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Join three PR, Media & Fashion experts as they take you on a revealing journey through the modern world of motherhood. A powerful combination of creativity, sass and business acumen, these modern mamas have proven that women can indeed wear many hats; you just have to know how to style them.

From mum fails to fashion must haves, business start ups to trending technology; these uncensored mums dish the dirt on how to juggle homelife with fast paced careers and savvy social lives.

Each episode welcomes a powerhouse guest; a boss babe that will shed light on their career or family life, spilling the beans on how to awaken the inner daydreamer and emphasise to listeners that creativity is for the courageous!

Best served with coffee. Or wine.

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Produced by Bella Frizza: @bellafrizza
18 Episodes
Our first ever MALE boss babe has arrived! We welcome Actor, Speaker and Charity Co-Founder, Sam Webb, to the studio to yap about stardom, set backs and speaking up..“It ain’t weak to speak”. These five powerful words are at the core of Sam’s passion and purpose - his Non-For-Profit  Mental Health Charity, Livin’.Livin’ is responsible for spreading mental health education and awareness like wild fire around Australia, and prompting individuals to speak up.The team have used a prominent branding strategy that is explained in this podcast, with Sam revealing the secret ingredients to its widespread success. Sam’s strong energy and love for helping others is shown when he gives tips on how to help friends or partners you may see struggling, who to reach out to if you’re personally struggling; and tools he uses personally when facing challenges in personal or work life.If anyone reading this would like further information on seeking help, please visit 
Our guest this episode is the beautiful Ingrid Bonnor of International Sleep and Loungewear label, Homebodii.From her humble beginnings starting a creative outlet project in a Gold Coast bedroom, to signing multi-million dollar deals with International retail giants - (The Iconic, Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom and more); Ingrid has continued her business path authentically despite its 200% growth year after year. Ingrid takes us down her very “green” path to success and shares tips on making business decisions based on your why, your gut, and your customers; not what your competitors are doing. We find out the latest celebs caught wearing Homebodii, if New York Fashion week is worth the investment; and how being honest about her lack of sewing experience in the early days actually impressed the US Market. Big on strengthening self identity and financial independence, Ingrid also shares with us exactly why she loves employing fellow mothers and how her own mother taught her how to turn her passion into a profession. 
In this emotionally-driven episode of The Yap, we sit down with Commercial Lawyer turned Children's Charity CEO, Carly Fradgey, and learn what lead this Mother-of-Two to start Baby Give Back.We hear some hard-hitting stats about babies in crisis, and how Carly and her Baby Give Back team, (with the help of the wider community), have provided live-changing essentials to those families in need. Carly opens up on strategies to overcome set-backs and fears, plus delves into the surprising importance social media plays on driving the charity's success. To learn more or to donate to the Baby Give Back:Check them out on Insta @babygiveback
A much-loved radio identity, Margaux Parker is one busy woman.  A mother of four, co-host of a radio show and wife to Rugby League legend Corey Parker, Margaux yaps to us about what it was like to place her dreams on hold to be the primary caregiver of her four children, while supporting her hubby’s intensive career as a professional footballer.  Sharing juicy stories of what it was really like to be a WAG, and how she managed being on her own during footy season, Margaux doesn’t hold back.  Now she’s stepping into her own spotlight, while balancing being a mum, wife, friend and all-round legend!  A must-listen if you are currently a stay-at-home mum wondering what the future might hold for you in your career. 
Join us as we yap with the inspirational Alison Geale.  A leader in one of Australia’s largest media companies for over 20 years, Alison shares her advice on how to lead a fulfilling career working in large organisations.  Now working within renowned child protection agency, Bravehearts, Alison shares her stories on how to innovate within a corporate structure, and think like an entrepreneur, while being part of a large company. An episode perfect for those who have thriving careers within the corporate world who want to continue making a difference.  
Sh*t We Love!

Sh*t We Love!


A short and sweet mini-sode dedicated to highlighting a few things we love including services, shows, products and hacks to make life easier!
Mother, Model, Presenter, Ambassador, Children’s Author... all post 30!Rosie is ticking off her career goals quicker than you can say Boss Mama! In this empowering episode, hear Rosie’s colourful story of motherhood, ambition and strength.Prepare to be mind-blown when Rosie discusses her selfless life choices, as she opens up about her path to becoming the first altruistic surrogate in Queensland.  Rosie is an inspiring advocate for turning your dreams into realities, and is living proof that you can most certainly find well deserved success after 30
This episode we discuss our post children return to work.  We yap about societal changes, personal challenges and adaptions, preferred family/work routines, childcare choices, flexible workplaces and more. What we find interesting is that all three of us Yappers were excited to head back to work after our bubs, yet the vast majority of women in today’s world feel the dreaded ‘Mum Guilt’ for simply doing so. There needs to be a movement in changing this mindset, to make this, (already challenging time), a much easier transition
The Yap is bringing in the new year with business big gun, Lorraine Murphy, who joins us for our first episode of 2019! Lorraine is an Award-Winning Entrepreneur & Best-Selling Author, (“Remarkability”, “Get Remarkably Organised”), who founded her first business - The Remarkables Group in 2012; and soon grew it to a seven figure business. In this highly motivating episode, we yap through the importance of morning rituals, share effective goal setting strategies to turn you into a productivity machine; and even get a sneaky insight into Lorraine’s yet-to-be released book! Get your pen and paper ready yappers.. because, trust us, you’ll want to take notes and GET. SH*T. DONE.
In our final episode for 2018, we take our listeners through the journey of starting this podcast and how we’ve navigated it alongside our family and work life. The tables are tuned as we ask each other the tough questions, and discuss what we’ve all learnt from our wonderful guests. You’ll hear our why, our how and all that’s in between; plus give you a snapshot into what to expect from the show in 2019.There will be no filter and perhaps passionate over use of the f@$k word
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