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Author: Craig Harper

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The You Project is a 30-90 minute dose of inspiration and education hosted by Craig Harper with great stories, ideas, strategies and lessons from high-performers in sport, business, science, media and health.
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Lola Berry has had a busy 34 years. Ten books, TV Presenter, Yoga Teacher, Social Media Personality, Reiki Practitioner, Health Science Degree, Nutritionist, a public scandal and a hint of career suicide (according to the media). In this episode of TYP, Craig and Lola discuss everything from dating a narcissist, weekly therapy sessions, back-up careers, changing careers and bad professional decisions, to dealing with keyboard warriors, social media haters, exploring potential, fearlessly failing, Craig's incredible flexibility and Lola's life-long aspiration to live in a tree house.
A few weeks ago I wondered (out loud) if any listeners (of The You Project) would like to sit in the number 1 chair and ask me a few questions. I certainly didn't anticipate the response of a hundred plus emails in a few hours! Anyway, instalment 2 is with TYP listener Kelly Smith and she interviews me like a pro!
#124 Offensive As F**k

#124 Offensive As F**k


I have about seventy thousand followers across my various platforms. Not many compared to some but enough for feathers to be ruffled and noses put of out of joint regularly. Not a shock considering that each of those seventy thousand individuals has an ego, attitude, beliefs, expectations, biases, likes, dislikes and ideas about what's right and wrong, interesting and boring, funny and rude, offensive and harmless. And as we all know, the same message can be the catalyst for a huge cross-section of reactions, ranging from head-nodding, agreement and laughter to outrage, offence and anger. Which begs the question... what causes offence? FYI, this is an impromptu recording in my office (not studio), so I apologise for the less-than-studio quality production value.
Nima Alavi is back and this time the lads discuss (1) vaping vs. smoking (2) nicotine as a nootropic (smart drug) (3) male menopause (4) regenerative medicine (5) depression and low testosterone (6) the medical applications of botox (7) beauty pageants for camels (really) (8) Nima's fascinating childhood including escaping Iran, being a refugee, being imprisoned and his Baha'i faith. This episode is a smorgasbord of conversation.
A few weeks ago I wondered (out loud) if any of my listeners would like to sit in the number 1 chair and ask me a few questions. I certainly didn't anticipate the response of a hundred plus emails in a few hours. I apologise for not getting back to everyone but just because you haven't been contacted, doesn't mean you won't be. I'm thinking about making these a semi-regular thing. Keep in mind that most of these listeners have never been in a studio or spoken into a microphone, so all things considered, they did great. Instalment 1 is with Shelby Hamilton from Warragul (country Victoria) and btw, who knew I have 21 year-old listeners!
Jacqui Louder is one of Australia's leading Sport Psychologists, having worked with some of Australia's best athletes for almost two decades. In this episode of TYP, Jacqui sits down with Australia's worst athlete and talks about the head stuff, emotional stuff, body stuff and the life stuff.
#120 Steph Prem 2.0

#120 Steph Prem 2.0


Steph Prem is a former Winter Olympian, Professional Athlete and International Snowboarder. Craig is none of that. In this episode of TYP, Steph sits in the host seat and picks Craig's brain.
Paul Taylor has a Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology, a Master's in Nutrition, a Post-Grad in Neuroscience and he's currently completing a PhD in Psychology. Apart from that, he's a complete dummy. He's also been one of our most popular guests ever, so at great expense to the management, he's back. This time around, he and Craig continue their conversation exploring the weirdness and wonder of the human condition.
#118 The Nonconformist

#118 The Nonconformist


Tony Mantz (AKA Jack the Bear) has done plenty. Worked with some of the best musicians in the world. Built a successful mastering business. Lived and worked illegally in the States (for years). Overcome a twenty-five year cocaine addiction. Lost 70 kilograms. Covered most of his body in ink. Navigated mental health issues. And spent much of his adult life on a spiritual, philosophical and existential search for meaning, purpose, acceptance, connection and happiness. This is an interesting chat with an interesting man.
Dietician Vicky Kuriel is back and as always, she pulls no punches. This time Craig and her explore the following topics and questions (1) is cholesterol really bad? (2) should we count calories? (3) is soy good or bad? (4) yoghurt, yes or no? (5) artificial sweetener (6) non-animal protein (7) misleading labels and marketing (8) menopause and diet (9) best and worst oils (10) is there an acceptable bread? (11) how many eggs? (12) are all calories equal?
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David Camilleri

nice one harps great stuff

May 28th

Michelle Hornabrook

So excited you are doing a podcast Craig. Much love x

Feb 2nd
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