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Author: Ross Edgley | #1 Best Selling Author

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THE WORLD'S FITTEST PODCAST™ is dedicated to debunk every fitness or nutrition myth you’ve heard. Instead, it lives to deliver debates, insights and knowledge bombs on practised, preached & performed techniques to give you the fitness and food tools to reach any goal, anywhere, anytime.

Hosted by Ross Edgley, author of The World’s Fittest Book, the current number one bestselling fitness book on Amazon, expect infectious enthusiasm, a huge dose of real knowledge & a sign up to your first 5K, Iron Man or world record attempt within minutes of the initial download!

Ross is a qualified Sports and Nutrition expert & part of the founding team at THE PROTEIN WORKS™ which is considered as Europe’s most innovate sports nutrition company. As well as writing for a range of publications (including GQ, Menshealth, Telegraph,, Mensfitness and more) Ross has amassed a social media following of well over half a million people. Renowned for his beliefs in functional fitness and his epic endurance stunts such a marathon pulling car, a triathlon carrying a 100lb tree and his recent 100km Strong Man swim from St Lucia to Martinique (also towing a tree), Ross is about to embark on a world record attempt swimming round Great Britain. It’s not just about the stunts, expect the detail on how to train for anything & everything, anywhere as Ross walks through the teachings within his bestselling book, delivers real insights in how to fuel training with the right nutrition techniques & talks to guests from around the fitness community. One word to describe what you’re in for… EXPLOSIVE!
4 Episodes
Comments (7)

Steven Schinkel

Did Ross die? When are you going to continue?

Jul 3rd

Steven Schinkel

Enjoying the cast, but I suggest that you be more attentive to your volume levels; frequency too loud, followed by too quiet, prompting the listener to adjust volume (frustrating) - especially problematic in noisy environments. Thanks again. Steven.

Jul 2nd

Yvonne Blackburn

I'm sure he will be back to us after completing the #greatbritishswim!

Jun 14th

Fred Ramey

wtf is up w 4 episodes? must be to busy working out

Jun 14th

Andrew Bannister

When will you continue with the series?

Jun 11th

Ben Just Reach

Absolutely loved this. Will be buying the book but would love more podcasts also!

May 13th

Ian Beddis

utterly brilliant.. thanks vice very knowledgeable presenters great interaction between the hosts and loads and loads of very interesting and useful information

May 1st
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