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Author: Fool and Scholar Productions

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Explore the far reaches of the world’s horrors in the audio drama podcast The White Vault. Follow the collected records of a repair team sent to Outpost Fristed in the vast white wastes of Svalbard and unravel what lies waiting in the ice below. This Fool and Scholar production is intended for mature audiences.
29 Episodes
Comments (37)

Sylvie Konkin

I an tboroughly enjoying the show! I listen to it every free chance I get! Thank you to everyone for your part.

Jan 21st

Diandra C

what is with the coffee? i hope it has some hidden meaning lol while i enjoy coffee as well, its a little too much with that

Jan 21st

Daniel Rose

The opening tune reminds me of the game Max Payne...

Jan 19th

Marissa Macedo

I'm just as obsessed with coffee as these people lol

Jan 17th

Drew A. Stevens

Fantastic production and storyline!

Jan 16th

Hern Huntsman

If, like me, you grew up gleefully freaking out at all the jump scares in "The Thing" with Kurt Russel, then you will love this podcast. The writers have managed to seamlessly combine all the best elements of the tv show Fortitude (without the mind numbingly confusing side plots!), while at the same time throwing in a certain Lovecraftian element that makes it all their own. The "audio logs" of these ill-fated explorers are carefully stitched together to build the tension and suspense, all the while leaving the listener to wonder how much of what they are experiencing is due to isolation...and how much is all too real! Those looking for a quick listen without having to pay much attention will be disappointed, but the genius of this story is it's subtlety...give it the attention it deserves and you will be listening on the edge of your seat for many sleepless nights to come!

Jan 15th

Olga Ivanova

I'm on episode 10 and loving it. I do wish you could find a native Russian speaker though... Graham's Russian is understandable...

Dec 22nd

Michael Fith Pfeiffer

I Love the show. the writer Loves the word "crampon"

Dec 21st

Aleshia Jordan

my favourite audio horror currently in production. such a great story, excellent voice acting, such attention to detail.

Dec 13th

Jesse Willadson

big fan of the show and the build up

Nov 24th

Kim Bain

waiting 4 weeks for a 16 minute segment..

Nov 17th

Nik Raby

they love coffee way too much

Nov 8th

jeff clark

very boring

Oct 23rd

Michca Nagy

So well done and I love the cast and the story. Can't wait to see what happens in Season 2!

Oct 4th

Leif Erickson

I do agree that there is a lot of data, maybe more than necessary, but i personally think it makes the show even more realistic. I still highly recommend it!

Aug 19th

Randy Loggins

great show. The characters felt very real. I would have liked more background on how the team was assembled and the characters.

Jul 24th


This is amazing! I honestly wasn't expecting much, but it's so much better than a movie!

Jun 28th

Philosopher Stones Minerals and Jewelry

love it!

Jun 23rd

Dystopian Origami

This is... fantastic. Very well done.

Jun 17th

Adam Gagnon


Jun 6th
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