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The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe

Author: Mike Rowe

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All good stories have a twist, and all great storytellers are just a little twisted. Join Mike Rowe for a different take on the people and events that you thought you knew -- from pop-culture to politics from Hollywood to History... The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe -- short mysteries for the curious mind with a short attention span.
159 Episodes
The kid had a head for numbers.
Episode 157: A Novel Hero

Episode 157: A Novel Hero


What he did was unspeakably brave.  So why then, did no one speak of it?
They built a lot of bridges.  Perhaps, one too many...
He only had the one hit...but boy, was it a wonder!
Mike was the keynote speaker at the last large gathering in the United States before the country officially closed for business. His job? Shaking hands--with over a hundred thousand people. Now, after three weeks of self-isolation, he'd like to tell you about it. And then, read a very funny story from his mom's new book.
The player loved to play... but on this particular occasion--he chose the wrong playmate.
Or did they...
It was the gig of a lifetime... it just wasn't Gig's.
She broke the glass ceiling with ease.  But her secret was taken to the grave.
James and Rebecca simply could not settle their differences... that's where the broadswords came in.
Because you need something to break the boredom of marching 300 miles in 10 degree weather to bring three boat thieves to justice... or so I'm told.
The doctor told her not to sing... but she did anyway.
Christmastime is upon us, and with it comes the season of giving. Mike recites perhaps the greatest story ever written about the spirit of giving.
Yes, as a matter of fact, it does.  But penicillin won't help...
He was destined for greatness.  No one knew it but him.
Some said he was cursed, others said he was blessed, but everyone agreed--he was the luckiest kraut in the navy.
It's All Hallow's Eve! So what better way to mark the occasion than with an episode of OCCASIONALLY. Mike pays homage to the macabre musings of the great Edgar Allan Poe by reciting perhaps his most famous story. Light a candle, pour a beverage, and let the Victorian goosebumps wash over you. Prepare yourself for the insidious beating of... The Tell Tale Heart
But for this woman... maybe a bit more.
This group gave us the most iconic sound of all time.
Who earned a funeral fit for a king.
Comments (272)

John Roche

I listen to the pod cast driving to work in the morning. Thanks Mike.

May 23rd

Kelly Trent

I didn't see that one coming!

May 19th

Kelly Trent

Mike! Another homerun! Love the podcast! Quarantine has me a little down. After this podcast I feel hope. Thanks for your hard work and dedication and bringing to light what an everyday man can accomplish.

May 17th

Douglas Church


May 16th

Christi Sewell

I love being responsible for my own safety. I love safety third too.

May 16th

Lesley Heckers-Souza

Thank you for being level headed, honest and speaking for the other side of things that sometimes gets drowned out. I love this podcast and am loving the way I talked about the way I heard it. ❤️

May 10th


God bless you, Mike🙏

May 10th

April All Year

Old Yeller damn near broke me, too.

May 10th
Reply (1)

michael martinez

There are people out there that are hidden gems that inspire us, that go over looked all the time. They are the ones who give us the little push in the right direction to become better people Glad you managed to find one which lead you in your path to greatness.

May 7th

William Beshlian

Thank you Mike. It's time to get living again.

May 7th

Tara Challman

Thank you. This is exactly what I have been saying, as well. ...I am a house painter in Alberta, Canada. No work, no pay. ...and the government won't get tax dollars from me when we move into a cardboard house...

May 6th

Philip Simpson

I love this so much. Mostly the way I talked about the way I heard it. We need more of this.

May 5th

April Parker 2u

Well we can certainly tell where you get your sense of humor! Good stuff & outside events, where there's a breeze!

Apr 30th

Jami Gilbert

Where do I listen to your stories? I'm an American, living in Taiwan, on the Frontline dealing with China's aggression and Corona virus. We are certified organic farmers, growing avocados, citrus, bananas and Turmeric. I like to listen to your podcast while I walk my dog along the canal. There is something reassuring about listening to your straightforward and level headed analogies while surrounded by the mountains and tropical skies. Thank you for keeping it real. I really admire your perspective.

Apr 26th

Mike H

Listening while at work and I also listen in my car. Great podcast!

Apr 24th

Wright Howard

I call it Banished for the good of the Realm..

Apr 8th


Love this podcast. Keep it up, Mike 👍

Apr 5th

ian g

great podcast

Apr 3rd

Timothy Schroder

Who so funny definitely entertaining and informative it's a must listen to his whole series

Apr 2nd


I usually listen to your podcasts while getting ready in the morning -- so naturally, part of your episode is being listened to while I'm...well, doing what your dog did. ☺️ The other time is when I'm folding laundry. Absolutely love your podcasts & book! ♥️

Mar 26th
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