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Author: Jordan Belfort

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The Wolf's Den is a podcast featuring Jordan Belfort, the REAL Wolf of Wall Street. He'll discuss some of the craziest moments of his life, as well as interview the biggest celebrities, entrepreneurs, scientists, and anyone else that piques his interest. Subscribe today and join the #wolfpack!

87 Episodes
In this exciting episode, JB sits down with Ryan Holiday, author and master of marketing. JB and Ryan talk media manipulation, marketing, COVID, and stoicism. This episode is jam-packed with insights on the current state of the US and how the media is being weaponized against the people. STRAIGHT LINE HIRING: NETSUITE: ON FOX NEWS: TO JB'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL: TO THE WOLF’S DEN ON:ITUNES: JB:INSTAGRAM: #RyanHoliday #WolfOfWallStreet #TheWolfsDen
In this exciting episode, JB sits down with Kevin Harrington, founder of Celsius Fitness Drinks, the infomercial, and former Shark Tank cast member. Kevin has been around the block when it comes to sales and marketing. Over time, he has pivoted to embrace online marketing and is now building online brands with massive success. Shark, meet Wolf. STRAIGHT LINE HIRING: NETSUITE: ON FOX NEWS: TO JB'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL: TO THE WOLF’S DEN ON:ITUNES: JB:INSTAGRAM: #KevinHarrington #WolfOfWallStreet #TheWolfsDen
In this exciting podcast, JB sits down with Dave Asprey, body hacker guru and founder of the Bulletproof brand. JB and Dave share a mutual interest in biochemistry which leads to a rich conversation about how longevity, insomnia, supplements and smart drugs factor into the pursuit of a long and extraordinary life. This is one of JB’s all-time favorite podcasts. You don’t want to miss this one.STRAIGHT LINE HIRING: NETSUITE: TO JB'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL: TO THE WOLF’S DEN ON:ITUNES: JB:INSTAGRAM: #DaveAsprey #WolfOfWallStreet #TheWolfsDen
This week, JB sits down with entrepreneur and founder of ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson. They cover funnels—what they are and how they work—as well as secrets to marketing success and the impact of COVID on businesses. Russell, who self-funded an innovative $360 million dollar business, has built his empire from the ground up and is truly a master in his field. Don’t miss this one!STRAIGHT LINE HIRING: NETSUITE: TO JB'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL: TO THE WOLF’S DEN ON:ITUNES: JB:INSTAGRAM: #RussellBrunson #WolfOfWallStreet #TheWolfsDen
This week, JB sits down with marketing master, Eric Siu, to discuss the most effective and impactful marketing & sales strategies you can implement in your business right now. Eric is a rock star entrepreneur, the CEO of ClickFlow and Single Grain, and the host of the massively popular podcast, Marketing School. If you're interested in ramping up your marketing and sales tactics, and really, who isn' need to check this episode out. Topics Include: •Creating the ultimate customer experience•Optimizing your marketing & sales funnels•How to get high-ticket clients to come to YOU•The best way to build an audience•Seeding and sprouting your content to increase reach & generate touch-points•The massive value of SEO, enriched data, & CDP platforms•Biz ops and affiliate marketers•Tips for starting your own podcast & the future of voice marketing•Why customer feedback is "the best drug in the world"•Inflection points in Eric's life•JB's Straight Line Hiring •Why COVID is motivating some entrepreneurs•And a TON more, this show is absolutely jam-packedSTRAIGHT LINE HIRING: NETSUITE: TO JB'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL: TO THE WOLF’S DEN ON:ITUNES: JB:INSTAGRAM: #EricSiu #WolfOfWallStreet #TheWolfsDen
Want the inside scoop on what's really happening in politics right now? Trump. Biden. Coronavirus.Get the REAL state of the union from The Wolf of Wall Street and Fox correspondent and media star Tomi Lahren on this jam-packed episode of The Wolf's Den. People everywhere are going to be talking about this one. Don't get left out of the conversation. Check out this episode now.STRAIGHT LINE HIRING: NETSUITE: TO JB'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL: TO THE WOLF’S DEN ON:ITUNES: JB:INSTAGRAM: #TomiLahren #WolfOfWallStreet #TheWolfsDen
