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So we’re the Waffling Taylor Boys: Squidgey and Jay.

Waffle (v): to talk or write a lot without giving any useful information or any clear answers

We play video games, we write, we talk, we joke.

We’ve both been playing games for as long as we can remember and thought why not start a podcast where we can talk about the games that we have played and the ones we’re looking forward to playing? And that's what we did.
83 Episodes
We decided to sit down and talk about the "classic" 1994 Double Dragon movie. What is going on with Abobo's head, what is Marian's role in the story, and why is the big bad guy a cheap knock-off of Vanilla Ice?
The follow up to Andrew's previous book "Dreamcast: Year One" is due to be released very soon - in fact, the Kickstarter is due to kick off (pardon the pun) a few days after this episode drops. So we wanted to catch up with Andrew about the new book, what he's been playing, and which games he'd want in a Dreamcast Mini.
We chatted with Alex Aniel (aka cvxfreak) about his upcoming book: "Itchy, Tasty: An Unofficial History of Resident Evil", the Resident Evil series as a whole, our favourites, some top tips for learning foreign languages, and THAT dooty doot song from the Dual Shock Director's Cut - you know the one
We were incredibly lucky to be able to sit with Eben Upton during the early weeks of the lockdown and chew the fat over the Raspberry Pi, retro computing, and the new (at the time of recording) Code the Classics: Volume 1
Part two of our discussion with Lulu about the Final Fantasy VII Remake was all about that Moogle slide (yes it returns), relationships, expanded character backstories and interactions, and what we are hoping for the remaining parts in the series. Also, Jay still hasn't played it
We sat with Lulu in order to discuss the Final Fantasy VII Remake. This is part one of our conversation and covers our thoughts about Wall Market, the remake as a whole, "that" section of the game, Hell House, and some top tips
0 A.D. with Stan Dolcini

0 A.D. with Stan Dolcini


We caught up with Stan from the team behind 0 A.D. and talked about the game, it's history, what it runs one, and why you should play this gorgeous, open source RTS game.
An explanation of where we've been, some upcoming episode details, shots fired, totally not plagiarism, and Squidge being a fearsome editor.
WaffleFest - Part Two

WaffleFest - Part Two


In part two of our WaffleFest special: The B joined us for a discussion revolving around pro wrestling in video games. We talked about our favourites, why they are our favourites, and a little about why we think pro wrestling is a lot of fun to watch.
We were incredibly fortunate to be able to sit down with Michael Hermann, owner of Retrosoft Studios and the man who is bringing RetroMania Wrestling to life. We talk about the game, the games which inspired it, some of Michael's favourite wrestling games, and what you can expect from RetroMania Wrestling
WaffleFest - Part one

WaffleFest - Part one


In part one of our WaffleFest special: we catch up with The B, discuss what we've all been playing recently, talk about the 5 big games of 2020 so far, and the idea of role-playing a specific goose in a specific game - neither of which are related to one another.
In this episode, we sat down with Andrew Dickinson to talk about his new book Dreamcast: Year One. We also talk with Andrew about the essential Dreamcast games that he would recommend to anyone who is new to the Dreamcast, and we even drop Andrew off in the Thunder Plains
With last week's episode covering our favourite Survival Horror games, we wanted to go back and talk about the honourable mentions. We cover a cornucopia of Survival Horror games in this episode, but which ones? You'll have to listen to find out.
We decide to tackle the topic of survival horror games. Which means that we each bring our top 3 games of the genre and discuss them. We also mention Pac-Man and Alien: Isolation in extreme proximity to each other. Why? You'll have to listen in order to find out.
Episode 70 of the podcast has Squidge and Jay discuss the PlayStation Classic, and decide on their dream line up for the little console that couldn't - seriously, the hardware design was obviously phoned in
It's those mini consoles again. This time, Squidge and Jay are back to finish off their dream Mega Drive Mini line up. Did they agree on which games should be included? Do you agree with the games they chose?
Those damned mini consoles again! Squidge and Jay decided to talk about the games we think should have been on the Mega Drive Mini, and we ended up with two very different consoles.
Agent QTE

Agent QTE


Chief returns to talk Mini consoles, metaphors that don't really work, buying consoles at launch (and why you should never do that), and a little on DRM
Adam Jensen's Gadget

Adam Jensen's Gadget


Dubstep mode, gadgets in games, grappling hooks; and that's just in the first few minutes. Also in this episode are top things from the previous decade, and console exclusives we'd like to see brought back from the dead
Chief returns for our first episode in 2020. We talk about the 2037 problem; how Squidge isn't going to play Cyberpunk 2077 but also is going to play it; how I absolutely love 'Til Death To Us Blart; and I drop some financial advice on how to buy video games.
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