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The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe

Author: Mike Rowe

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All good stories have a twist, and all great storytellers are just a little twisted. Join Mike Rowe for a different take on the people and events that you thought you knew -- from pop-culture to politics from Hollywood to History... The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe -- short mysteries for the curious mind with a short attention span.
147 Episodes
Christmastime is upon us, and with it comes the season of giving. Mike recites perhaps the greatest story ever written about the spirit of giving.
Yes, as a matter of fact, it does.  But penicillin won't help...
He was destined for greatness.  No one knew it but him.
Episode 143: Rude Awakenings

Episode 143: Rude Awakenings


Some said he was cursed, others said he was blessed, but everyone agreed--he was the luckiest kraut in the navy.
It's All Hallow's Eve! So what better way to mark the occasion than with an episode of OCCASIONALLY. Mike pays homage to the macabre musings of the great Edgar Allan Poe by reciting perhaps his most famous story. Light a candle, pour a beverage, and let the Victorian goosebumps wash over you. Prepare yourself for the insidious beating of... The Tell Tale Heart
But for this woman... maybe a bit more.
This group gave us the most iconic sound of all time.
Who earned a funeral fit for a king.
A love story.  Sort of...
She simply had no choice.
Episode 136: A Boy And His Dog

Episode 136: A Boy And His Dog


The skinny kid was so desperate that he was about to sell his best friend.
Denied his father's true last name for most of his life, James reclaimed it--in a monumental way.
Julia was flattered by the proposal—but it came with certain… preconditions.
It's difficult to describe the chaos of an unpredictable world--but Peter sure tried.
She just said she was going home - but it's the way she said it that we remember.
When one of the most famous women in the world disappears without a trace, it sets off one of the greatest whodunits you've never heard of.
They were classmates, bandmates, and best friends - even after one devastating punch changed everything.
Episode 129: Mother Knows Best

Episode 129: Mother Knows Best


Mary had issues, no doubt about it.  But her mother was always there for her...
The journey was an incredible achievement - but the true cost was difficult to bear.
When it comes to writing steamy love letters, you really gotta hand it to Elizabeth and George - even though they handed it to themselves...
Comments (235)

Tim Whitmore

very sad.

Jan 14th


hilarious descriptions of self pleasure.

Jan 9th
Reply (1)

Darling Romo-Lopez

love this story Mike, thank you!

Jan 8th
Reply (1)

mike Hughes

you are the Man Mike!!!

Dec 30th


More episodes, please? A Christmas one would be great! Maybe a Christmas Carol? Please? Mike would do a great job on it!

Dec 17th
Reply (3)

Bjorn Stringham

sorry but this podcast didn't make any sense... I have no idea what a helix driver is

Dec 1st

Jon Gilbert

Favorite thing to listen to by far!

Nov 23rd

Kyle Kennemore


Nov 22nd


Jacob, did you learn nothing from this podcast? Nothing is “Free.” You paid some (40% interest?) on the time you invested in listening to this title. Entertaining yes; but, what is your take-away reward for your base investment?

Nov 21st


Madoff “infected” no one. He used the second most common base-element of Human Nature from which to feed - Greed. He exploited people’s greed the way pornos exploit sexual compulsion. Bernie was a Parasite and his victims were merely Hosts, thinking they too - were parasites...

Nov 21st
Reply (1)

Nick Kennedy

5mins into a 12min podcast and he's still babbling and doing ads... sure, pay your bills man but c'mon get to the story!

Nov 19th
Reply (2)


Episode 4: Little Bits of Corpse is excellent! I've known that story for decades, but never heard it told so completely! I wish everyone knew this story. Thank you so much, Mike! You're an excellent follow-up to Paul Harvey, dear sir!

Nov 19th

Jeremy Medlock

Poe was a master of suspense and horror if read properly, Mike you've proved this fact now.

Nov 13th
Reply (1)

Karen Harkness

OMG you had me completely engrossed in this story. It is by far my favourite. You, sir, are a master wordsmith. We'll done!

Nov 10th

Bg Stutes

begins at 4:18

Nov 7th
Reply (1)

Andrew Fain

That was absolutely amazing. you should do something like this more often.

Nov 1st


That was an amazing rendition! I felt like I was really listening to the ramblings of the mad killer.

Nov 1st

Scott Hall

great job Mike!! probably the best version I've heard✌

Oct 31st
Reply (4)


Spielberg? Come now Mike, he'd have never made that movie if not for the hard work of the great American historian and storyteller Stephen Ambrose.

Oct 26th

Nathan Miller

The way Mike pronounces "Giancarlo" is adorable. Wrong, but adorable.

Oct 25th
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