The Wolf of Wall Street meets Wall Street's Option Shark. In this jam-packed episode, JB sits down with Jon Najarian (ex-NFL athlete and the expert's expert on investing) to give you a masterclass in finance.Topics Include:•The upside of trading options vs. trading stocks•Straightforward investing tips for beginners (& seasoned pros)•How to follow the "smart money" to financial success•The insider tax loophole that major players are exploiting right now•Globalization's effect on "Main Street America"•The massive economic impact of the upcoming election•Market Rebellion – Jon's online program on trading•How to shrug off when people want you to fail•The genius of Satoshi Nakamoto•Bitcoin & the future of cryptocurrency•JB + Kanye West•And a TON moreJB sums up their advice best: "Don't hold onto losers." Guys, if you want to learn to make (a lot) more money in the market, and who doesn't, do not miss this one.SUBSCRIBE TO JB'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL: TO THE WOLF’S DEN ON:ITUNES: JB:INSTAGRAM: #JonNajarian #WolfOfWallStreet #TheWolfsDen
The Wolf sits down with Tai Lopez. In this must-see episode, Tai discusses his path to becoming an M&A expert, the strategy behind buying well-known, distressed brands like Pier 1, Linens 'n Things, & the Franklin Mint with his partner (Alex Mehr), the power of consumer trust, how he deals with critics, the difference between "field generals" and "tent generals," social media echo chambers, and why everyone needs to sweep their own porch to make the world clean.JB also challenges Tai on his approach for buying "fallen" businesses, his views on political football, and a handful of other ideas. Do not miss this one.SUBSCRIBE TO JB'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL: TO THE WOLF’S DEN ON:ITUNES: JB:INSTAGRAM: #TaiLopez #WolfOfWallStreet #TheWolfsDen
The Wolf of Wall Street meets the SEAL of Congress. In an extensive interview, Jordan and Congressman Dan Crenshaw (TX-2) talk about every controversial issue in politics, from abortion, to free trade, to drug prices and lobbyists gone wild. SUBSCRIBE TO JB'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL: TO THE WOLF’S DEN ON:ITUNES: JB:INSTAGRAM: #DanCrenshaw #WolfOfWallStreet #TheWolfsDen
Jason Stone, better known as The Millionaire Mentor, was one of the first people to crack the code on massively monetizing social media. The lessons of getting there first and getting there faster should resonate with entrepreneurs everywhere.SUBSCRIBE TO JB'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL: TO THE WOLF’S DEN ON:ITUNES: JB:INSTAGRAM: #JasonStone #WolfOfWallStreet #TheWolfsDen
The Wolf’s wide-ranging interview with Noah Kagan, one of the most influential marketers in the world. This is must-see content. We cover everything: dreams, disappointments, huge triumphs, and lessons we’ve learned along the way. Do not miss this one. Like it and share it with a friend. SUBSCRIBE TO JB'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL: TO THE WOLF’S DEN ON:ITUNES: JB:INSTAGRAM: #NoahKagan #WolfOfWallStreet #TheWolfsDen
The Wolf meets with child movie star, gaming entrepreneur, and presidential candidate Brock Pierce for a lively discussion about how entrepreneurs can improve our nation's politics. Topics include:- The skillset of politicians vs. the skillset of entrepreneurs- China and Free Trade- Critical industries for national security- The first thing the Wolf and Brock would do if they were elected presidentAnd many more. SUBSCRIBE TO JB'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL: TO THE WOLF’S DEN ON:ITUNES: JB:INSTAGRAM: #BrockPierce #WolfofWallStreet #TheWolfsDen
Jordan checks-in with cryptocurrency maven and real estate investor Robert Beadles to get a readout on where these two asset classes are headed. In their conversation, the Wolf, a longtime Bitcoin bear, asks Beadles:- What can crypto currencies do for normal, real-world people?- If you could invest in real estate or Bitcoin, which would you pick?- Can governments use cryptos to step on human rights?- What, if any, lessons can Bitcoin traders take from Wall Street? Beadles is the founder of Monarch Wallet, Splash Factor, and Big Time Record. He is also the author of Here's What You Do, a playbook for financial empowerment. SUBSCRIBE TO JB'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL: TO THE WOLF’S DEN ON:ITUNES: JB:INSTAGRAM: #RobertBeadles #WolfofWallStreet #TheWolfsDen
