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Author: Craig Casaletto & Asante Cleveland

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Former Police Detective, Craig Casaletto partners with NFL Veteran, Asante Cleveland to bring you conversations about sports, creating a winning mindset and achieving success. The White Tiger Podcast also connects you with athletes, entrepreneurs and leaders in their space who share personal and professional stories about victory, defeat and what it takes to achieve your goals. Follow us on social @thewhitetigerpodcast to keep up with the latest info and added extras.
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What’s up White Tigers ? This week we bring you a very special sit down with not just a great guy, but recently retried NFL Tight End for the San Fransisco 49ers, Garrett Celek. During our conversation with Garrett, He shares his journey from growing up in Cincinnati Ohio, to playing college football at Michigan State University and later getting a tryout with the San Fransisco 49ers. Garrett talks about the ups’ and down’s of going undrafted and playing in the NFL, the physical and mental challenges of the sport and why being adaptable and consistent is important to a player’s longevity in the league.He also talked about the importance of getting outside your comfort zone and also shares a personal story about how he pushed himself to be better pass catcher and how that payed dividends on and off the field.We also dive into the thought process around Garrett’s decision to retire from pro football and some of the reasons why most pro players contemplate leaving and why some choose to keep playing.Who was the toughest personal he had to block in the NFL ? Who is person who pushed him to truly realize what he was capable of ? & What advice did his father give him at young age that still impacts him today? Find the answers to all these questions and more in this FIRE episode of The White Tiger Podcast.You can follow Garrett on Instagram at: check out this episode on YouTube at:
This week it is our honor to bring you an amazing conversation with Father, Husband, Keynote Speaker & Paralympian, Joe Delagrave. Joe Delagrave, Co-Captain of Team USA Wheelchair Rugby, was a 19-year-old college football player when he became paralyzed after a freak boating accident. After his accident, Joe struggled to find identity and purpose in life. Despite all the challenges he continued to face, he shares how he found his way to get back up. (Excerpt from CAF-Challenged Athletes Foundation) In this episode, Joe shares his inspiring story and some insight about his rehabilitation after his accident and why the process was just as much mental as it was physical. Joe also tells us about having a victor instead of victim mentality and why inspiration can be found in what you do when you fail, compared to what you do in the moment of victory. We also talk about his upcoming olympic journey, how he has been managing life during COVID-19, the importance of putting in the work, creating good habits and much more on this inspirational episode of The White Tiger Podcast. You can find more about Joe Delagrave at:Website: https://www.joedelagrave.comFacebook: @jdelagrave14Twitter: @JoeDelagraveYouTube:
Whats’s up everybody and welcome to another quarantine edition of The White Tiger Podcast. Hope you’re all staying safe, healthy and doing your best to navigate this corona craziness. In this weeks podcast episode, we talk about the personal struggles that come with staying at home and being out of our norm. Asante and Craig also share their biggest quarantine challenges and the importance of giving back to yourself, especially now. We also get stoic and talk about one of Craig’s favorite books The Daily Stoic and how it can keep things in perspective, make you feel empowered and inspire you to think differently. When we think of fear, it’s not something we often think of as something we want to embrace, but today we chat about why we should be leaning into it and how it can help us move forward. Also we bring back the “Is It Just Me? “ segment of the podcast. All of this, Stimulus Checks, the WNBA & NFL Draft and much more of what’s not going on in the world of sports this week on this episode of The White Tiger Podcast.You can find The Daily Stoic here: Can Follow The White Tiger Podcast on Social: Instagram: @thewhitetigerpodcast  Facebook:  Twitter: @whitetiger092  Also Check out our YouTube Channel at:
Welcome all to another episode of The White Tiger Podcast, we hope everyone is doing well, staying healthy and strong during this COVID quarantine. In this episode, we dive into another quarantine conversation by talking about the importance of pacing yourself and not “burning out” during this pandemic marathon.Since most of us seem to be spending more time on social media lately we also wanted to share our thoughts on why it’s so important to just be yourself and why some of then”influencer” information you consume many not necessarily be good for you.We also talk about changing your mindset, being forgiving to yourself during this lockdown and why you just need to get “one blade of grass” better everyday.Asante and Craig also share their take on the newest Tiger King episode on Netflix and they announce a brand new segment on the podcast called “Is it Just Me?”.All of this, sports predictions, the #allinchallenge and much more on this episode of The White Tiger Podcast.You Can Follow The White Tiger Podcast on Social: Instagram: @thewhitetigerpodcast Facebook: Twitter: @whitetiger092 Also Check out our YouTube Channel at:
