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Author: Craig Casaletto & Asante Cleveland

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Former Law Enforcement Officer and Current Podcaster, Craig Casaletto partners with NFL Veteran, Asante Cleveland to bring you a raw and unfiltered perspective on personal and professional growth. Discover a real life & unconventional approach to mindset, motivation, growth and overcoming challenge. All told from a real world, relatable and humorous perspective! You will also hear great people, share personal stories of their successes, their failures and how it all contributed to their personal and professional growth. Follow us on social @thewhitetigerpodcast to keep up with the latest info and added extras.
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There are many examples in sports where less athletic athletes became elite, and physically gifted athletes failed to succeed. Athletes have learned that professional success goes beyond just training and talent. Developing a powerful mindset is crucial to living a better life, achieving your personal and professional goals and beating your next "opponent". This week, we had the honor to speak with former professional tennis player, mindset mentor and founder of Headstrong LLC, Danielle. Mills. Danielle shares her tennis journey from the age of three to training at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida to turning professional. She also talks about injury, retiring from the sport she loves and going through transition. All while tapping into the mental skillset she developed as a professional athlete. In this episode, Danielle also provides a ton of impactful information & actionable tips to help us develop our "game ready" routine and how to identify and develop our winning skillset. You can find out more about Headstrong and Danielle on Instagram @headstrongllc and @daniela_boricuaFollow The White Tiger Podcast on Social: Instagram: The White Tiger Podcast on YouTube:
You can't pour from an empty cup ! In order to crush your personal and business goals, one of the most important things we struggle with is filling up our own cup. Learning to give back to our self is often something we forget and neglect, thinking we have to always be giving to others to be successful and satisfy those who need us.  Yvette Owo is a global business consultant, coach and amazing advocate for helping others fill up their cup, grow their brand and business and take their financial life to the next level. In this interview, Yvette shares her journey from moving from Nigeria to her days as a young entrepreneur starting five businesses at the age of 10. Yvette also talks about her struggle with Fibromyalgia and how the experience has taught her some amazing things that have changed her personally and professionally. Yvette also provides some great advice and ACTIONABLE steps, to grow your finances, grow your business and find a clear path to reaching your financial goals. She also talks about the importance of having the right mindset and why you need to be careful with what you chase. Asante and Yvette also share their experience with getting hit by a car and why getting frequent massages can be an absolute game changer ! 
Have you ever heard the phrase...New Year, New You ! Sounds kinda cliche', but the reality is unless we do something different in 2020, it's going to be 2019, Part 2. BTW...Public Service Announcement here.... the sequel is never as good as the original. In this week's episode, we talk about the importance of finishing through the line, not just in your workout, but your life, your year and your decade. We also chat about how to create personal and professional value, which over time eventually will get us "paid".All of this and we discuss the meaning of the latin phrase "Nunc Coepi" and why we need to know what it means.Also subscribe and follow us on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and all your favorite podcast platforms. @thewhitetigerpodcast.
In this week's episode, Asante tells us about his honorary doctorate, his recent jump into giving professional shout-outs at and his take on the importance of a business card. The guys also talk about the power of giving thanks, climbing the metaphorical mountains of life, going after what you're passionate about & much much more. Please follow & check the podcast out on social at @thewhitetigerpodast on Instagram and TikTok.Also please treat yourself and book Asante Cleveland for a professional shout out at for allof your special events. 
