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Let's make some magic.. or at least let's get into the basics of making magic so you can feel more at home in your craft and on your path!

Hosted by Danielle of AWitchAlone, she goes through her 15 years of experience over the various episodes, to try and give back to the community that helped build her.

For the fearful and curious: I promise you won’t spontaneously combust while listening to
this podcast. (But if you do please dial 911 immediately and stop listening.)
27 Episodes
Today we go over the different correspondences of the winter solstice, the history behind the Yule Log and how to make a modern one, and talk about Shadow Work
Episode 23 - Samhain

Episode 23 - Samhain


Dive into some of the cultures, backgrounds, and correspondences of the witches most loved Sabbat; Samhain
A brief introduction into the Wheel of the Year, before we dive into the 8 episode mini-series discussing each Sabbat in detail!
Where did we come from? How did the craft get to where it is today? Here's a quick introduction to some to some of the practitioners that were there at the beginning, and the influential ones that continue with it today.
My interview with Tonya from The Daily Witch Show about the Book of Shadows that launched in September! It was super fun. We talk about Grimoires, Books of Shadows, how to start it and why we need them!
This episode is all moon! We go over a refresher on the phases of the moon, then go into detail about the monthly moons and the different energies that you can tap into for that moons ritual celebration. Lastly, we discuss things you can do during your rituals, and other ways to channel the full moon energy like moon water. But we don't forget the new moon, blue moon, and black moon!
One of the question subjects I seem to get quite often is about working with deities; how, what, when, why etc. What to leave for them, how often, how does one even find a deity and begin to work with them. Going from Wicca, to Pantheon jumping, to one set of deities, to now no-deities, I've been around the deity block and have learned a thing or two about our ancestral teachers.
A brief overview of where you can now find the podcast, and why the new name The Winding Path was chosen.
The Pros and Cons of working in a coven vs. working alone.
Augusts Question and Answer Episode! Questions asked by Instagram followers and answered by me! Unscripted, awkward, and honest!
Episode 17 - Spells

Episode 17 - Spells


Going through the who, what, where, when, why and how of creating and casting your own spells.
Calling in the Quarters is a common way to invite the elements to join you during a ritual. How would you do that? How do you see each element?
Learn how to ground your energy, and raise your protective barriers during spell work, rituals and more.
A how-to when it comes to cleansing your ritual or spell crafting tools for use in your respective crafts.
A short description on the 366 days of practice and why it may benefit you, even if you're not a practicing Wiccan!
Finishing off the mini-series on Tools of the Trade with this episode that talks about all the extra tools you can use for your rituals or have on your altar at any given time.
Episode 11 - Incense

Episode 11 - Incense


Different incense types and how to incorporate them in your practice.
Episode 10 - Chalice

Episode 10 - Chalice


All about the chalice and how you might use it in your path.
Episode 9 - Cauldron

Episode 9 - Cauldron


All about the Cauldron; basic history, uses, materials, and myths.
Episode 8 - Wand

Episode 8 - Wand


Where to get your wand, what to make it out of and how to use it.
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