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Author: Trinity Tondeleir

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Welcome to The Wellness Cafe podcast. Your host Trinity Tondeleir who you may know from TikTok, Instagram, or Youtube is serving all things wellness, lifestyle, girl-talk and everything in between. Come hangout every Monday!
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This week Trin sits down with Allana Blumberg or you may know as @lanibfit to discuss all things from starting a healthy lifestyle, how she got into running, how to move out and how to manage your finances.  wellness cafe ig : trin's ig:
If you are passionate about content creation and want to turn social media into your job, you can! This week Trin share's everything she knows about content creation and being an influencer "full time". From how to find brand contacts , how to pitch yourself, how to negotiate, how to get payed everything is answered in this weeks episode to set you up for success and get payed for posting on social media. 
If there's one thing that works its the law of attraction and power of manifestation. This week Trin talks about how she uses the law of attraction to reach goals and how you can also use this to manifest anything you want. wellness cafe ig : trin's ig:
Five easy steps to create a morning routine that gets you excited to get out of bed. Creating your perfect morning and starting a healthy lifestyle routine does not have to be difficult and there's no reason to over complicate it. This week Trin talks about 5 simple steps to create a morning routine that will leave you feeling accomplished and ready for your day. wellness cafe ig : trin's ig:
workout for your mental health > physical health. the mental health benefits that come from working out are so amazing and this week trin talks about why she works out for her mental health and why you should too.  wellness cafe ig : trin's ig:
Each and every person has something they are going through, chances are a lot of us are all struggling with the same situations. This week It's Trin's first ever advice column. All your dilemas are answered from getting over a breakup, dealing with toxic friends, partying and being "that girl " & so much more. If you want adivce on the next Wellness Cafe advice column send your questions to @thewellnesscafepod on Instagram to be featured on the next episode.  wellness cafe ig : trin's ig:
All the tips and tricks on how to get out of a funk and back into your routine. This episode Trin shares every last detail of how exactly she gets back into routine after taking time off and how you can too.  wellness cafe ig : trin's ig: Guide to be "THAT GIRL" 
It's time to turn your vision board into a reality, stop wishing and start making IT. HAPPEN. This week Trin talks about putting a plan behind your goals and turning your dream life into your reality. We only have one life so let's go for it and make it happen.  wellness cafe ig : trin's ig: Guide to be "THAT GIRL" 
The best thing you can do is start now! This week Trin discusses how to stay motivated and start healthier habits that stick. Trin lists points that help keep her on track and motivated and how you can do the same.  wellness cafe ig :  trin's ig:
Everything you asked Trin and Brody about their relationship. From how they met, how long they've been together, moving in with your significant other and more.  wellness cafe ig : trin's ig:
How to unlock your full potential by chasing your dreams and doing what you love. This week Trin discusses how to face your fears and chase your dreams whatever they may be , don't let anything hold you back from doing what you love.  wellness cafe ig : trin's ig:
Hopefully you've bought your ticket because all aboard hot girl summer 21' we are ready for her. This episode Trin is joined with her best friend to discuss all things hot girl summer!!!  wellness cafe ig : trin's ig:
01. open for business.

01. open for business.


you heard it here first, the wellness cafe is officially open for business. in this episode trin teases all things you can expect to talk about at the wellness cafe , thanks for coming to hangout & hope to see you again soon <3  wellness cafe ig : trin's ig:
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