The Wolf of Wall Street opens this week's show with his take on the business world & economy right now, and why you need to get "back to normal" & start living your life on your own terms again. Then, he welcomes financial expert and best-selling author Loral Langemeier (CEO & Founder of Live Out Loud, Inc.) into The Den for an in-depth discussion on entrepreneurship – why now is the best time to be an entrepreneur, how to build an agile team and take the next step to success, earning while you network, and advice from their careers as Millionaire Makers. Also, cannabis, RV parks, dirt bikes, & why you're not paid what you're worth...but what you NEGOTIATE for. If you're tired of Zoom calls that go nowhere, this fun and value-packed episode is exactly what you need.LORAL LANGEMEIER – Loral Langemeier is a financial expert, sought-after speaker, entrepreneurial thought leader, and best-selling author of five books. She's been featured on Forbes, Fox, CNBC, The View, Dr. Phil, & more.Loral is on a relentless mission to change the conversation about money, while empowering people around the world to become millionaires.After creating her own financial freedom and reaching a net worth of $1M, it was then that Loral decided she would launch a coaching & consulting company – with the goal to provide a catalyst that would eventually allow others to reach this same level of success.The company started small, with one office in Novato, California in 2002 – within 5 years, Loral grew the business into a $19M company. During that time, the organization expanded to its current size and is now located in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada.Today, Loral is regarded as one of the country’s most visible and innovative money experts. She accelerates the conversation about wealth, sharing her advice on how to not only survive this tough economic climate...but how to succeed and thrive in it.Subscribe to JB’s YouTube: TO THE WOLF’S DEN ON:ITUNES/APPLE PODCASTS: Me:Instagram: #LoralLangemeier #WolfofWallStreet #TheWolfsDen
Jordan Belfort, the Wolf of Wall Street, welcomes Sophia Amoruso (founder of Nasty Gal & Girlboss) to the show to discuss growing her company to a $350M valuation, writing a best-selling book, being on the cover of Forbes while pulling in $100M in earnings...and then filing for bankruptcy.JB and Sophia also dive into their thoughts on the state of entrepreneurship, what Sophia's doing to empower women to be their own boss, the pros & cons of venture capital, growing up with parents who both worked on commission, hard lessons learned from Nasty Gal, & advice for building a successful brand from scratch.SOPHIA AMORUSO - Sophia Amoruso is a world-renowned entrepreneur, best-selling author, and respected CEO. At 22, she founded Nasty Gal, a women's fashion retailer, which experienced early rapid growth by tapping into the powerful social media channels of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.During Amoruso's tenure, the company experienced immense success. From 2008 to 2011, sales rocketed 10,160%, making Nasty Gal one of the fastest-growing retail companies ever. In 2012, the company reported revenues of over $100 million, raised $49 million from venture capital firm Index Ventures — an early investor in Asos and Net-a-Porter — and leased a 500,000-square-foot fulfilment centre.In 2016, she was named one of the richest self-made women in the world by Forbes. However, Nasty Gal was later forced to file for bankruptcy, decimating Amoruso's fortune. During this period, she managed to also author a best-selling book, #Girlboss, which was adapted into a television series of the same name for Netflix.Today, she runs Girlboss Media, the platform she founded to create content geared toward a female audience. With this in mind, Amoruso hosts yearly Girlboss Rallies, weekend-long instructional events for young entrepreneurs. Her mission is to encourage and inspire millennial women to follow through with their personal and professional pursuits.Subscribe to JB’s YouTube: TO THE WOLF’S DEN ON:ITUNES/APPLE PODCASTS: Me:Instagram: #SophiaAmoruso #WolfofWallStreet #TheWolfsDen
The Wolf Takes Over HollywoodThe Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort, welcomes hit writer/director/producer Doug Ellin into The Den to discuss creating HBO's Entourage and how to pitch, brand, & sell YOURSELF in order to succeed massively in business (& life).Also, JB and Doug dive into the importance of grit & following through on your goals, working with stars like Mark Wahlberg, the Golden Age of TV, and...the upcoming Wolf of Wall Street TV series?Doug Ellin - Doug Ellin Is an A-list film & TV screenwriter, director, and producer. He is known best for creating the HBO television series: Entourage. Ellin also served as executive producer, director, head writer, and supporting actor for the series – and wrote, directed, and produced its 2015 film adaptation. Ellin moved to LA in the early 1990s to be a stand-up comedian and soon got a job in the mail room at New Line Cinema. It was there where he befriended