DiscoverThe Way the World Works: A Tuttle Twins Podcast for Families
The Way the World Works: A Tuttle Twins Podcast for Families
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The Way the World Works: A Tuttle Twins Podcast for Families

Author: Connor Boyack

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From the trusted team behind the Tuttle Twins books, join us as we tackle current events, hot topics, and fun ideas to help your family find clarity in a world full of confusion.
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Connor shares some quick info about three new non-fiction guidebooks we created, and they're now for sale!
Logical Fallacies, or flawed reasoning, occur all the time in our world. Politicians use them, the media uses them, and unfortunately, many people routinely fall for these fallacies. Today, Connor and Brittany discuss what a logical fallacy is and how you can avoid using them and falling for them in everyday life.
Nobody seems to be able to agree on much these days. And while it's good to stay true to your principles and beliefs, it doesn't mean you can't still talk to people with whom you disagree.
The world is a crazy place, but that doesn't mean we have to be sad and gloomy about it. There is so much to be optimistic about there are plenty of ways you can try your best to stay positive even when everything around us is chaotic.
Unlike other countries, who elect their officials through popular vote, our country uses something called the "Electoral College." Many people, even adults, don't really understand how it works. Today, Brittany and Connor explain the Electoral College and the role in plays in presidential elections.
Once upon a time, cars were a luxury item only the super rich could afford. But thanks to Henry Ford and an economic concept called "economies of scale," cars were able to mass produced, making them more affordable to everyday people.
The internet and the "internet of things" has completely changed our world. On one hand, this tech has helped make our world safer, on the other hand we now live in a world where tech has caused us to lose our privacy. Today Connor and Brittany discuss the role tech has played in our modern world.
58. What is Fascism?

58. What is Fascism?


On today's episode, Connor and Brittany continue their discussion on "isms," focusing specifically one we hear about a lot these days, "fascism." The pair dive into what fascism is and why it's such a threat to individual liberty.
During election season, the media and politicians like to tell us that the fate of the future depends on the outcome of the presidential election. While the president does have a lot of power, the truth is presidents and other politicians can't save us from all our problems. The truth is, when all is said and done, individuals are the only ones responsible for making our lives better.
College is an expensive investment. So expensive, in fact, that a lot of young people often take out student loans to pay for their education. But student loans come with a lot of problems that negatively impact a student's future, the economy, and the cost of tuition.
55. Kerry McDonald

55. Kerry McDonald


In this episode, Connor and Brittany sit down with the mother of four and author of the book, "Unschooled" to talk about the future of education in a post-pandemic world.
“Nationalism” and “Patriotism” often get mistaken for having the same meaning. While there are some small similarities, these words mean very different things, and as Brittany and Connor will discuss, one of these words has been very problematic throughout history.
Ever wonder why a candy bar costs a $1? Or why a pizza costs nearly $20? On today's episode Brittany and Connor dive into prices and where they come from. Spoiler alert, we might have more power over this as consumers than you might think!
For as long as there have been governments, those in power have been using media and art to manipulate the public into thinking or doing what they want. We often call this "propaganda." On today's episode, Brittany and Connor talk about what propaganda means and how individuals can learn to identify it in their everyday lives.
51. Ron Paul

51. Ron Paul


Former congressman Dr. Ron Paul joins Connor and Brittany today to talk about liberty for the next generation, his time in Congress, and what we can all do to spread the freedom philosophy.
Halloween is just around the corner. Traditionally, this has been a holiday where kids can dress up as people they love and admire as they go trick-or-treating. But over the last few years, some people have decided that it is inappropriate for kids to dress up in costumes that portray another person's culture. They call this "cultural appropriation." But is this really a problem, or merely a way of showing appreciation and respect for other cultures?
On past episodes, we've used the word "libertarian" before, but we've never really dug deeper into what this world means. Today, Connor and Brittany discuss what a libertarian is and how, just like in other ideologies, this name has taken on different meanings for different people.
For those who believe in a very limited government, there is a belief that government should not be telling us what to do or how to live our lives. But that doesn't mean society would be lawless and chaotic where everyone just does what they please at the expense of others.
A lot of people blame capitalism for climate problems and think we need the government to protect our environment. In reality, the best defender the environment is the free market. And many young individuals are already using the market to protect the environment.
Our country is founded on the belief that every single person has a right to life, liberty, and property. Today, Brittany and Connor discuss how property became a defining characteristic of free and independent people and why this is still so important today.
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Kelsi Cahoon

I really love the podcast and the concepts it teaches. The only issue is that I like to listen more than my kids do. I think a couple tweaks would make it a lot more enjoyable for them to listen. I would love it if the subject was introduced a little better. My kids kind of have a hard time following what it's talking about. I think a longer intro would be helpful. The other issue is that Connor's audio seems quieter and at times a little muffled. I know it's still new so I'm hoping to see these slight changes so my kids will be more interested in listening.

Jul 17th
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