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Author: J.K. Slaughter

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The Xero Hour is a Culture-War Podcast about Politics, Music, and Theology from an irreverent Christian perspective. Uploads (Very Late) Monday and Saturday Nights.
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Andrew Cuomo is a MURDERERhis Staff are Enablersthere are at least 3 more Govorners doing the same thing he didThe Media finally admits what we already know
NF Releases a new Mixtape, and the CHH Crowd is buzzingBryson Gray is getting mobbed on Twitter for his beliefsWhy Christian Music is dying, and more
(From a Livestream) First Segment - Progressive Pastor Receives Racist Letter, Is SHOCKED that Racism ExistsSecond Segment - I talk about my thoughts (and attraction to) Cyberpunk Aesthetics and Philosophy based on pop cultural references I've enjoyed in my life.
On January 6th Trump Supporters gathered in DC to show their support for the President, and to outcry their grievances about the election results, as they felt they were cheated due to fraud. Their argument was not heard in court, and they insisted on raising their voices in hopes that the senators inside the Capitol Building would hear them, and support their arguments in debate. That never happened. As the debates were ready to begin, Rioters breached the Capitol and interrupted the debates. After the storming of the Capitol Building, the Inauguration proceeded without debate, and Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election. I'll spend the first 20 minutes or so condemning the breaching of the Capitol on Jan. 6th, and then I'll get into the REST of the story.Get show notes at visit
All you have to do is go to the news search tab and type in Dr fauci, and you'll immediately get the latest and greatest on what's going on with coronavirus. This man can't resist an opportunity to go on TV and tell us what he thinks. The problem is sometimes what he says isn't always what he intends to tell us. Good thing the media is here to defend him.
Rep. Cynthia A Johnson doesn't want certain opinions floating around out there, and she's willing to fight and bully people in order to silence them. I want to tell this story of Rep C. A. Johnson using her own words and facebook quotes to show how there is a certain kind of mind that only approves of OFFICIAL voices and opinions, favoring the form OVER the substance of a statement or story.Show Notes -
Some people like to pretend that they don't want ice cream, that they aren't interested in it, or that they don't even like it. But these are all lies. We all scream for ice cream.00:00 Intro06:04 We all Scream for Ice Cream18:16 The Ice Cream Parlor of Life29:46 Leaving Facebook and Twitter32:54 Stop supporting outlet s that are against our own interests37:21 Alternative social media platforms 37:32 Minds 38:46 Gab (EMAILS HAVE BEEN GETTING FROM GAB) 40:44 Parler 42:13 Odysee & LBRY 45:19 Thinkspot 49:47 Discord 53:03 This 1 Activity Destroys Your Emotional and Physical HealthLINK - Get Show Notes at The Xero Hour
00:00 Intro 13:07 Facebook deletes multiple accounts after linking lead singer in Christian rock band to QAnon  21:17 QAnon 29:17 Miles Taylor 38:35 Neil Ferguson 48:19 James Hodgekinson 52:08 The Ice Bomber Read the full notes HERE - podcast was sponsored by Tentmaker Music
50 Cents Endorses TrumpIce Cube works with Republicans on The Platinum PlanRapper is arrested for Unemployment FraudBuzzfeed Defends Jeffery ToobinFull Shownotes
What's your favorite Conspiracy Theory? Hannah Rose Williams from Sincerely Sarcastic Youtube Channel joins me for a discussion on a few popular conspiracy theories you may have heard, a few that you may NOT have heard, and a bunch of theories from the Bible that no one ever talks about. There are quite a few Christian Conspiracy theories, some you may actually believe, that can be worked out in very simple ways. Join us as we discuss it all in the most irreverent of ways.Sincerely Sarcastic - Stranger - Xero Hour is a Podcast about Music, Culture-War, and Theology from an irreverent Christian perspective. Uploads (Very Late) Monday and Friday Nights. Follow my podcast using your favorite Podcast services for much more content at or subscribe here at:Spotify - Podcasts - Radio - I Use:Canon T7i DSLR - Hero 7 - Webcam - Nano USB Microphone - to My Music:Spotify - Music - - Music - https://tentmakermusic.bandcamp.comTo support my work you canDonate Via Paypal: Via Bitcoin: 3Gcghbater9rXuPPzxAcfWbwvybVgHZqjdDonate Via Ethereum: 0x810307808936a771e78e86774f1a7cfa23915ca6
00:00 I open with my personal update (why i feel great)04:41 VP Debates - Why aren't people supporting Mike Pence More28:41 Big Gretch38:40 Alternative Media Take the Political Compass Test -
If people are going to choose to take the easy way out, and just DUMP on Trump (like it's the cool thing to do), then I'll just have to be the one to point out just how wrong they are. Plus, I'll introduce you to the concept of Positive Language.
This weekend was eventful and heavy as the death of RBG set the country into a frenzy of push and pull tactics and policy arguments, mere hours after her death, and before mourners even had a chance to truly put her to rest. The timeline displayed in this article has been transposed into EST time, in order to keep clarity in timing of responses.
Intro 00:00Netflix Cuties 00:24Everyone is talking about the Netflix film "Cuties", but not everyone is saying the same things. Parents, Congressmen, and all the other adults in the room are disgusted by this. But, the media is saying we should watch it because of the message, and that we "might like it". I think the media is just reflecting and trying to normalize pedophilia.14:15What happens when you share horrible things!20:57The ENTIRE dance industry is messed up, My experience24:26Leftist Bingo Cards27:16Libations29:59Are you ready to fills your kid's head with Anti-Racist Baby poems? Because you can get the books on Amazon. 39:10How to Be an Anti-Intellectual: A lauded book about anti-racism is wrong on its facts and in its assumptions by Coleman Hughes written on October 27, 201949:10We also look at some racist quotes by the man Himself, Ibram X. Kendi. This what BLM supporters are enabling.52:29"The Mark of the Beast", and How it applies to BLM.
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