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The Wellness Mama Podcast is a weekly series covering the topics of holistic health, real food, stress, sleep, fitness, toxins, natural living, DIY, parenting, motherhood, and other health tips to give you actionable solutions to improve your family’s life! Brought to you by Katie Wells of
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Calling all parents… this episode is 100% dedicated to you! Today I’m having a heart to heart with Amy McCready, creator of Positive Parenting Solutions, on the subject of kids, discipline, and peaceful parenting. She is here with some priceless wisdom to help us figure out how to get our kids to listen without nagging …
Today we’re about to get an amazing education in neurotransmitters, those very important chemical messengers in our brains. Balancing neurotransmitters through natural methods is an important part of Dr. Ann-Marie Barter’s work in her practice in Colorado. Dr. Ann uses a combination of functional blood chemistry analysis, nutrition, applied kinesiology, and other natural remedies with …
Just when you think we’ve touched on every health topic possible, something new and exciting comes up! I’m here with Steven Wright, a medical engineer, Kalish Functional Institute graduate, and expert in an emerging area of gut health: enzymes! It turns out they don’t just help with digestion but also with a whole list of …
I’m coming to you solo today to answer your most frequently asked questions, and you asked some great ones! I’ll be giving a long-awaited update on how (and why) we homeschool, whether our food rules still apply as our kids get older, and what I’m learning as I start to parent teenagers! Hopefully what I share …
Today’s episode is a special one for me, because I am here with my oldest son, Anthony, to talk about a project he has worked really hard on the past couple of years: a cookbook by kids and for kids called Chef Junior, scheduled to release May 19th! We also answer many of the questions …
The last two years have been a journey for me as I worked through a past trauma to get to a new point of inner healing. The result? I feel happier in my skin and even enjoyed a dramatic 80-pound weight loss as everything else came into balance. One of the heroes I looked up …
My guest Ryan Lee is a dad of 4 and a super inspiring figure in the health and business world. He created REWIND, a delicious plant-based bar that is one of my go-to healthy snacks. He’s here today to not only talk about that, but about everything from time management to parenting to strategies for …
Does getting what we want make us happy? Or is making our own happiness help us get what we want? That’s just one of the many questions Dr. Laurie Santos, Professor of Psychology at Yale University, is here to talk about today. After observing a disturbing level of unhappiness and anxiety among her college students, …
Fresh produce you can grow on your kitchen counter in a matter of days? Yes please! Doug Evans learned everything you could ever want to know about sprouting by learning to live off the food grid on his desert property in California. He learned so much he wrote The Sprout Book to share the benefits of …
Dr. Mark Hyman is one of the most celebrated and widely recognized health leaders today. He’s back on the podcast today to talk about how the food industry is targeting our children, and what we can do as moms to fight back. From school lunches to what we put on the dinner table, there are …
We’re used to seeing health fads come and go, but one that I think is increasingly important for women to pay attention to is salt and sodium intake. Many of us were raised to think low sodium was good for the heart and for blood pressure, but Robb Wolf is here to say that we …
I’ve always said that women, especially moms, have so much power to create exponential change in the world. We’re going to talk through that concept today and get advice on how to channel our efforts in some very practical and also visionary ways. My guest Denise Brosseau created her own business teaching women how to …
We hear some incredible health stories on this podcast, and today is no exception! After a decade of very poor health, Simon Cheng found himself celebrating his 30th birthday with a tube of antibiotics connected directly to his heart valve. He said, “Enough is enough” and changed his life dramatically. Today we’re going deep into Simon’s personal …
The longer I study health, the more I’m convinced: health is highly personal and there is no “one-size-fits-all” health prescription. The problem is, how do you know where you stand? Dr. Russell Jaffe, MD and PhD, is pretty much my dream guest. He went from a full conventional medicine background at the National Institute for …
This timely episode focuses on what we can all do to help support immune health and fortify the body against viruses at this crucial time in history. It may surprise you that I’ve asked not an infectious disease specialist but a gastroenterologist to talk to us about this subject. Dr. Ken Brown is on the …
While there’s plenty of things I like about getting older, it’s definitely a goal of mine to stay flexible, strong, and healthy as I age. This is how we’re approaching the topic of anti-aging today — not so much lines and wrinkles, but going deeper to how we can slow the aging process, fight inflammation, …
Today’s episode is going to be all about the mental and emotional side of health, which I’ve learned plays a powerful role in overall physical health. I’m here with the fascinating and Emmy Award-winning Rhonda Britten. You may have seen her a few times on Oprah guest sharing her own tragic and inspiring story of …
We’re bringing you a bit of a “special edition” episode today by taking some time to really talk about all that is going on in the world. There are practical and evidence-based strategies and supplements that I’m using to focus on gut and immune health right now and to keep my family, hopefully, safe and …
The average American spends 8 hours a day sitting… just let that sink in… If there’s anything we spend that much time doing, we should be sure we know what it’s doing to our bodies! Dr. Turner Osler, a retired academic trauma surgeon turned research epidemiologist, who has published over 300 peer-reviewed medical papers, is …
Today I’m going to give you all an update on my decade-long journey with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, one of the reasons I got into health and started a blog and a podcast. I’ll revisit from beginning to end all of the steps I tried, what worked and what didn’t work, and where I currently am with …
Comments (25)

