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Author: Fool and Scholar Productions

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Explore the far reaches of the world’s horrors in the audio drama podcast The White Vault. Follow the collected records of a repair team sent to Outpost Fristed in the vast white wastes of Svalbard and unravel what lies waiting in the ice below. This Fool and Scholar production is intended for mature audiences.
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Michca Nagy

So well done and I love the cast and the story. Can't wait to see what happens in Season 2!

Oct 4th

Leif Erickson

I do agree that there is a lot of data, maybe more than necessary, but i personally think it makes the show even more realistic. I still highly recommend it!

Aug 19th

Randy Loggins

great show. The characters felt very real. I would have liked more background on how the team was assembled and the characters.

Jul 24th

Kim Bain

Oh no! I've binge listened to it all... Now I have to wait 'til Oct to hear more.

Jul 15th


This is amazing! I honestly wasn't expecting much, but it's so much better than a movie!

Jun 28th

Philosopher Stones Minerals and Jewelry

love it!

Jun 23rd

Dystopian Origami

This is... fantastic. Very well done.

Jun 17th

Adam Gagnon


Jun 6th


Anyone who likes this, station blue is also great!

May 27th

Corben Roth

I want to see it so bad!

Apr 20th

Isaiah Opatz

The show is well written, great voice acting, and extremely detailed. However, it's too detailed. Perhaps if the episodes were longer the show would work, but because the characters go into a tremendous amount of detail about anything that happens, the podcast becomes slow, because in 9 episodes, nearly nothing happens whatsoever. That's my issue with this show. The actors are wasted by a script filled with data reports, and each character's account of the few events that occur in the story, most of which aren't that engaging. The quality is so good, it's sad that the story just drags along as it drowns in dialogue upon dialogue of every detail humanly possible, to the point that something interesting, becomes a complete bore, and you find yourself talking to the podcast, begging it to move on and for SOMETHING to happen. But nothing really happens, and I feel somewhat betrayed that I devoted my time to it. The build up feels endless, and I'm still waiting for the story to go somewhere.

Feb 5th

Kim Bain

Isaiah Opatz I agree. It could be a really good story but too much detail and it does drag on. I'll listen 'til the end and hopefully in Oct. it will improve.

Jul 14th

Walt Batycki

Most believable characters in any podcast I have ever heard! My favorite!

Jan 29th

Dahlia Myers


Jan 26th

Jadd Newton

Excellent: I binge-listened the first 8 episodes and can't wait for more. Fans of Lovecraft will love this.

Jan 20th

Tricia Harris

Love this podcast! Listened to the first episode and I was hooked and had to keep listening. The character Graham makes me laugh every time he talks, he sounds just like William Shatner and I think I would die if he said "There's something on the wing" 😂😂

Jan 13th

Ivan Brooks

The No Sleep alumni helped me, but first episode alone had me interested. Definitely worth the listen.

Dec 20th

Jacob Frayer

I was intrigued by episode one, hooked by episode two! just finished episode five and can't get enough. storyline is a bit slow and two week intervals keep you hungry for more but I am really enjoying the white vault

Nov 28th

Kain Kenny

Really enjoying the white vault so far. Not a big fan of Peter Lewis's narration style here ( or No Sleep) sounds like a whispering,raspy, Bill Shatner 😕 when they get to a part where all the characters whisper, he still sounds the same,lol, works for Lovecraftien stories but not everything. Just becomes a huge distraction.

Nov 14th

Benjamin Engleman

Kain Kenny I agree, it's quite obnoxious.

Jun 28th
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