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The award-winning WIRED UK Podcast with James Temperton and the rest of the team. Listen every week for an informed and entertaining rundown of latest technology, science, business and culture news. New episodes every Friday.
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Coming up today: Sweden’s pandemic gamble; the deepfake bot being weaponised against women; and Natasha tries to put the ‘interesting’ in negative interest rates
Coming up today: Natasha investigates the UK’s broken housing algorithm, Matt Burgess reveals how universities are snooping on students and Amit witnesses The grim demise of the cinema industry.
How to recycle your pee, astronaut selection, and the great revival of the home printer
Coming up today: Natasha talks to Deliveroo’s struggling ‘heroes’, Amit explains why historians are annoyed at YouTube and Matt Reynolds looks at how Italy got to grips with Covid-19
Coming up today: Vicki tries to make sense of Trump versus TikTok, Natasha tries to make business liability interesting and Matt Reynolds explains why humans are so bad at understanding risk
Coming up today: Have we found evidence of alien life? Plus how banks are tackling financial abuse, and holidays in the time of Covid
Coming up today: Matt Reynolds meets the coronavirus long-haulers, Matt Burgess tracks the rise and fall of Pret and Amit explains why lie detectors are creeping into British policing.
Natasha explains the rise of the four-day working week, Matt Burgess on the return of ID cards and Matt Reynolds on what the animal kingdom can teach us about social distancing.
Natasha looks at two of the big problems with people returning to offices, Matt Reynolds examines how artificial snow is being used to save a glacier and Matt Burgess explores the troubling rise of deepfake pornography videos
Coming up today: Matt Burgess picks over the fallout from the A-level algorithm debacle, Matt Reynolds explains how breast milk is being grown in the lab Natasha meets the digital nomads swapping office life for paradise
Coming up today: exam chaos, how your boss is spying on you and the great QR code revival
Where Zoom goes next

Where Zoom goes next


Coming up today: Vicki takes a look at the wild rise of Zoom, Amit fills up on discount fast food and Natasha explains the hygiene theatre coming to a workplace near you soon
Coming up today: Matt Burgess advises on how to up your lockdown running game, I examine the latest covid vaccine progress, and Matt Reynolds tackles the UK’s big cat mystery
Coming up today: Matt Burgess on Covid-19 hackers, Amit looks at how musicians are taking on Spotify (again) and Natasha explains why we’re all stuck in a work from home purgatory.
Is coronavirus airborne?

Is coronavirus airborne?


Coming up today: Matt Reynolds explains how coronavirus may actually be airborne, Matt Burgess looks at a grim future for Huawei and Vicki tells us all to wear face masks
Matt delves into the failed promise of antibody tests, Amit explains how to eat lots of hot dogs and Vicki reminds us all what a train is
Coming up today: the plight of museums, the surge in plastic and why cinemas are engaged in an elaborate game of post-lockdown chicken
Coming up today: the rise of mask shaming, the hunt for coronavirus heads to the sewers and how climbing became the next big competitive sport
Coming up today: coronavirus super-spreaders, how Beijing crushed a spike in cases and the death of the great British office sandwich
Coming up today: ducks, eels and simulated shouting.
Comments (13)

mohammad taheri

Hey I'm in Iran sometimes I lessons to your podcast while I'm running that's good 😀

Jun 29th

Brian Obey

fuck are y'all British.

Apr 22nd

William H Bailey

What the fuck this guy is saying? You just had 8 years of Obama with almost no media bashing every second of every day 24/7. No outcry of billions given to Iran. Drone Attacks. Keep your doctor bullshit. Shut down of Whistleblowers. Disgrace Economy. Massive Foodstamps. Massive unemployment. Ignore of Syria. ignore of Israel. We can go on forever.. This honest guy salute the politicians in good manners buy the real people were fucked hard in the ass. Then came the most inhuman being Trump (according to you assholes) and he benefited everybody and fucked the elites in office and in society in the ass. Fuck this bias scum and this podcast. No stars.

Apr 16th

Will Hughes

measuring land using football pitches. what is wrong with acres, square metres, etc? why invent arbitrary units? You could at least tell us how many square metres a football pitch is. But do you know? Cheers! (Will)

Jan 20th

Will Hughes

congratulations on promulgating the most opaque spurious unit of measurement ever: measuring energy output from a power station as the number of Olympic sized swimming pools that can be boiled. Really? What is wrong with Megawatts?

Jan 10th

Nicholas Bouloukos

um,er, er, uh, uh, uh, er...

Sep 27th

Ricky S

Huawei, not Hawaii-Way... 🤦🏻‍♂️

Jun 29th

John Carter

very disappointing! ignorant journalism at best... most antivaxxers actually know more about their bodies than vaxxers. i encourqge ppl to research and not be ignorant

Apr 20th

Matthew Levy

*Very* interesting read (and video).

Feb 20th

Lee Woods

Media and messages from WhatsApp that are backed up to iCloud are not encrypted. So that goes for you and your recepient. if you and your recepient use Android then your messages saved and synced to Google Drive are fully encrypted, not even Google has the keys. End to End encryption is pointless in my opinion unless you're taking every precaution and your recepient is in agreement.

Feb 15th
Reply (1)

Alex Shirley

The show needs to be compacted to 30 mins or even 20 mins. Way too much padding. Would be good but I feel I am waisting a lot of my time listening to analysis that is often repeatative.

Jan 25th

murdoch mac

wow I had to turn off this series after 18 mins because the guy just went on and on some of it but the rest my barin switched off

Dec 10th
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