film producer Mike DeLuca who funded Ellin's first short film The Pitch, starring then unknown actor David Schwimmer. That short film got Ellin accepted to the American Film Institute, where he graduated from in 1994. Ellin reached the A-list of Hollywood deal-makers & creators in 2004 with his beloved series – Entourage – which became a cultural phenomenon and industry touchstone. The HBO show ran for eight seasons and Ellin made an eight-figure pact with HBO to continue producing television.During the show, he flashed his business savvy by striking deals with major brands – among them: Apple, Cadillac, Ferrari, Johnnie Walker, and Tequila Avión.Ellin has been nominated for three Emmy Awards, four Writers Guild of America Awards, three PGA Awards and a BAFTA, and has won a BAFTA and a PGA award.Subscribe to JB’s YouTube: TO THE WOLF’S DEN ON:ITUNES/APPLE PODCASTS: Me:Instagram: #DougEllin #WolfofWallStreet #TheWolfsDen
"If you're living in fear, you're not living."Jordan Belfort, the Wolf of Wall Street, is joined by Ryan Serhant (Bravo's Million Dollar Listing) along with his team members Sara Golan & Nathan Malkoukian to discuss the secrets to massive success in real estate. Topics include building relationships with clients, generating leads, hiring the right team, investing in the right properties, finding pain points in high-end buyers, closing $40M deals, ways the industry will proceed, post-Coronavirus, why motivation is essential to success...and the keys to doubling your income every year as a broker. Ryan Serhant - Ryan Serhant is an American real estate mogul, bestselling author, producer, and star of Bravo’s two-time Emmy Nominated reality television series, Million Dollar Listing New York, and its spin-off, Sell It Like Serhant. Ryan is also the leading member of Nest Seeker International—an NYC-based, bi-coastal real estate group that has consistently ranked as the #1 sales team in New York and among the top five teams nationwide. Ryan is a frequent guest on the real estate segments of 20/20, CNN, CNBC, The Today Show, The Insider, Bloomberg TV, and is often quoted in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Wall Street Journal China. He is also an official contributor to Forbes, regularly writing columns on real estate, sales, and branding. He is widely regarded as the most influential real estate broker in NYC. Sara Golan - Sara Golan is an Associate Broker/ Managing Director for the Serhant Team’s BK office. She oversees a group of agents who handles more than 200 million dollars of inventory, ranging from single-family townhomes to luxury condominium buildings.With over 20 years of experience in real estate, 6 years of mortgage lending experience and over 350 real estate transactions completed, Sara is hands on in the sales process from inception, through execution, through completion and always ensures smooth transactions. To date she’s totaled over $120 million dollars in sales during her career. An award winning Broker, working mother, philanthropist, restaurant shareholder and angel investor, Sara handles every situation with ease!Nathan Malkoukian - Nathan Malkoukian, is a Brooklyn thoroughbred with fluent knowledge of New York neighborhoods. His social psychology major in Brooklyn College gives him the ultimate ability to analyze markets and build offers designed to satisfy every client.From townhouses to new developments, he is proficient when it comes to planning and designing. A perfectionist, Nathan has a healthy determination about him with a critical attention to detail. A licensed RE Salesperson and the youngest Serhant team member (just 20 years old) has procured over $250 Million in exclusive business with an additional $350 Million in pre-development projects being worked on.His persistency and diligence in networking/ prospecting allowed him the opportunity to access the wealthiest/largest developers in NYC.!Subscribe on YouTube: Me:Instagram: #RyanSerhant #SaraGolan #NathanMalkoukian #WolfofWallStreet #TheWolfsDen
