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The Why And The What – Product Management Podcast
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The Why And The What – Product Management Podcast

Author: Daniel Kahn

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The Why And The What dives into the world of Product Management, interviewing the people who make products happen – Product Managers, Product Owners, people running product teams, stakeholders working with product people, and other thought leaders in Product Management.
17 Episodes
Learn from Principal Director of PM, Supply Chain Engineering at Microsoft, Kavita Krishnan Kamani on the evolution of product, and how to transition an org to a product mindset.Women In ProductWhat Mountain Climbing Taught MeThe Lean Startup
Co-Founder and Chief Product Advisor at Prodify, Rajesh Nerlikar, discusses Vision-Led Product Management, an approach to thinking about product management by Prodify.Prodify BlogMind the ProductProducts That Count
Founder & VP Product at Incorta, Matthew Halliday, discusses building an org with product DNA, and balancing building tables-stakes vs uniquely valuable features.The Founders MentalityThe Experience EconomyFollow Your DifferentLayered Delay
Product Recruiter - Heidi Ram discusses the Product Management job market in the context of COVID-19. She shares advice for PMs on the hunt and tips for companies on figuring out their hiring plan.
Product recruiter, Barry Engel, discusses what he looks for in candidates and how candidates can stand out on LinkedIn.Crossing the Chasm - Geoffrey A. MooreThe Four Steps to the Epiphany - Steve BlankWhen Coffee and Kale Compete - Alan Klement
Director of Product Management, Eva Kühnert, discusses transitioning from PM to PM leader, how to build trust with reports, and tips for presenting to leadership teams.Mind the ProductTED Radio HourInspired - Marty Cagan
Author, Lewis C. Lin, discusses his new book on how to advance through a Product Management career.Be the Greatest Product Manager Ever - Lewis C. LinThe Lean Product Playbook - Dan OlsenThinking Fast and Slow - Daniel KahnemanGrit - Angela Duckworth
Eric Li, Sr. Product Manager at PeopleGrove, discusses transitioning from Marketing to Product, measuring impact, and how to build a user feedback community.Don't Make Me Think - Steve KrugCracking the PM Interview - Gayle Laakmann McDowell & Jackie Bavaro
Jess Gotfrit, Director of Product and Data at Universe – a Ticketmaster Company, discusses leading a data-driven Product Management team and the tools which support that process.ResourcesThe Lean Startup
Philip Saneski, VP of Product at ReGrained – exploring the overlap between product management in food and other tech
Travis Kaufman, VP Product Growth at Gainsight talks about product assisted Assisted Growth – Blog Post
Juan Fernandez, Head of Product at Audiense, discusses working with product teams remotely.ResourcesInspired (v2) - Marty CaganThe Hard Thing About Hard Things - Ben
Kevan Loy, Peapod PM talks about data driven product
Tanner Elvidge, PM at WordStream, discusses getting into product management out of undergrad, and the steps along the way which lead him to
Aaron Rothschild, Head of Product at Likemoji talks about his journey into Product, and how to build strong relationships with other
Erin Costanzo Cummins, Product Management Consultant, discusses the value of adding a Product Management resource to startup team and what to look for when hiring Product people.
The introductory episode of The Why And The What, a podcast on Product Management, discussing what the podcast will be about. This series will explore the world of Product Management through interviews with the people who operate daily in the Product Management space.
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This podcast is a great initiative. Helpful to aspiring PMs.

May 25th
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