Being authentic is great advice, but sometimes in a world with a ton of voices, resources and media it's tough figuring out what to do, especially if you are staring something new or moving in a direction you have never moved.In this week's episode, Craig talks about the pitfalls of comparing yourself to others, why being authentic is sometimes harder than you think and the dreaded Imposter Syndrome. Just remember, regardless of who we are and/or what we have done in life, we all have the "credentials" to help others....sometimes convincing ourself is the hardest battle. Find out how to be a more genuine you this week !Also check us out on YouTube and now TikTok for video's,  podcasts and behind the scenes content.YouTube Link:, Also in Instagram Bio. TikTok: @thewhitetigerpodcast 
If something smells good….i’ll ask !  Wise words by co-host, Asante Cleveland in this week’s episode. This week, Asante and Craig talk podcast transition, getting back to their roots and how The White Tiger Podcast is now coming to your favorite video platform…someone say YouTube?They also chat about why looking good and smelling good can be an essential element to a guys success and also talk about the podcast’s newest sponsor, MANSCAPED ( only that, but we also talk a little NBA, MLB and our take on the latest happenings in the world of sports. One last thing….our recent sponsor, Manscaped, is offering 20% your order by using the code “WHITETIGER, get a great discount on some great products and smell and feel like a man to boot !Follow us on social @thewhitetigerpodcast to keep up with the latest info and added extras.Check us out on YouTube:
It’s never too early or too late to go after your dreams, to crush your goals and go after what your passion is.  Sometimes life presents you circumstances beyond your control that require you to make choices and decisions that will dictate that path you walk in life. Cyrus Mohseni, CEO of the Keystone Team, Philanthropist & Former Professional Soccer Player tells an impactful story about navigating challenge, making life changing decisions and pursuing your dreams. Cyrus talks about his path to becoming a professional soccer player, a motor vehicle accident that changed his life and how he transitioned from professional sports to becoming a multi-million-dollar realtor and CEO. Cyrus also chats about starting his non-profit organization, Giving Football, which provides professional mentorship, training and soccer gear to orphanages around the world. This week learn about the power of manifestation & structure, why it’s just about getting a little better every day and the three steps that will allow you to always accomplish whatever you want. Hear this and more in this week’s episode with CEO, Athlete and Philanthropist, Cyrus Mohseni.Instagram:, #thewhitetigerpodcast, #momentum, #entrepreneur, #motivation, #knowledge #realtor, #itunes, #podcastlove, #spotify, #youtube, #podernfamily, #radio, #applepodcasts, #itunespodcast, #soundcloud, #applepodcast, @clevelandshow_82, @thewhitetigerpodcast, #podcastfire, ⁣#maxoutcommunity, #instagood, #podlove, #inspiration, #LA, #nyc, #socal, #podcastone, #determination, #garyvee, #repost  
Have you ever wondered why you’re not getting what you want?  Do you ever find yourself sometimes living life like it’s Saturday morning?Well, consistently getting what you want can be as simple as just asking for it & also getting very specific with what you need to accomplish.This week, we bring back one of our favorite guests, Managing Partner at Northwestern Mutual, Timothy Mulroy. Tim talks about the cost of being vague and how it impacts your health, finances relationship and more. Tim also gives up some tips on how to set yourself up for success, why life is so much like a sport and why the destination is never the prize.We also share the importance of the Butterfly Effect and how small specific changes now, can make huge impacts later. Hear all this and more in this week’s episode!Follow us on social @thewhitetigerpodcast to keep up with the latest info and added extras.
Are you a Perfectionist? Highly Structured and/or a High Achiever ? Have you ever noticed that the more you try to make things “perfect”, the more it delays you actually getting started?Well, this week we talk about perfectionism, why it can be good in moderation, but also how it can prevent you from taking action. We also chat about its relationship with Anxiety and why perfectionists are typically never ever relaxed!Even if you aren’t a perfectionist and feel like you need a bit more structure in your personal or professional life, this episode is also for you!By the way, in the spirt of walk it, like we talk it.. we completely threw this episode into the wind and completely winged it!Certified 100% Authentic!Follow us on social @thewhitetigerpodcast to keep up with the latest info and added extras. #podcast, #thewhitetigerpodcast, #happy, #entrepreneur, #perfectionist, #perfect, #podcastersofinstagram, #itunes, #podcastlove, #spotify, #youtube, #podernfamily, #radio, #applepodcasts, #itunespodcast, #soundcloud, #applepodcast, @clevelandshow_82, @thewhitetigerpodcast, #podcastfire,#maxoutcommunity, #instagood, #podlove, #inspiration, #LA, #nyc, #socal, #podcastone 
This week, we have the honor to bring back, Ricky Miller III, one of our favorite guests here at the White Tiger Podcast. He is not only the CEO of Carbonadi Vodka, but one of the most abundant people we know and love. In this episode, Ricky shares exclusive insight on where he is with Carbonadi, what it takes to connect with the leaders in your professional space, why it’s so important to have thick skin.Ricky also talks about his meeting & connection with rapper, songwriter & actor, Ja Rule & how crazy things often happen in the most craziest of places. We also chat about showing up, putting out good energy and we finish off with some life changing, mind-shifting and motivating advice that will not only get you ready to start your dream journey & crush your goals but it will leave you wanting more !You can follow Carbonadi Vodka at & Ricky Miller at @rickymillerthethird on Instagram.  #podcast, #thewhitetigerpodcast, #highonhappiness, #entrepreneur, #carbonadivodka, #jarule, #abundance, #vodka, #luxuryspirts, ##podcastersofinstagram, #itunes , #podcastlove,  #spotify, #youtube, #podernfamily, #radio, #applepodcasts,  #itunespodcast,  #soundcloud,   #applepodcast, @jarule, @jaishaunwhite, @clevelandshow_82, @thewhitetigerpodcast, #podcastfire, #fire, @iconn_me, @podcastone