From Delivering Digital Millionaire.The Wolf of Wall Street is joined by Dan Henry (The Digital Millionaire) to discuss the keys to building a business online, the REAL secrets of scale, the impact of Facebook ads, & how to turn your "side hustle" into a company generating over $10 million in revenue. The backstory - Dan was delivering pizzas...when he started studying JB's Straight Line System. He's since gone on to break DirectTV ad sales records, while building one of the most powerful digital businesses in the world today. JB and Dan also dive into the 3 most important things you NEED to do in order to be successful in the digital space, why you great word of mouth is essential to grow any enterprise, & their approach to becoming..."The Curious Expert." If you're interested in digital marketing, sales, real estate, self-education, or investments, you need to hear this episode. Bottom line. DAN HENRY – Dan Henry is the author of Digital Millionaire Secrets and a globally renowned entrepreneur. He started working as a pizza delivery boy at age 16. Fed up with "trudging through six feet of snow, up six flights of stairs to get a $2 tip," he set his sights on something more, and spent two years learning everything he could about running an online business (starting with The Wolf's Straight Line System). He launched his first site and had a taste of success. When Google changed its algorithms and his earnings started to slow, he switched paths to brick-and-mortar businesses, reviving two local bars through Facebook ads and flipping them for a profit. Today, having generated over $10M in revenue with his endeavors, Dan has turned his attention to helping others achieve their own entrepreneurial success through private coaching and courses. Subscribe on YouTube: Me:Instagram: #DanHenry #WolfofWallStreet #TheWolfsDen
"The faster you learn, the faster you earn."Certain businesses are thriving during the pandemic. Jordan Belfort, the Wolf of Wall Street, explains why. He also gives you his take on the government-mandated shutdown & doles out advice on how to be more productive during the quarantine. Then, JB welcomes Jim Kwik (the world's #1 Brain Training Coach) for one of the most fascinating discussions in the show's history. JB and Jim discuss how to train your brain for optimal performance, Nature vs. Nurture, and the keys to unlocking your unlimited potential (& using your memory to make more money). They also discuss The Wolf's learning superpowers (becoming fluent in Spanish in 2 weeks), as well as the 3 M's of inspiration, how sales is a lot like physics, & Jim's "4 Keys to Learning ANYTHING Faster." This will definitely be one of our most downloaded episodes ever. Check it out right now. Remember: The faster you learn, the faster you earn. JIM KWIK - Jim Kwik is the world's leading expert in speed reading, memory improvement, and optimal brain performance.He is the CEO and Founder of Kwik Learning, a leader in accelerated learning with online students of every age and vocation in over 150 countries. Jim’s cutting-edge techniques and impressive mental feats have made him a highly sought-out brain trainer for top entrepreneurs and organizations, with clients that include Virgin, Nike, GE, Fox Studios, Harvard University, and Singularity University. He has also coached and trained celebrities like Will Smith, Elon Musk, and Richard Branson. Jim believes that our brains are the most powerful technology we have...and it's his job to unlock the owner's manual for you. His life’s passion is to create a smarter and more caring world by helping you reclaim your power.Subscribe on YouTube: Me:Instagram: #Coronavirus #JimKwik #WolfofWallStreet #TheWolfsDen
The Wolf of Wall Street told you to take back your freedom. And you responded in droves. Now...the economy is reopening. Off the jump, he explains why you need to make the most of your downtime...while the quarantine is still in effect. Then, The Wolf welcomes Sam Taggert (Founder of The D2D Association & legendary D2Dcon) to the show to discuss D2D selling in the time of COVID-19, how to build powerful connections with any audience, & using the "First 4 Seconds" to make your customers feel more comfortable (so you can close the sale). JB and Sam also give their advice on where you should start if you want to get into sales, strategies you can use to 2X your sales income, getting past gatekeepers, & why you may be losing business BEFORE you even open up your mouth. SAM TAGGART – Sam Taggart is the founder of The D2D Association & D2DCon, as well as a well-regarded speaker, author, podcaster, & CEO of The D2D Experts. He consults businesses nationwide on creating, implementing, and growing door-to-door and in-person sales programs. After being recognized as one of the top personal alarm sales reps in the country (as the VP of Solcius, managing millions in sales per month), Sam felt compelled to create something greater, leading to the launch of D2Dcon.  Sam has a strong passion for influencing and leading others. His personal mission is to unify, uplevel, and bring honor, and integrity to the D2D industry.Subscribe on YouTube: Me:Instagram: #Coronavirus #SamTaggart #WolfofWallStreet #TheWolfsDen
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jonmay mayjon

