school selection goals join us to discuss the differences between club and college volleyball and how they adjusted to their new environment and made their new schools their homes. --- Support this podcast:
Ever since the first time she played beach volleyball she knew it was the sport for her. Growing up with the discipline of a martial artist, Charlie Ekstrom is a model of motivation. Now at Stanford, she has become one of the top female beach players in the country! She tells us her story and how motivation has affected her both as a person and as a volleyball player. --- Support this podcast:
Jeff Smith has been around since the very beginning of juniors beach volleyball. On this podcast he talks about how Club Beach Volleyball came to be and how the explosive growth is shaping the game! --- Support this podcast:
Cailin Onosko’s story of the ups and downs of transforming herself into a Pac-12 DS/L is so motivating! In this episode she shares how her love for improving and making the people that she loved proud contributed to her long-term success. --- Support this podcast:
Coach Andrew Bennett has been a key figure in turning beach volleyball into a legitimate year-round club sport. His unique insights into where the sport is going are thought-provoking. His fun, team-focused approach to competitive volleyball has helped to turn his club into a powerhouse and move juniors volleyball as a whole closer to the college model. --- Support this podcast:
South Carolina Beach Volleyball Commit Hannah Mackenhausen shares her story of how she grew to find so much joy for volleyball. She also shares the work she puts in to be great! --- Support this podcast:
Oregon tech coach Ken Murczek got the job during the COVID-19 pandemic and still has yet to meet with his team in person. This unique time calls for unique measures and Coach Murczek goes into how he’s been handling all the dynamics that go into being a college head coach during a global pandemic. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, The VolleyNerd, Coach Davis Ransom talks offensive philosophy and breaks down why and how the most common offensive plays work. --- Support this podcast:
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