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The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe

Author: The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe

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In The Way I Heard It, Mike Rowe gives a different take on a variety of topics—from pop culture to politics, history to Hollywood, each mystery is a trueish tale about someone you know, filled with facts that you don’t. Delivered with Mike’s signature blend of charm, wit, and ingenuity, these stories are part of a larger mosaic—full of surprising revelations, sharp observations, and intimate, behind-the-scenes moments drawn from Mike’s own life and career.
229 Episodes
228: Good Question

228: Good Question


Chuck crashes Thanksgiving at Mike’s house, fails to book a proper guest, and relies instead on listeners to pose interesting questions for Mike to answer. The listeners come through, as always.
How safe is your space? This is the question Mike attempts to answer with Justin Folk, a filmmaker who left Hollywood behind to make the kinds of movies he believes matter most.
Mike’s guest is a man called Lindsay Schnebly, an accomplished voiceover artist whose unusual name inspired a town, almost.
Mike interviews Chloe Hudson, a 28-year-old welder who received a work ethic scholarship from mikeroweWORKS, and went on to earn six-figures a year, and more recently, the subject of a new documentary called Trading Up. Together, they unpack The S.W.E.A.T. Pledge, and try to determine why a writer named Jake Maynard thinks it’s “bonkers.”
224: "I Didn't Get It!"

224: "I Didn't Get It!"


Mike has a very serious conversation with a very funny guest about a very serious topic that turns out to be very funny.
Mike chats with David Keltz, an actor from Baltimore who has assumed the identity of Edgar Alan Poe, and memorized most of his published works.
A show about nothing, a guy named Jerry, and the audition that changed television. Followed by a very funny conversation with Enrico Colantoni, one of the few actors to be a series regular every week for the last 20 years.
Mike has a most enlightening chat with his TV Big Brother, the one and only Tim Allen, who still seems a little incredulous that Mike didn’t return to Last Man Standing to finish what he started. As for why Tim now lives on the runway of an airport, well, that’s a bit of a mystery...
Mike chats with Tim Cotton, the famous cop who saved a stuffed bird from the trash heap and went on to write a couple of bestselling books.
The true story of the most important novel ever written, and a conversation with the filmmaker who tried to put it on the big screen.
The Human Calculator, Scott Flansburg stops by to demonstrate his Guinness world-record abilities, introduce Mike to a better calendar, and explain why he is determined to uncover the real story of how basketball was invented. 
Mike sits down with his “professional big brother,” to discuss the relevance of 9/11, twenty years after the attack on America.
Mike responds to criticism from some guy named Tim Johnson, and celebrates the anniversary of mikeroweWORKS by reading the most popular essay of all time. Then, a spirited conversation with Chuck, the nervous producer.
215: Han Shot First

215: Han Shot First


Mike recalls the circumstances of a young man’s first flight in a plane with an open cockpit, the mother who allowed it to happen, and the consequences that followed. With a little help from George Lucas, Jon Stewart, a mechanical shark, and a conversation with a pilot named Bill Whittle.  
Mike responds to America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan in the only way he can - with the true story of a genuine hero, followed by a conversation with Travis Mills - a man who lost his arms and legs in Afghanistan, and lived to tell the tale. 
Mike reads the final and most disgusting chapter from his book, and then welcomes his mom back to the podcast, who takes the opportunity to once again steal the show and upstage her son at every opportunity.
A high speed chase, followed by a low speed chase, followed by a candid conversation with the executive producer who first allowed Mike to artificially inseminate a cow on local television.
Mike welcomes Tim Ferriss, author of The Four-Hour Work Week and many other best-selling books, not only to discuss the excellent advice for which Tim Ferriss has become famous, but rather to unpack the question he posed to Mike in 2008. The question that led to one of the most uncomfortable TED Talks of all time, and a speaking career Mike didn’t know he wanted.
Mike takes a deep dive into the nature of authenticity, with a little help from Sean McCourt – a former Broadway actor who works today as a producer on After the Catch and contributor to The Way I Heard It, and God only knows what else. Sean also happens to be the father of Charlotte, the eleven-year-old Girl Scout made famous by her blisteringly honest critique of the cookies she was trying to sell to her Daddy’s wealthy friend five years ago. A critique that unleashed a media blitz for which Mike accepts most of the blame. It’s a rumination on the power of action, and inaction, and the squishy middle in between.
209: Oops, I Did It Again

209: Oops, I Did It Again


The true story of the most consequential pig in the history of Silicon Valley, or for that matter, the world. Followed by the true story of the most consequential pig in Mike’s career – the one he put on a pedestal fifteen years ago, that went on to become the unofficial mascot of Dirty Jobs. Then, a most unusual redux, as Tom Frank returns to set the record straight, and explain in no uncertain terms why a brown garbage bag is a poor substitute for a leather vest.
Comments (378)

dreading this "told you so"

#youknow! haha

Dec 1st


im in love

Nov 10th

Mike H

I miss the old format, anyone else?

Nov 2nd

charles little

I love this episode funny as hell. Mike you need to have Tim cotton on again. and yes we need more cops like him

Oct 30th

L Branson

this podcast is so entertaining! I love it so much!

Oct 12th

Christina C

I want to see these undies glow... js... 😇😇😳

Oct 12th

jesse firepot

The main tool of all trolls is generalization. How many times have you heard from your spouse." You always do this...." They really come off as henpecked. Every situation or cop is different. The thin blue line keeps civilization going. Nobody wants a live action Purge.

Oct 11th

David Gray

I love Mike Rowe's short stories...but, I must say I haven't listened in many months because they are no longer about 10 minutes long. I have many podcasts I'd like to listen to but, without only so many hours in a day, I have to decide what to listen to that will get me the information and entertainment I desire. My suggestion is to excise that 10 minute story out of the hour plus show and put in on a new channel so folks like me can add you back to our play lists.

Oct 7th

Allan Bunt

I laughed all the way through! great show@ thanks!

Oct 6th

Joshua Brown

I love this story mostly because I live near and work in St George UT.

Oct 5th

Franco M

Hi,, I love this guy.. he's absolutely right.. real professionals know that what we DON'T know is the "thing" we need to learn... Mike is very good too, but he knows that.. lol

Oct 4th
Reply (1)

Kym M

What a great episode that gets even better towards the end.

Sep 28th

Franco M

this was long, but a good one! 👍

Sep 13th

Jeremy Jones

Mike Rowe & Gary Sinise are 2 great Americans! Men who embody the spirit of what America stands for. Their level of patriotism, including all the qualities that entails in my mind, is rivaled by very few. I just say "thank you" to both of you!

Sep 12th

Carol Bond


Sep 1st

Karen Musser-Wendt

Mike has a way of telling a story, bringing in an honest opinion, and starting a conversation while maintaining civility and respect for all sides. This podcast is something I can listen to knowing that the topics are relevant, the content is thought-provoking, and the language is clean. I can listen to this podcast no matter who is in the room knowing a) I won't offend anyone and b) an interesting conversation may start because of the content. Added bonus that it reminds me so much of Paul Harvey and fond childhood memories. Thank you Mike (and let's face it, Chuck too)!

Aug 21st


Anyone else unable to play this episode or the one before this one?

Aug 10th

Deborah J. Likens

actually it was his grandpa's voice in his head that said it

Jul 25th

Nancy Shafer

it won't play...

Jul 15th
Reply (1)

Dave Wright

Excellent and fun to listen too. as good as Paul Harvey was in a different way.....👍

Jul 7th
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