This episode resonates regarding the fraudsters. I just investigated a business coaching company which claimed to be experts in business promotion and marketing, but haf scant presence and interaction on social media.....But i guarentee you many upstarts wouldn't check then out.

Sep 2nd

jonmay mayjon

I agree with most the intro....But I disagree that everyone should vote. if you haven't done your research, you ought to just stay home please.

Aug 25th

jonmay mayjon

personally I have no sympathy for that guy who got shot. He was drinking and driving, he resisted arrest, got violent with the police and tried to shoot one of them with a taser. You got shot because he was stupid and violent. he needs to take responsibility for his own actions if he had done that he would still be alive.

Jun 18th

Soul Lancaster

I try to listen the podcast I can't listen the speach on the uk is a herror ?

May 9th

Laone Moalosi

Mr. Belfort keep up the great work been following your work for the past ten years

Apr 7th

Nic Fosland

wow he really sold me that watch haha

Mar 25th

amir radmehr

invite Peter Schiff

Mar 24th


Really Jordan you are great advisor as well who speaks truth as Grant Cardone at the other hand is saying to not to buy stock and take out existing stocks and I trust you as I've read The Intelligent Investor.

Mar 11th


I really appreciate your work for society JB Its Respectful🙏

Feb 25th

Harsha S

Best people together exploring depths mutually ❤️

Jan 4th

Baltek Labs

What a fucking moron. I think his business plan was/is to pump high volumes of morons for cash to put into properties.

Dec 4th
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Mike Smith

This cast is a Must Listen The Wolf comes with the Master class Adrian M

Nov 22nd

Kevin Johnson-horgan

he called his podcast (the wolf of wall Street 🤣

Nov 15th

Soul Lancaster

So today I said to the U c Universal credit how mucht money I have on the bank I have over £4.000 I was thinking to buy a reinforce bed because I overweight I still loocking for my DBS TO came is two scary for me spend money but I want to ratn money I don't drive but said I want to invest is scary the Uc wants to know how mucht money if I have invested on invesment if I have 1 is like yes money come back to the mega richt eventually an government

Nov 6th

Frasher Z

Greetings from Sweden! Great podcast and very fun to listen to, keep it up Jordan!

Oct 31st

Eric Ovesen

bummer it just cuts off at 2:03 in the middle of story

Oct 18th

Soul Lancaster

I live on the UK I'm poor and have £3.000 how that money can work for me?

Oct 17th
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Jon Wallace

ads are too long... integrate them one at a time or do it joe rogan style at the beginning...something damn

Sep 30th

David Mason

the length of advert slots is killing it guys. break them up please

Sep 29th

jonmay mayjon

excellent interview. learned a lot of great perspective.

Sep 26th
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