Have you ever found yourself consumed by social media? Have you ever found yourself being excessively focused on other people’s social media feeds, their following, their numbers of followers, likes etc.? Do you ever find yourself comparing yourself to others in the social media world, people in your space, those who share the same interests, passions, & goals?If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are definitely not alone. We all find ourselves relying on social media to get information, get ahead or simply just get entertained.This week, we chat about how social media is can be directly and /or indirectly contributing to our feelings of fear, failure and self-doubt. We also give some pointers on how to avoid the negative that comes will social media and how to be more aware of the information you consume. We also talk about some great benefits of social media and how it can not only boost your brand, but also help you build a community and much more!Also check us out on YouTube for video podcasts, behind the scenes content and much more!  YouTube Link:, Also in Instagram Bio. 
This week, we are pleased to bring you our first audio/video podcast about something we all directly and/or indirectly struggle with and that is. ... Mental Health! Listen, if you have thoughts, which I think (no pun intended) most of us do, they have the tendency at times to get the best of us. Often, they are a distraction, often we let them take control of us and sometimes they control our lives. Professionally I’ve seen people do some “crazy” things and I have also seen how poor mental health has contributed to a person simply having one bad day or a person struggling with a lifetime of agony and pain. Originally presented on Instagram, in this podcast we chat about how our mental health impacts our lives, what we can do to get ahead of it and how we can go from feeling powerless to powerful! All of this told from a personal and definitely a transparent perspective. Let us know what you think of the podcast …If you like it, let us know & if you know someone that is struggling mentally, please share this, it could change someone’s perspective and maybe change someone’s life. Follow us on social @thewhitetigerpodcast to keep up with the latest info and added extras.
Have you ever found yourself constantly worrying? Especially about things beyond your control? Has it had a significant impact on your life? Your ability to fight for your dreams, your goals or just simply for yourself?Well, we can tell you here at the White Tiger Podcast that we have. In this week’s episode, we share some personal stories, personal tips and a small, practical plan to get you from being a worrier to becoming a warrior!Check out this week’s episode to hear this and more!Also, follow us on social @thewhitetigerpodcast to keep up with the latest info and added extras. We also our pleased to announce our recent collaboration with True Reign Apparel. Their mission at True Reign is to build a culture that empowers others to positively influence the world by pursuing their passions and leading You can find them at @the_true_reign#thewhitetigerpodcast, #podcast, #worriertowarrior, #escapeyourcage, #socal, #LA, #truereignapparel, #nyc, #maxout, #fightforyou, #inspiration, #gogetter
In this episode. Coach, IFBB Olympian and Host of the Challenge Your Circumstance Podcast, Stephanie Hammermeister (aka: Lady Hammer) turns the tables and challenges Craig to go from interviewer to interviewee.Stephanie & Craig also talk about why it’s not a good idea to negotiate with your mind, why your career choices can impact the person you become and the power of letting go of your ego. We also share why it’s never too late pursue your passion, why sometimes we just need to believe in things without having proof & why setting intention over expectation can be a significant game changer.  They also talk about the birth of White Tiger Podcasting and how Craig is helping others share their voice and how he is guiding other on their podcasting journey.You can learn more about starting your  podcast journey with White Tiger Podcasting at Also check out the Challenge Your Circumstance Podcast in iTunes!You can follow Stephanie @ lady_hammer on Instagram On the web @, On Facebook @
Have you ever had a situation where you found yourself stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire? Maybe on a busy highway, in an unfamiliar area or just in a place that made you feel uncomfortable or unsafe? What if “the side of the road” was really just a moment in your life?Well, this week we share a personal story about what happens when you get stuck and why how you react can shed a light on not only your tire changing skills but more importantly what is possibly working or not working in your life. We also talk about why we often look to others for help and the positive and negative role social media plays in getting us unstuck.Check out this week’s episode to hear this and more!Also, follow us on social @thewhitetigerpodcast to keep up with the latest info and added extras. #thewhitetigerpodcast, #podcast, #changethetire, #socal, #LA, #knowingjack, #getunstuck, #unsocialmedia, #lifeskills, #nyc
In this weeks, episode we talk about Asantes e-mail fame, the art of playing poker and how to sharpen your people skills. We also chat about deciphering a person’s body language, the things you may see and hear when a person is being deceptive and why the best form of communication is sometimes not communicating at all.Ever wonder if T.V. shows like C.S.I, Law and Order & True Detective are real ? Craig and Asante reveal the truth about what really happens and Asante provides a tell all about his TV show binge watching addiction.    Craig also makes a confession about something he’s never done before, which makes him part of a very very small group. Find out about that and more this week !Also follow us on social @thewhitetigerpodcast to keep up with the latest info and added extras.