Mylee Quach

Thank you for all the information. I am looking into it.

Mar 4th

Amanda Ragan

hey girl, love the podcast! I always assumed you would never struggle with your weight, because the podcast is so spot on with health. It is very refreshing to hear a raw truth. makes you very relatable for me. I have also had some struggles. I started dieting last year and began to hate myself. in a way I never felt before. this year I am doing the deep emotional work to heal and physical changes are happening. I threw away the scale but I can feel it. you cannot hate yourself into health. so powerful. thank you for the great info always provided on wellness mama.

Feb 21st

Audrey Clark

To answer your question in the description, I don't feel good about eating meat at all. It's an ethical standpoint that I don't want to kill something when I have a plethora of other plant based options available that are cheaper, tastier and better for the environment. From an environmental standpoint people need to eat less meat and buy from sustainable sources. From an ethical standpoint, I personally can't back eating meat since it's proven to be unnecessary in having a healthy life for me.

Feb 17th

Tonya Bennert

I appreciate the fact that you allow your guests to talk. So many podcast hosts do too much talking when it's the guest that we really want to hear from. Thank you

Feb 5th

Lindsay Schulze

My trusted resource of a wealth of holistic medicine for mind body and soul. Love her and appreciate her thorough research and her authenticity and intentionally.

Jan 15th

Blaze Baxter

I feel like my phone just spoke to me by this popping up. I'm already in tears and haven't even listened yet. I am struggling with the fact I can't afford explant. Thank you for getting the word out about this illness. Can't wait to listen...

Jul 22nd
Reply (1)

Nicole Montesi-Doak

this was so interesting!!! I would love to try these games before investing or hear from others who have used it but can't seem to find anything online! do you know where I could get some more information?

Jun 9th

Niclas Daniels

39:40 #mitochondria that are fragile and overwhelmed can't handle additional stress and will shut down, contributing to #chronicFatigue 54:00 #supplements to help with #anxiety etc

May 23rd

Rachel Rivera

So glad you finally talked about vaccines! It is a controversial topic but you're so brave.

Apr 23rd

George Bernwanger

Fantastic podcast. Really enjoyed it.

Apr 20th

Jack Worrow


Jan 31st

Jack Worrow

The one person who

Jan 31st

Ashley Eininger

You mention at one point in the podcast that you need to avoid high amounts of saturated fat. What necessitates that? How do we know if that is our situation or not?

Jan 2nd

M Carter

I love the picture book for each child. Kudos to you! I am going to start that for my kids

Jan 1st

Danielle Westcom

I though she sounded off a little as well, but then I listened to it again. I think she just has a lot of energy and passion for what she does. I took a lot away from the episode, including a desire to have half of her energy!

Nov 6th

sanina fuentes

Hi Katie! I think you may have the wrong audio linked to this podcast - would love to hear about mushrooms! thanks for all you do!!

Oct 29th

Rachel Rivera

Episode 192 with Dr. Sonja Jenson is powerful! I've listened to many podcasts on hormones and women's health so I almost skipped this one as I thought it was going to be information I already knew, but she has so much information to share.

Oct 5th


186..I was commenting on, roughly, the first 1/3 of episode

Sep 27th


do we know enough about gut microbiome to completely remove vegetables from the diet? more than fiber can be derived from a varied balanced diet..all AND nothing type diets seem to be out of balance

Sep 23rd
Reply (1)

Rachel Rivera

lol yeah agreed she was so hard to listen to. Not my favorite episode at all.

Apr 2nd
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