This week former NFL Head Coach and current FOX Sports Analyst, Eric Mangini joins the show and shares a ton of great insight from his time as a NFL Head Coach, to working with New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick, Quarterback Tom Brady and the future of the NFL during this COVID-19 epidemic.One of the toughest parts about being a NFL Head Coach is the constant criticism you receive from not just the fans, but the players, ownership and the media. Coach Mangini shares some great insight how he has navigated the criticism, shifted his perspective and how we can use the same process to  change our focus about our critics. Ever wonder why the New England Patriots are so successful ? Even when they may not have the most high profile players? Well, it all starts with a forward thinking mentality and a process that very few teams can duplicate. Coach talks about the Belichick “P.H.D.” process and why having an understanding of all aspects of your ”job”  can give you a significant advantage over your competitors.We also ask Coach Mangini questions about Tom Brady’s move to Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the NFL Draft , whether he sees himself returning to the NFL in a coaching capacity and why choosing to work as an analyst for ESPN came at a very important time in his life and career. All of this and a ton more, in this FIRE episode of The White Tiger Podcast. Check out the video version of our podcast with Coach Mangini on YouTube at: You Can Follow The White Tiger Podcast on Social: Instagram: @thewhitetigerpodcast  Facebook:  Twitter: @whitetiger092
What’s up everyone and welcome back to another installment of our quarantine conversations here at The White Tiger Podcast. We know that this lockdown time has presented us with new challenges and has definitively forced us to get uncomfortable, which for all of us is a really good thing. One thing we found is that now is a great time to double down on creating momentum, being consistent and getting creative. In this episode, Asante and Craig talk about finding your creative side and what they are currently doing to add value to themselves and others.They also discuss why this is the best time to establish a routine and why this practice will build significant momentum for all of us as we get through this pandemic. Have you ever been in a situation where you feel like your always exhausted, tired and overworked and not any closer to your personal or professional goals ? Well, have you considered that maybe trying “too hard” can be actually preventing you from getting what you want. We talk s about his and much more on this episode of The White Tiger Podcast.You Can Follow The White Tiger Podcast on Social: Instagram: @thewhitetigerpodcast  Facebook:  Twitter: @whitetiger092  Also Check out our YouTube Channel at:
Whats up everybody and welcome to another quarantine conversation here at The White Tiger Podcast. Hoping this episode finds all of you safe, healthy and sane!With the abundance of negativity out there, we feel it is our duty to bring you some positive, fun and practical talk about what is not going on in the world of sports, how to stay positive and why we need to keep working towards our goals, especially now. In this episode, we talk about why the Coronavirus has not necessarily changed anything about us, but rather amplified what was already there. We also challenge you to pay attention your "default" behavior and why that may prevent you from talking advantage of this great opportunity. We also talk all things Tiger King, the hit documentary on Netflix. Asante grills Craig with some law enforcement related questions related to series and asks the question on everyone's mind..Did Carole Baskin really kill her husband? Yes there is going to be an NFL Draft. We answer how the heck it is going to happen and what this may mean for the NFL season. Crag also reveals the one thing he hates more than the Coronavirus and why the NBA's plan of playing games of "HORSE" has us scratching our heads.All of this and much more... here on this episode of The White Tiger Podcast. If you haven't done so already, please follow us on YouTube at you can find us on Social:Instagram:  Facebook:  Twitter:
Hey guys, hoping this episode finds you safe, healthy and sane during this crazy time! We don’t know exactly what day it is, but what we do know is that we are excited to bring you this Podcast.We thought now would be a great opportunity to talk about adjusting to our new “normal” and what we appreciate about this time. In this episode, Craig talks about his Costco experience and how he survived the mass rush for paper products. Asante also puts out a request for sanitary wipes and reveals an amazing fact about something he’s never bought in a grocery store. We also talk about all things Tigers…The hit Netflix documentary, The Tiger King and also Clemson Tigers Football Coach, Dabo Sweeney’s prediction that there will be college football this season and it will start on time. You will also find out why this podcasting game can be ruthless and why Asante's Mom is concerned about his Social Distancing practices. All this and more this week on this gratitude episode of The White Tiger Podcast!You Can Follow The White Tiger Podcast on Social:   Instagram: @thewhitetigerpodcast  Facebook: Twitter: @whitetiger092  Also Check out our YouTube Channel at:
In this empowering episode, we sit down with high performance coach, serial entrepreneur and creator of The Next 90, Nick Long. Nick is not your ordinary entrepreneur, in fact his journey is very far from ordinary. During his 18+ year entrepreneurial journey, Nick went from being multi-millionaire, to 100k in debt, broke and working at at pizzeria for $10.00 an hour. Determined to succeed, Nick tells a story about how he found inspiration from his grandfather, which changed his life's focus from making a profit, to having his profits fill his purpose.Nick is not just building businesses, but he is also helping others live life with purpose. After being part of the Wake Up Warrior Program since 2015, Nick is now helping men through The Next 90. An immersive 90 day challenge that helps men break free from the person they used to be and live a life they truly want.If your'e looking to level up you game, hear inspirational stories about victory, defeat and the bounce back, this episode is definitely for you.You can check out Nick @nicklong365 on Instragram.You Can Follow The White Tiger Podcast on Social: Instagram:  Facebook:  Twitter: Also Check out our YouTube Channel at:
This week, we catch up with Actor, Writer, Director and Producer, Juan Antonio. Juan is hands down one of the most hardest working, nicest and growth minded guys we know here at The White Tiger Podcast. Juan has worked with various publications such as Details, Cosmopolitan, and GQ. His breakout acting role came as the lead in Beyoncé’s "Best Thing I Never Had" video, starring opposite Beyoncé as her husband.Following the video's debut, Juan landed spots on ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" and "How to Get Away With Murder," as well as the Emmy Award Winning Show "Modern Family." Juan can also be seen in Season 3 of "Murder in the First" starring opposite Taye Diggs & Kathleen Robertson, Season 4 of BET's Hit the Floor, as well as in a series regular role as Phillip in Season 3 of FOX's hit drama, "Empire" opposite Jussie Smollett, Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson. Well, If there is one thing we know about the entertainment industry, it’s that the No’s come pretty frequent and pretty often. Juan shares why we should look forward to the no’s and how they have helped him find success. He also shares why he is a junkie for preparation and how that has helped him develop both in his personal and professional life.  We also chat with Juan about being confident, the power of “being a student” and why sometimes you have to just jump in and take action for things to happen. Hear all this and a ton more with Juan Antonio here in this FIRE episode of The White Tiger Podcast.You Can Follow Juan on Social:@juanantonio on Instagram and Twitter You Can Follow The White Tiger Podcast on Social: Instagram:  Facebook:  Twitter:  Also Check out our YouTube Channel at:
What up Guys? Welcome to our first new format sports episode! We can’t wait to dive into everything that is happening in the world of sports right now and……..wait a minute, nothing is happening in the world of sports right now. The sports world is at a complete standstill because of the ongoing corona pandemic.Well since we are always up for challenge, we still are going to provide some sports light during the sports darkness.In this episode, we talk bout how one man literally shut down all sports in pretty much every league in just one night. We also talk about what this means going forward and if we will still see an NBA, NHL or MLB season this year. We also debate on why athletes and celebrities who have been diagnosed with the coronavirus and are still using social media, is a good sign.We also heard that despite the sports shutdown, Houston Astros players are currently being beaned by AI on all gaming consoles across the country.  Craig also stands strong on why college athletes should also be getting another year of eligibility asa result of the shutdown. BTW, Let’s all not forget that this may be the last time we see Vince Carter in the NBA. Shout out Vince. We are proud to be your #1 source for what’s not going on.Listen to this HOT OFF THE SHELF episode right HERE!You Can Follow The White Tiger Podcast on Social: Instagram: Check out our YouTube Channel at:
During times of difficulty and uncertainty it is always important to remember that you have a choice. A choice to rise, to show out, to move forward and to lead. In this episode, we had the honor to sit down with New England Patriots Tackle, Marshall Newhouse. Marshall talks about importance of rising above the noise and managing yourself through high pressured situations, whether on the field, in your business or in life.Marshall also shares some great stories about his 10 year NFL journey, adjusting to the "patriots way" and what's its like to protect Tom Brady. We also dive into the importance of effective and meaningful communication and how that can help you get ahead. Want to know the key to continuous growth?.  Well part of it is being a lifetime learner and Marshall shares how that perspective has paid major dividends in his football and entrepreneurial careers.Hey also shares an empowering story about the stress that comes with being a professional athlete and how he personally manages the anxiety that comes with playing in the NFL. Listen to this EMPOWERING conversation right HERE!You Can Follow Marshall Newhouse on Social at:Instagram and Twitter @mnewhouse73Linkedin: Can Follow The White Tiger Podcast on Social: Instagram: Check out our YouTube Channel at:
With things getting crazy out there we here at The White Tiger Podcast felt it was our duty to bring you some positive vibes, some level headed talk and good insight on how to navigate the Corona Craziness gong on in the world right now.So while others may be headed in, we are busting out with a new format and we found the perfect time to do it!This week, we dive head first into the Corona Virus craziness and how it has impacted literally everything from our personal hygiene to our sports addiction. We also give some practical and positive tips on how to avoid the fear, live your life and moving forward while everyone else seems to be moving backward. Asante also talks about his bout with the Swine Flu, what he experienced and how it impacted his collegiate recruiting trip after high school. We also talk about the one thing that always presents itself during a time of panic and it’s something that if we take advantage of, we can get ahead of those who are using the current situation to slow down. Check out this week’s episode and our new podcast format where we bring more of The White Tiger Podcast to you, 3x per week!Follow The White Tiger Podcast on Social: Instagram: out this episode on YouTube:
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to actually change the world? To get involved in the next big thing, follow your passion or take the road less traveled ?Well this week, we talk with Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur, Author and Philanthropist, Wayne Kimmel. Wayne shares his entrepreneurial journey from changing his professional direction, to his success building a large network and starting his first venture capital fund at the age of 29. Wayne also talks about his experience with investing in some amazing entrepreneurs and how technology and sports have combined to creative massive growth and expansion in the sports industry. We also talk about the amazing growth of eSports, sports betting and he also shares some personal tips on how to meet people in your industry and the power behind helping others. Check out this week's episode with Wayne and watch it on Youtube at: Wayne on Social:@waynekimmel on Instargram @seventysixcapital on InstagramGet Wayne's book the Six Degrees of Wayne Kimmel on Amazon: The White Tiger Podcast on Social: Instagram:
This week we had the unbelievable honor to speak with Lauryn Williams, a 4X Olympian, Gold Medalist, Author, Podcaster, Motivational Speaker and Financial Planner to name a few !Lauryn shared some great insight on her life’s journey, which was rooted in pursuit of getting a great education and later developed to Olympic size proportions. Over a period of twelve years, Lauryn completed at the elite level in two Olympic sports. Lauryn secured a spot on four US Olympic teams earning one gold and two silver medals. She is also the first American woman to earn medals in both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. Lauryn also runs her own financial planning company, @worthwinnnig, helping young professionals, as well as, athletes, organize and optimize their finances. Follow Lauryn Williams on Social:@lauryncwilliams on Instargram @worthwinning on InstagramThe Worth Listening Podcast @ The White Tiger Podcast on Social: Instagram: The White Tiger Podcast on YouTube:
This week, we sit down with an amazing guy, doing amazing things. We are honored to share our interview with the one and only….Walter Powell Jr. @speedkillz9Walter is not only an NFL vet, but he also co-founded, Politiscope @politiscopeapp, which helps empower individuals to break through the noise surrounding politics and get real, unbiased information about political candidates, legislation, the polls and much, much more. Walter is also the first NFL player in history to become the founder of a tech startup then named to Forbes 30 under 30 for 2020 in the same year! We had the honor to chat with Walter about his football beginnings, what he does to prepare himself for his entrepreneurial game day and what we all can be doing to achieve our goals and take our own “game” to the next level. Check out the Video on YouTube at can follow Walter at:Instagram: @speedkillz9 & @politiscopeappPolitiscope App can be found at: The White Tiger Podcast on Social: Instagram: The White Tiger Podcast on YouTube:
