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A podcast that follows the week in gaming news. New releases, eSports, and all kinds of great things happening in gaming are happening here at the Weekly Cooldown! Join host Najee "Kamijace" Walker as he explores the week in gaming with a special guest, every Friday!
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Kamijace brings Perry from the IttyBitty Podcast onto the show! Together, they talk all about how Kojima wishes to build bridges with Death Stranding, in such a politically divided world. Also, China's new game curfew guidelines and Jeff Kaplan's big upsetty about Overwatch 2.Find the IttyBitty Podcast: Perry and the podcast on twitter: Wkcooldown.comPatreon: @Kamijacegaming / @WkCooldownFacebook: Monthly Bundle: Support this podcast:
Kamijace brings on Hay and Fionna. Together, they talk about eSports Coaching for all ages! Plus, Fortnite cracking down on counterfeit merchandise. Also, in honor of being the NICE episode, they play Fornicate, Wed and Behead!You can find Fionna on Twitter @internetfionnaYou can find Hay on Twitter @haybayislandWebsite: Wkcooldown.comPatreon: @Kamijacegaming / @WkCooldownFacebook: Day of the Devs Bundle: Support this podcast:
Marcy, Samm and Cory return to the Weekly Cooldown to help celebrate the 2 year anniversary! The three have not been on together since Episode 10. Together, with Kamijace, they vote together on the Golden Joystick awards,  get excited about FFXIV, rehash more Blizzard news, chat about Magic: The Gathering's pro-player interview, AND throw a couple thinking emojis at Steam's Remote Play Together feature!You can find Marcy on Twitter @ShadolithYou can find Samm on Twitter @SammNeilandYou can find Cory on Twitter @EndlessmusingsYou can now find the Weekly Cooldown on Twitter @WkCooldown !Website: Wkcooldown.comPatreon: @Kamijacegaming / @WkCooldownFacebook: Partner Monthly: Support this podcast:
Kamijace welcomes Paul and Chile from the Moogle Go Round Radio Podcast to talk about Blizzard's backing out of the Nintendo Store event, Riot Games' massive line-up of upcoming projects, and Big, Godzilla-Charizard! Plus, Chile tells us why it's a bad idea to pay for Destiny 2's level boost.You can find Paul on Twitter @PaulMetal1You can find Chile on Twitter @MGR_ChilleFollow the Moogle-Go-Roundradio podcast on Twitter @MooglegoroundCheck out Moogle Go Round on Twitch: www.wkcooldown.comPatreon: @Kamijacegaming / @WkCooldownFacebook: November Monthly Bundle: Support this podcast:
Ryan Hoyle and Paul Henderson join Kamijace this week to dive waaaay deep into the Boycott of Blizzard and why your video games are political. Plus, a discussion and reminiscence of the good times AlphaDream has given us. AND, PS5 news, including the response to the specifications from Gamestop and from Platinum Games.Find Ryan Hoyle on twitter @hoyleryanFind Paul Henderson on Twitter @PaulsrockintwitHere's where you can help donate to VOXUS' extra life campaign: www.wkcooldown.comPatreon: @Kamijacegaming / @WkCooldownFacebook: Monthly Bundle: Support this podcast:
Daniel Tidwell joins Kamijace this week! Together they talk about Daniel's video game heavy metal music covers, Daniel's favorite game FF7, Playstation 5 news, Death Stranding news, and would it even be a Weekly Cooldown episode without some talk about unions in game work?Find Daniel Tidwell on Twitter @danieltidwellCheck out his YouTube page and all his music: thanks to Arakattack for bringing this show together! Check out Arak on Twitch: www.wkcooldown.comPatreon: @Kamijacegaming / @WkCooldownFacebook: Make Your Card Game Bundle: Support this podcast:
Kamijace brings on a new guest, Derek, who talks about his podcast: Rolling Misadventures Podcast! Then, the two tackle gaming news! From Code Vein's strange, yet cool Blood Drive giveaway, and the Sony State of Play! Plus, a look into the future at upcoming releases for the 4th quarter!Find Derek and The Rolling Misadventures Podcast on Twitter: out www.wkcooldown.comPatreon: @Kamijacegaming / @WkCooldownFacebook: Borderlands 3: Support this podcast:
Warning, this episode is W I L D. Back for what should have been Episode 51, Wanderpus and Twylark are here to talk... Aliens? Together with Kamijace, they go over the Zeitgeist that is the Area 51 rush event, along with other, more wholesome, and less dangerous events, and they somehow all tie it all in to video games, and Kickstarter unionization (and unions in general) Plus, Kamijace gushes about Control, which is definitely one of his new favorite games.Find Nika/Wanderpus on everything social-media related, or on Twitch as Wanderpus! ( Twylark on Twitter and on Twitch: out the Kickstarter United twitter page: www.wkcooldown.comPatreon: @Kamijacegaming / @WkCooldownFacebook: Borderlands 3: Support this podcast:
Kamijace brings on Austin White, long time friend of the show, to talk about the latest Google Stadia news, and news from it's competitor: EA's Project Atlus. Plus, thoughts about Shenmue 3's latest news and Project REsistance excitement(?)!You can find Austin on Twitter @think_hrdWebsite: wkcooldown.comTwitter: @Kamijacegaming / @WkCooldownFacebook: Partner Witcher 3 Sale: Support this podcast:
Friends of the show and HIGH ENERGY EXTRAORDINAIRES, Wanderpus and Twylark come back to the show after a 20-episode-too-long hiatus. Together with Kamijace, they talk all about Twitch streaming, Chucklefish's latest allegations, and the Cyberpunk 2077 "controversy" #FirstPersonOpinionsFind Nika/Wanderpus on everything social-media related, or on Twitch as Wanderpus! ( Twylark on Twitch: out the Gamer Workers Unite twitter page: @GameworkersWebsite: www.wkcooldown.comPatreon: @Kamijacegaming / @WkCooldownFacebook: RPG Bundle: Support this podcast:
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