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Author: J. Slaughter

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The Xero Hour is a Culture-War Podcast about Politics, Music, and Theology from an irreverent Christian perspective. Uploads (Very Late) Monday and Friday Nights.
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nothing special to report :-/
05:55 Minneapolis Entertains the idea of Defunding the Police 08:50 Mayor Skinny Jeans gets booed after his Platitudes Fail  21:47 Bob Woodson - Defunding The Police 27:02 Thomas Sowell - Incentivizing Failure 30:29 Stacy Abrahms  continues to Fail Up 36:41 STOP Funding Liberals who contribute to Protester Bailouts 43:18 Trump Rose Garden Speech and Photo Op 53:22 Joe Biden STILL Can't Talk
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It's understandable that we have to wear masks in public sometimes. But, since when is it something that we were happy about it? Why is it suddenly a value? Also will hear a little bit about the barbershop in Michigan that stood up to the governor, and an interview about what happens when small businesses fall through the cracks of a broken system.
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I start with a rant about Emeror Whitmer and her crazy new rules, and compare her to Karen Whitsett. Then and Interview with Sincerely Sarcastic's Hannah Williams.
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Interview Edify

Interview Edify


Interview Edify by Tentmaker Music
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Listent to The Xero Hour on the new Tentmaker Music: LIVE every night at 11pm and replay clips from 7am-10am
00:00 Leftist Buzwords 14:28 Jason Marion - The Monster's Voice 19:38 Words Have Meaning 41:41 Stop Conceding Language
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00:00 Democrats Rundown pt 2 44:26 LGBT Muppets and Sesame Street Characters
Xero Hour Podcast 26 - Swearing In Christian Music, Leaving Minds by Tentmaker Music
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