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Nothing robs people of success more than fear of judgement and procrastination.And often, it's the fear of judgement that leads us to procrastinate our income producing activities.Rather than creating content or reaching out to people - we find other things to do that won't lead to negativity or ridicule.But when it comes to building a business and investing your money - there's one major factor that causes most people to procrastinate. The good news - once you're aware, it does become simple to fix. 
Success in this business really boils down to how well, and how often, you tell your story.Like a great movie, a great story can have people captivated, wanting to know more - and even telling their friends to hear the story too. And with all the tools of Social Media, it's never been easier to share your story with the world.But it can also be overwhelming. With so many Social Media channels, which is the best?On today's episode, I share an analogy we used in our team training, to help people find focus and clarity in their Social Media strategy. 
Everyone knows the saying 'Treat this like a business, it will pay you like a business' And there's nothing better than building a business that works for you - so you can enjoy your life more.But before you get to the juice, you have to get your business off the ground. And to do that, you shouldn't be treating this as a business, you should be treating it as a job. 
The late, great Jim Rohn has the saying 'You can't control the wind, but you can control the set of your sails'. And on today's Podcast, I want to look at the markets, and where I think they're heading in 2023.Because if we know the direction of the wind, we can set our sails accordingly. And be there to take advantage when the winds do change - and separate ourselves from the pack. 
Objections and rejections can be frustrating.They can even make us want to quit. But at least half the time - the people we're talking to were never going to buy.Spending time taking them through your sales process, overcoming their objections, following them up regularly - costs you a lot of time for no result. But what if there was an easy way to identify those 50%, so you can quickly move on and find the people who are ready?Not only will you reduce your frustrations massively, but you'll also build your business twice as fast - reaching your goals twice as quickly. 
10 years ago, Angie and I sat in a room at our first ever NWM event, being mesmerised by an incredible trainer.She was a multiple-7 figure earner annually, and had amassed multiple 8 figures (so far) over her career in the industry.We were glued to our seats, hanging off every word.But for all the training she did at that event, there was one 4 word nugget that she shared that totally changed our business - and our lives. 
Taking the step into investing can be overwhelming for many people.There's the fear of loss that holds some back, but for most, it's the sheer number of different ways to invest your money that can just make it all seem to hard.But when it really boils down, there are only 2 ways to invest your money.Of those 2, only 1 that will help you create more freedom. 
When it comes to business and investing, it's easy to get caught up systems and information. But the reality is, 99% of the decisions we make are emotional. We act emotionally first, then justify logically afterwards.And for all the fun and excitement of personal development, really it's a process of improving the control we have over our emotions. And there's one emotion especially that we have to learn to control - otherwise we'll never be able to truly enjoy the fruits of our labour. Don't forget to join us for Becoming Financially Free 2023 -
In today's episode, I wanted to share the simple, but incredibly powerful, time management strategy I learned many years ago - and how it's helped Angie and I not only build a great business, but also massively increased our happiness and freedom. For your blueprint to Break Free in 2023 - join us for the free event next weekend:
Happy New Year!Great to be back in the Podcast chair after a break over the Christmas holidays. And what better time to talk about goal setting strategies for 2023; specifically, 3 strategies to ensure that you're not just goal setting, but goal getting. Plus - with these strategies, you'll also be able to reduce your overwhelm and cut the procrastination habits. 
Our final Podcast episode for the year. And so I wanted to look back at everything that's been going on in our industry, the financial markets - the world in general.Because by looking back at the challenges of the past, we can position ourselves to take advantage of the opportunities in the future.Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and safe holidays, looking forward to being back recording again (in a new setup) in 2023!
On today's podcast episode, I look at the saying: 'It's not a sprint, it's a marathon'. It's one of the most popular mantras in our industry - but is it actually true?Is NWM and Financial Freedom actually a marathon? Can you actually get there by just showing up each day?Does 'staying in the game' guarantee success?Or is there more to the challenge? 
There are two main reasons that stop people getting started in investing:Fear of losing money.Not knowing where to start.Between the fear of loss and feelings of overwhelm, most people are stuck at the starting line, never able to get into action and start their investment process.In today's Podcast, I want to share a single sentence guide to better investing - to hopefully help take out the overwhelm and provide a clear road map for you to start building your investment portfolio and creating your financial freedom story. 
Time is our most precious asset. We can always make back money that we've lost, but never make back lost time.And that's why it's so important to make sure that, when we're building a business, we're spending our time doing business building activities with business building people.Having systems in your business for attracting people, launching people and coaching people are all important - but nothing is more important than a system for identifying the leaders from the followers, to ensure you're spending your time with the driven, and systemising the followers.
Everyone knows that consistency is key; it's not what you do once, but what you do consistently that matters.Everyone knows they need to be in action every day. But not everyone knows what to do each day. On today's Podcast episode, I want to share with you my Fortune Four; the 4 daily tasks you need to do to Build Your Business - and freedom.Plus - you can download the free PDF tracker to help at
In today's Podcast episode I share a personal story that I rarely share. It's an episode I've wanted to share for a long time, but because of how painful the lesson was, I always procrastinate and put off sharing it.But today felt like the right day to share it - so here it is.An incredible painful, but very important, lesson that I learned in my mid 20s - and how it ended up being a key factor in us building an incredible business and creating an amazing life. 
New country openings are an exciting time in your business. A whole new market of people who haven't (yet) heard about your products or company.And it can be very tempting to jump on a plane and spend a week prospecting every single person you meet.But if you want to get better results, and a much better return on investment, there's a far better way to approach new openings. 
I've often joked; if I had $1 for every time I was asked 'How do you I more leaders?' I'd have enough money to buy an island in the South Pacific. And really the question needs to be asked differently. Because it's not about 'finding' them, it's about:What can I do to have people want to follow me?What do I do once these people come to me? - because 'Leaders' don't 'Follow' systems or duplication. In today's podcast, I want to talk about the main skill to focus on to allow more people to recognise you as the leader they want to follow - and how you can quickly identify who's a follower and who's a potential leader. 
On today's Podcast, I wanted to share with you 3 simple mindset shifts that you can implement into your life to set yourself free. Of course, simple doesn't mean 'easy' - there is always work involved in building a business and putting your money to work.But if you can have these 3 rules set into your DNA, making them the forefront of every decision you make - you will be able to enjoy financial freedom. 
One of the most important (and often overlooked) keys to creating more financial freedom is how reliable your income is. It's not about how good your bonus cheques are.Not what you're earning on a good week, but if you can live off your bad weeks. The more reliable your income, the more freedom you can enjoy.And a reliable income needs a reliable business, which requires reliable activities from reliable people.And the one way to do that is to avoid chasing the latest trend - because they're simply just too unreliable. 
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