Are you living how you want to live?  Well, this week we bring you Part 2 of our interview with Wellness Coach, Author & IFBB (International Federation of Pro Bodybuilding) Pro Olympian, Stephanie Hammermeister. We not only ask & answer that question, but we also talk about why Stephanie waited to tell her story and what life has been like post-her competitive bodybuilding career. Stephanie also shares what it means to be a family with your “community”, how our voice is our armor and why her Challenge Your Circumstance program has not only changed her life but may also change yours. We also talk about finding “wealth”, physical and mental wellness and much more!Check out Stephanie @ lady_hammer on Instagram, 
This week we had the honor to speak with Wellness Coach, Author & IFBB (International Federation of Pro Bodybuilding) Pro Olympian, Stephanie Hammermeister. Stephanie shares an amazing story about finding her identity, hitting rock bottom and making a shift that would significantly impact her life. She also speaks about the pressures of body image, the lure & power of being & staying “relevant " & an 80’s workout video that may have been the thing that indirectly introduced her to bodybuilding. Originally from New Hampshire, Stephanie’s started her athletic career as has both a high school and college basketball star. She moved out to California and became connected to the world of bodybuilding. She immediately had success as an amateur & quickly became an IFBB pro bodybuilder competing at the Arnold Classic and the top bodybuilding competition in the world the …Olympia!This week is part one of a two-part episode, which is chock-full of great stories, inspiration all from a raw & unfiltered perspective. You can follow Stephanie @ lady_hammer on InstagramOn the web @,On Facebook @ tuned for Part #2 …. Coming Soon! 
In this week’s episode, we had the pleasure to sit down with elite personal trainer, athlete & entrepreneur, Ben Moreland. Ben shares a ton of insight from his 14+ years of experience in the fitness industry, including stories about his Mixed Martial Arts beginnings to owning his own internationally known gym, Be More Athletics.Ben also tells us about his journey working with the 1st Phorm supplement company, owned by the MFCEO, Andy Frisella & one of many things that separates 1st Phorm from everyone else. We also chat about finding your fitness “Why”, Steroids in bodybuilding, Lance Armstrong, Avengers Endgame and much, much more! Check out Ben on Instagram @benmorland, @Be_More_Athletics & his gym website & stay tuned to the end to get a great offer from Ben, exclusive to all White Tiger Podcast Listeners!  Hell Yeah!
Have you ever found yourself struggling to be your authentic self or trying to live up to other people’s expectations ? Have you ever thought that your personal story was your biggest weakness, as opposed to your greatest strength? Well, this week we speak with Author, Speaker and Founder of Otter Creek Inspirations, Clay Smeltzer. In this episode we talk about personal dreams, personal struggles and what it takes to live our most abundant life. We also chat about letting go of our ego’s, dealing with anxiety and going yard in the game of life.Follow us on social @thewhitetigerpodcast to keep up with the latest info and added extras.#thewhitetigerpodcast, #podcast, #become, #socal, #LA, @nm_orangecounty, #mindset, #careeradvice,. #career You can follow Clay @clay_smeltzer on Instargram and at
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