Welcome to the first episode in our Super Bowl 2020 podcast series recorded live at the Costa Hollywood Beach Resort in Southern Florida. Have you ever found yourself in a pressure situation and wondered what the heck you were going to do to get through it?  In this week’s episode, we hang with Los Angeles Chargers Kicker, Michael Badgley. Mike shares some great tips on how he prepares for pressure situations and why he doesn’t have a “Plan B”.We also talk about life outside of football and why having balance is important to keeping you on your game. Mike also talks about the Mike and Ike Podcast, which he co-hosts with Chargers teammate, Issac Rochell and tells us a great story about an interview he did with professional Mixed Martial Artist, Chris Cyborg and what he learned about her personally that made her one of the nicest people her ever met. By the way, what do you get when you put two University of Miami Football alums on the same podcast, at the same time…..well get ready for that and a ton more this week here at The White Tiger Podcast. Check out the Video on YouTube at can follow Mike at:Instagram: @michaelbadgley Website: The Mike and Ike Podcast on all podcast platforms. Follow The White Tiger Podcast on Social: Instagram: The White Tiger Podcast on YouTube:
What do you get when you put a former police detective and a former NFL Tiger End in Miami Florida for Super Bowl Week? You get some funny stories, some great content and a ton of sneak peeks into the upcoming White Tiger Podcast Super Bowl Week episodes. In this episode, Asante & Craig recap their trip to Miami and their experience on Podcast Row @ the Athlete x Media Summit leading up to the Super Bowl. They share some great insights from their upcoming podcast guests, actionable tips on how to connect with influential people in any space and how they managed to survive Super Bowl week in Miami. It’s harder than you think ! All this and much, much more. Follow & Subscribe to The White Tiger Podcast on Social: Instagram: The White Tiger Podcast on YouTube:
Starting a new personal or professional journey comes with learning from your past, appreciating your present and maintaining a positive attitude for the future. We all can share stories where life presented us with situations that we never expected or that we were unable to prepare for. We find that during these times, it’s what we’ve learned, who we are and our attitude that often dictates how quickly we rebound and move forward. This week, we had the honor to speak with former NFL Tight End, Jake McGee.  Jake shares his personal journey from playing football at the University of Virginia to sustaining a potential career ending injury after transferring to the University of Florida. Jake talks about rebounding from injury, the power of having a positive attitude and why it is so important to say yes to opportunity. He also talks about his current role with the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) and how he is helping current and former players prepare for life during and after football. He also shares a personal story about Asante and a photo booth that is a must hear. All this and more on this weeks episode.You can find out more about Jake on Instagram @jakemcgee and the NFLPA @nflpa Follow The White Tiger Podcast on Social: Instagram: The White Tiger Podcast on YouTube:
There are many examples in sports where less athletic athletes became elite, and physically gifted athletes failed to succeed. Athletes have learned that professional success goes beyond just training and talent. Developing a powerful mindset is crucial to living a better life, achieving your personal and professional goals and beating your next "opponent". This week, we had the honor to speak with former professional tennis player, mindset mentor and founder of Headstrong LLC, Danielle. Mills. Danielle shares her tennis journey from the age of three to training at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida to turning professional. She also talks about injury, retiring from the sport she loves and going through transition. All while tapping into the mental skillset she developed as a professional athlete. In this episode, Danielle also provides a ton of impactful information & actionable tips to help us develop our "game ready" routine and how to identify and develop our winning skillset. You can find out more about Headstrong and Danielle on Instagram @headstrongllc and @daniela_boricuaFollow The White Tiger Podcast on Social: Instagram: The White Tiger Podcast on YouTube:
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